Erin Forish, CLC & CPST

Sr. Pediatric & Adult Sleep Consultant from Blue Bell, PA

Hello, I am Erin Forish, one of Philadelphia’s top baby sleep coaches, a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), and a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). With a passion for improving sleep quality and a wealth of expertise, I love being part of your parenting village!

I understand the challenges that come with sleepless nights, particularly when it involves babies and young children. My journey into the world of sleep coaching began with a personal experience of sleep deprivation as a new parent. I am determined help others facing similar issues by providing practical, real-life solutions that fit their families’ needs. Once I was certified in pediatric sleep coaching, I quickly realized that even once their children’s sleep was improved, some parents still needed additional help with their own sleep habits, practices, and daily routines, so I continued my studying and education and became certified in adult sleep coaching as well, earning my Certified Sleep Science Coach (CSSC) destination as well.

My diverse skill set allows me to address not only your child’s sleep issues, but also additional new baby/new parent related challenges when it comes to breastfeeding, and even car seat safety, making me a comprehensive resource for families in Philadelphia and all over the world.

I am known for my compassionate and individualized approach to sleep coaching. I understand that every family is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to sleep challenges. I take the time to listen to your concerns, assess your specific situation, and create a personalized sleep plan tailored to your family’s particular needs.

I prioritize gentle sleep training techniques, promoting healthy sleep habits while ensuring the emotional well-being of both children and parents. My goal is to empower families with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve restful nights and improve overall quality of life.

So, if you’ve found me and Tiny Transitions during a desperate and exhausted “how to get a baby to sleep through the night” Google search, or by personal reference, I want you to know that I understand and that I can help! I will not only educate you on what needs to be done and why; I will also guide you, and support you through the entire process. You will reach your sleep goals!
Setup a free sleep evaluation call with me today! Better sleep for everyone is just a few clicks away!

New & Noteworthy from Erin

Anna E., 4 Years old

“We hired Erin after we were so defeated in our four year olds sleep regression. Erin was no nice, a great listener, and talked us through everything. We saw improvement very quickly, and now she is doing great. Erin gave us tools to continue to use throughout sleep issues as well as many other areas in parenting. We could not be happier with taking the leap to hire a professional. you can’t put a price on sleep!”

Aileen S, Almost 3 Years Old

My almost 3yr old has struggled with sleep and separation anxiety since day 1. When he was two and a half he stopped taking naps all together and I thought that was it for us. I was just going to have to deal with a chronically tired and straight up miserable kid forever.

One morning, a few weeks ago, I just couldn’t take it anymore. We had to make a change. But I felt like we were at such a loss. We have and do all the things the internet tells you to do but nothing was working.

I needed more support. So, I called Erin and she was AMAZING.

She listened to all of my struggles and took into consideration all of our unique challenges. We came up with an initial plan. She was gentle, supportive, yet firm in her approach in such a way that gave me the confidence I needed. We ended that conversation with a clear plan and me feeling like, Ok! I’ve totally got this!

It’s now been about two weeks and my kid is happily taking a “rest” every day! AND has put himself down for a nap a few times without me being in the room! This has been HUGE for our family.

I couldn’t have done this without the support from Erin! She has been there for me throughout the entire process cheering me on and offering that one-on-one support that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

I highly recommend Erin! She is that person you need in your corner to help keep your head up, encourage you to keep going, and will be high-fiving you along the whole way!

Sachin P

“We were facing trouble with our baby’s sleeping pattern. Our daughter did not get quality sleep. Not only her sleep schedule was erratic , she would wake up multiple times overnight. This would make us feel tired during day because of lack of sufficient rest. We found tiny transitions. Erin was fantastic and always very patient with us. Erin walked us through all what we needed to do. With her guidance, we did see initial positive change in first few days itself. Babies take their own time to adjust to new schedule and the techniques shared by Erin came in handy and helpful to help us stay the course. Baby is getting quality sleep and we are now getting enough rest for ourselves. We strongly recommend Tiny Transitions and Erin, if you are looking for help with your baby’s sleep issues.

