Hi, I’m Courtney Zentz

Tiny Transitions Sleep Coaching Founder & CEO

The baby sleep boss.

We fix poor sleep. Through our Private Coaching with a Certified Sleep Consultant on the team, or our Sleep Steps Membership program, we provide you with a plan to help your child settle easily for bedtime, sleep through the night, and wake rested and refreshed….which means you can too & hear not a peep from them all night!

How you feel in the morning is often how your child feels as well, they just can express it. I applaud you taking action and seeking help from a professional who can cut through the noise and mis-information online and provide you with exactly what you need to do, at every age and stage to help your child sleep well.

ThE Slumber Squad Sleep Consultants

Meet Our Sleep Consultants

Our Certified Pediatric Sleep Coaches have extensive experience coaching families through various sleep challenges. In addition, they also bring additional Certifications, like the CLC, CPST, and OT/PT, backgrounds in Elementary Education, Special Needs & more.

All of our Sleep Consultants stay updated on the latest research and evidence-based practices related to pediatric sleep to provide the best possible support to families seeking assistance with their child’s sleep.

Erin Forish - Adult & Pediatric Sleep Coach - Blue Bell, PA

Sr. Coach

Erin Forish, CLC

Adult & Pediatric Sleep Coach

Philadelphia, PA 

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Kiley Pickett - Baby Sleep Coach, Huntsville, AL

Sr. Coach

Kiley Pickett, OT

Pediatric Sleep Coach

Huntsville, AL

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Angela Stuart - Baby Toddler Sleep Coach - Austin, TX


Angela Stuart

Pediatric Sleep Coach

Austin, TX

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Chris Nosal, St. Louis, MO Baby Sleep Coach


Chris Nosal

Adult & Pediatric Sleep Coach

St. Louis, MO

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Raline Sexton - Sleep Coach - Special needs - ADHD - Autism


Raline Sexton

Special Needs | ADHD | Autism

New York, NY

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Katherine Fehily - Baby Sleep Coach Dallas TX


Katherine Fehily

Pediatric Sleep Coach

Dallas, TX

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The Nation’s Most Experienced Sleep Coaching Team

Why choose us?

The selection of the right baby, toddler or adult sleep coach is crucial for your success. With sleep consultants popping up everywhere as the new “it” career, it’s easy to be in the hands of someone who is much less experienced in the field of pediatric sleep. The Tiny Transitions team has been a nationally ranked leader in sleep coaching and consulting for over 8 years & have supported over 10,000 families on their mission for better sleep in the home.

We are committed to an approach that meets your goals & matches your parenting approach.

Private 1:1 Sleep Coachings Services

Personalized, private sleep coaching tailored to your child’s unique needs & your family goals.


Tiered Coaching Programs

From basic guidance to round-the-clock support, we offer different levels of coaching designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring you have the right level of access to our expert sleep coaches for your child’s sleep transformation journey.

Results We Stand By

We stand by our work and commitment to your success, so you don’t ever have to wonder if sleep coaching will work for you.

No Cry-It-Out Sleep Training

You don’t need to make children “cry it out.” Instead, our programs adapt to their challenges, needs, personality & parenting style – to achieve the sleep you desire gently and effectively. 

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