Hi, I’m Liz Chapman

Pediatric Sleep Consultant from Padukah, KY

Before becoming a mom, I worked at a family care center mentoring parents to help their families grow stronger. I knew two things would come out of this:

1. I would learn tons of stuff before I have kids.

2. I would find myself humbly eating my words when giving advice to those who have kids, once my little girl was born. 

After years of preparation and mentoring, we were finally blessed with our baby girl Clarissa. Well, those two things were certainly true, but none more than the latter, especially when it came to sleeping. While turning to my good friend Google, I first learned about sleep consulting, and I was hooked on every book, blog, podcast, and post I could find on the subject. As I helped my daughter find the rhythm of rest, I found my passion for this growing. By joining The Slumber Squad, I’m confident that the proven principles of sleep training are the blueprint needed for families to help their babies go from sirens to sweet silence! Being a Sleep Consultant is near and dear to me, as I too have seen the impact that sleep deprivation can have and while I locally service the Paducah, KY metro area in-home, I work with clients virtually around the world in English and Espanol! 


Annette, 9 Months Old, Paducah, KY

I am so blessed to have Liz, my Tiny Transitions Sleep Consultant. My 9-month-old has been having trouble sleeping waking up at 4 am every night and with Liz’s help, she is sleeping better during the night and waking you at 6 am. It makes a huge difference when I lay my head at night and know that she will be awake at 6. Thank you Tiny Transitions and Liz for all help 🙂

Melissa, 3 Months Old, Bowling Green, KY

After a month of barely sleeping, and my 3 month old constantly waking up, I knew it was time to seek help as I had exhausted all my options and everything I can think of. So, I hired Liz, and with just one phone consult my daughter started sleeping through the night again and naps went from 30-45 minutes to 1 hour-2 hour long! It has been an amazing improvement and my daughter is much happier and rested and so am I. Liz provided me with wonderful sleep education to teach my child to fall asleep on her own and stay asleep without me having to rock her constantly! I am so grateful to Liz for all her help!

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