Sarah C,

“As a first time mom I never in a million years would think that I would stress over my daughter’s sleep. For nine months I struggled with naps and overnights. I read everything I could find online about sleep and I kept telling myself that eventually she would sleep, eventually she would figure it out, eventually I wouldn’t be waking up every hour tending to her every need. We broke every rule out there. We were rocking and holding her to sleep, nursing to sleep and co-sleeping. She would wake up every two hours and wanted to be nursed and held. It just was not sustainable and it was beginning to not only take a toll on me but I knew it was taking a toll on my daughter. She was waking up tired with dark red circles under her eyes. We both were not the best versions of ourselves because we were tired and exhausted. I finally reached out to Tiny Transitions and booked a call with Erin.

Erin listened intently to our current situation and never judged me for “breaking all the rules”. As a mother of three she knew exactly where I was coming from and her encouragement and guidance was exactly what my family needed. We are one week through the process and I can say that our little one is sleeping in her crib all night with very few wake ups. She is waking up happy and more playful and we are all getting sleep. If you are in a similar situation book a call with Erin. You will have all the steps and guidance you need and she will be there with you every step of the way. Ironically I used to laugh at people that hired sleep consultants…I was so wrong. It is a game changer!!

Darah B,

“Erin is truly the reason we got through this difficult time in our life. She is patient, caring, and empathic during our calls and has truly changed my family’s life. My son is sleeping through the night and I was hopeless that this would get better! Ask for Erin, she is amazing and absolutely meant to help people!

Fallon T, 18 months old

“Erin was wonderful to work with! With her help and guidance our 18 mo. old has learned to sleep independently in her crib. I was able to drop comfort night feedings and stop co-sleeping. Our little one adjusted easily to her new, gentle sleep schedule. For anyone on the fence, go for it! You and your baby deserve to have the best quality sleep!

Aaron K, 10 months old

“We worked with Erin from Tiny Transitions to improve sleep for our 10 month old daughter. In just a few weeks, she went from waking up 4x per night to sleeping through the night. The most impressive part was the support we got from Erin throughout the process. She was always available, super supportive, and never judgmental. She worked with us to find a solution that worked for our family and was a great coach along the way. The improvement has been life changing and our only regret is not doing this sooner.

Amanda P.

“Erin was absolutely amazing. She was knowledge, friendly, but most of all, helpful. She walked me through the entire process and gave me the confidence and tools to help my baby become a better sleeper. The process wasn’t nearly as stressful as I thought it would be, and that was because of Erin. She was truly the best, and I highly recommend her for all you baby sleeping needs!

Krystin K.


We worked with Erin on newborn sleep shaping after weeks of fighting sleep. Erin helped us enable our newborn to sleep safely and on his own, and restored some sanity back to our home.

Katie W.

“After meeting with Erin and the Expecting Parents Sleep Program, it made me feel more confident about dealing with newborn sleep!

Courtney D, 3 month old

My family and I worked with Erin to help transition our 3 month old into her own crib from the Snoo and help with bedtime. Erin was so supportive, we saw huge improvements in just the first week after implementing her suggestions.

I highly recommend Tiny Transitions and Erin specifically!

Melissa J, 1.5 year old

“We worked with Erin from Tiny Transitions to help our 1.5 year old fall asleep on her own, remain asleep throughout the entire night and sleep past 4:00AM! I was so pleased with the gradual transition and improvements we saw our daughter making within the first week of this process. Erin was a wonderful resource and available whenever we needed her. She was non judgmental and customized the plan to fit our daughters needs. We couldn’t have made these changes without her support and we are so thankful to be sleeping well again! I will definitely call her again if needed for future children.

