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Founder, Tiny Transitions

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As the nation’s leading Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Lactation Counselor, and Postpartum Doula, I am changing the way tired parents approach sleep training. 

My name is Courtney Zentz, Pediatric Sleep Specialist and rested mother of 2. I coach parents through building a healthy sleep foundation in the home, helping families find balance, minimize anxiety, and restore confidence in their child’s sleep abilities.

My team, the Slumber Squad, has helped thousands of families worldwide using emotionally respectful sleep coaching, science-backed research, and customized solutions. Our diverse expert team of social workers, lactation specialists, and medical professionals have moved us to be the premier providers in the Sleep Consulting space for children birth through 10 years.

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For over 6 years, I have worked as the nation’s leading Pediatric Sleep Expert, sleep consulting privately with tired parents, hosting employee seminars with top Fortune 500 companies, and have been nominated for various awards in the field of pediatric sleep. Every year, I help families around the world finally get a great night of sleep. I have seen first-hand the impact chronic sleep deprivation can have on your children, their growth, development and emotional regulation. After all, 90% of the brain is developed by the age of 5, which is why it’s so important to start early and help your child get the rest they need to be their very best, which is what we all want as parents. As your child’s sleep consultant, I work directly with you in a 1-1 coaching program, to ensure you have support every step of the way.  

Preliminary Sleep Discovery Call

This is all about you, your child, and your family – so we’ll start off by customizing this experience for YOU. You’ll tell me everything about what your day looks like, what your struggles are, and what your sleep goals are so that I can tailor the sleep coaching to match your parenting approach.

Private Sleep Coaching

This is 1-on-1 Private Coaching directly with Courtney and support which includes regularly scheduled check-in calls, emails, text message support daily, so I can be right along with you as your confidence in sleep and your child’s needs build during our time together then address their transitions, developmental leaps, behavior and sleep regressions during our time.

Comprehensive Sleep Consultation

I will provide you with comprehensive educational session on the foundations of sleep, your child’s individual sleep needs and why how you are approaching sleep today is not providing you the results you want. We will dive into all of the details around sleep in your home {& when you are away} – building a program for bedtime, nap time, middle of the night wakings, and early morning wakings, so that you have a solid understand of sleep in your home.

Bedtime Coaching Support

Worried about the tears, protest and pushback you might receive on night one, as you implement the sleep program? Not sure if what is happening is normal? I am with you via text message on night 1 until your child falls asleep. I will provide recommendations to help your child fall asleep quickly with balance, manage what is happening, and pivot to ensure gentle, effective sleep coaching as we build their skill-set of independent sleep and confidence to get there.

Customized Sleep Program

A customized sleep program, built to address daytime, bedtime, and overnights, for a complete, gentle, and well-rounded approach to sleep. The sleep programs that we build here for our clients are customized to your unique struggles and contain a clear plan of action and education.

Daily Messaging

Did your doorbell wake your baby? Did your toddler fall asleep unexpectedly in the car? I will respond with what to do and how to manage sleep balance in the daytime! Ask a quick question about pumping or nursing, I am just a message away for that as well! You will never feel alone on your journey to better sleep for your family.

Virtual Bedroom Assessment

While in-home or through video, I will assess your child’s sleep sanctuary for appropriate light, sound, temperature, crib/bed set-up, sleepwear, loveys/blankies and balance in the space, then provide recommendations to ensure we optimize the sleep space. I ensure the space is conducive for sleep & that you are setup for sleep.

Extended Support

Uh oh, you have hit a sleep bump, leap, or sleep regression. Don’t worry, I will still be there to support and assist you! After our private coaching time is over, I give you 2 scheduled check-in calls you schedule as you need for a year, to be sure you have support should you hit a speed bump in your sleep. In addition, I offer optional in-home & virtual overnight services.

Interactive Digital Sleep App

Through daily coaching and review of your sleep progress, I will be able to make adjustments and provide feedback on your child’s sleeping and eating schedule to move your sleep goals forward quickly, with grace and balance. This tracker will allow you to see trends, total sleep breakouts and intake through your families sleep transformation.

Parenting Resource Library

As a parent, you realize things can change seemingly daily. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Whether it’s meal planning, mindfulness exercises, nap transitions, sleep regressions, nursing struggles, pumping, workout programs for mom, eating well in the home & more, we have you covered with my extensive library.

A Family Plan

Sleep is my superpower and helping families to achieve that balance is priority #1. We work together to uncover your struggles and reignite your love of parenting so you can live with purpose, build strong, empowered children and balance the demands of motherhood while meaningfully connecting with your child.

Sleep Coach on Call® Program Access

With the 6 month coaching, you will receive access to my Signature Sleep Coach on Call Program and community, with monthly parenting training, weekly live Q&A hot seats, guest parenting experts & access to ALL my sleep materials as your little one grows, so they keep the sleep. {This is a $1,200 annual membership, but free for you for life as a private client}

Work with Courtney Zentz, Founder

3 Weeks of Private Sleep Coaching starting at $895

HSA / FSA Accepted | Payment Plan’s Available | In-home & Virtual | Overnight Support Options

"Sleep is the foundation for which the house is built. We want the best schools, the best food, the best opportunity for our children, why not the best sleep, since that's where it all begins and that's the part you should invest in."

 Courtney Zentz, Founder of Tiny Transitions

What To Expect


I am anxious to hear where your biggest sleep struggles are and what type of support you might be looking for. After I answer all of your questions about my private coaching, we can decide if working together would be a good fit for us both.


Choose payment plan or pay in full, sign the contract, and we book a call to review the next steps and the getting started date. We will review your biggest struggles, the goals for sleep in your home and more about your child’s unique struggles and personality.


Over Zoom, we review everything in a comprehensive consultation. You will feel excited and empowered to get started. We will chat about anything & everything relevant to your overwhelm and sleep struggles. What you’ve tried, where your frustration lies, your family’s habits, values, interests, EVERYTHING, to ensure you build a balanced sleeper and get back to the life you dreamt of when you first heard “you’re pregnant.”


As you begin to implement the program, you will have me by your side, to ensure you are never questioning anything with regards to sleep and your little one. As their sleep begins to transform, we adjust and align, to ensure we are meeting all of your goals that were set.


Sleep changes, children grow, hit a leap, and power through sleep regressions without ever looking back {or disturbing YOUR sleep.} We build them into strong sleepers and coach you through those changes, to keep the sleep happening every night. Plus, you have access to all of my amazing sleep and parenting resources, coaching, trainings and guidance, so you can start to work on your own motherhood makeover.

“I believe that this is the best investment that I’ve made on my child to date. There is nothing MORE important for a child or for a parent than for your child to have a healthy sleep routine. It has made such a positive impact on our life to have a child that sleeps consistently through the night and takes naps. Many of our friends do not invest in a sleep expert and have struggled through the first few years– is it REALLY worth it? I feel like we’ve been set up for success!”

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