Jamie S,

“Erin was a huge help in transitioning our son from 2 naps to 1 and helping us push out his wake time. She was considerate, patient and a pleasure to work it. Would absolutely recommend utilizing Erin at Tiny Transitions for all your baby sleep needs!

Gianna S.

“We are so thankful for the help tiny transitions sleep consulting provided us. Erin was patient and responsive and accommodating to our sons needs to help better his sleep habits. He is napping 2 hours a day and independently falling asleep on his own at nights! We appreciate all of Erin’s time and efforts. Thanks again and we would highly recommend this program to every parent!

Alyssa G, 5 weeks

“Erin is truly a lifesaver when it comes to sleep! I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who is struggling with sleep. I started working with Erin when my twins were only 5 weeks! It was a hot mess those first 5 weeks! I had no clue what I was doing and everything I googled about wake windows didn’t make sense to me! Erin jumped right in and guided me and taught me how to get their sleep in order! It literally saved me! Erin always answered me within a timely manner when I had questions about their sleep or a schedule change! I highly recommend working with Erin if you are sleep deprived or are having issues with sleep! She truly is the greatest!

Dini W, 7 month old

“We were so happy with Tiny Transitions! Our 7 month old never slept more than 2 hours at a time…round the clock. It was exhausting! He now naps consistently and wakes only once a night to eat. We couldn’t be happier!

Laura V, 8 month old

“We loved working with Erin as we worked through bad sleep habits with our 8-month-old. Even though we had previously worked with a sleep consultant when our 4-year-old twins were babies, Erin had a lot to add and really helped us with problem solving and building our confidence. She was compassionate and invested in our success.

Christina T, 2.5 year old

“I am so so grateful for Erin F. from Tiny Transitions!! My 2.5 year old was waking 6-10 times a night when we first connected. It was an ongoing battle for months. I immediately saw changes after starting the program with Erin. She was there every step of the way and now my son (and I) get the rest we really need. Erin really went above and beyond for us and I can’t thank her enough for everything.

Rebecca M.

“We really appreciated Erin’s feedback and ability to give us an attainable sleep schedule. I was super sleep deprived and ready to make the changes we needed! Erin was great about taking into account our baby’s developmental needs and our needs for sleep and making that into an action plan. I have recommended Tiny Transitions to other friends who may be in need of support through sleep skills.

Alexandra L.

“Erin was wonderful to work with, so supportive, and readily available! Highly recommend Tiny Transitions Sleep Consulting to anyone struggling with sleep routines. It only took 3 weeks and made a world of difference!


“Erin was wonderful and supportive the whole process. She met us where we were and tailored the plan specifically to my daughter. We saw results within 3 days and she has been sleeping like a champ since then! Well worth the investment to get us some sleep again!

Linda D, 5 months old

“Erin SAVED ME!! My daughter was 5 months old when I reached out to Tiny Transitions, at that point she would only sleep on me (all naps and bedtime) and it was torture. Erin developed a gradual plan to get her in her own bassinet and, eventually, her own crib in her own room! She guided me, with utmost patience, through an ear infection and a few stubborn baby set backs. I’ve already recommended Tiny Transitions to a few people, before we even finished the program.

Thank you Erin! You are the best!

Ariana I, 5 months old

“Tiny Transitions was a life saver for me with my first child ( and will be used for future children). I started with my daughter when she was five months old. I could only get her to bed through feeding her and multiple put down with constant wake ups. Instantly I was taught how to put my baby down without feeding and on her own which turned my 2 hour bedtime routine into 30 minutes.I also then was taught how to get her to nap on her own and on a schedule. My daughter can now sleep anywhere ( on vacation, in a hotel, at grandma or her aunts house), as long as she has her hatch and darkness!! Erin was SO SO SO sweet, kind, personable and helpful. It did take some time to get my daughter to sleep through the night but, baby steps! She is now 8 months and sleeping 8pm-6 am with no wake ups. What a game changer!!!! THANK YOU TINY TRANSITIONS AND ERIN!!!!

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