Hi, I’M Chris Nosal

Pediatric Sleep Consultant from St. Louis, MO

Hello, I’m Chris Nosal, the first male sleep consultant in the country. With four kids 8 and under, sleep is a priority for my wife and me. When my first child was born and I was working a corporate job, I knew getting him to sleep was important for our emotional and physical health. Four kids can be exhausting during the day but just because they are busy during the day doesn’t mean the nights have to be rough. Our four kids Landon (8), Grayson (6), Calving (4), and Corrine (2) have all learned to sleep which we instilled in them at a young age. Being a sleep consultant is important to me as I know how sleep deprivation can affect kids and your whole family.

I live in St. Louis, MO and work with families locally as well as all across the country to help them achieve their sleep goals. If you are expecting a new baby, having trouble with naps, nervous about your toddler moving to a new bed, or just having issues with overnight waking’s you have come to the right place.

I bring a unique perspective to the world of pediatric sleep consulting being the first male sleep consultant and I am excited to help your whole family get the sleep you need.

Kelly, 9 Month Old, Chicago, IL

“Ryker got really sick this weekend with 103-degree fevers and was so lethargic. We were back to having to hold him for all his naps and multiple times throughout the night. But his sleep foundation is so strong that he started feeling better last night, and he went right back to sleeping through the night and doing naps on his own without being held. Such a relief that we don’t have to worry about his sleep habits when he needs a little extra support when he’s sick. Thank you again for sticking with us and our tricky little monster.”

Kim, 5 Months Old, Glencoe, MO

Chris is awesome! He is so passionate about what he does and is so very knowledgeable! He helped answer my questions about my 5-month-old with extending naps and learning to fall asleep independently, to enable sleeping through the night. I would definitely recommend him!

Kate, 2.5 Years Old, St. Louis, MO

I worked with Chris Nosal in St. Louis, MO and I couldn’t recommend him more! He was super responsive and incredibly helpful. He really gave me the confidence to be the boss when it came to my toddler’s sleep. He has a naturally positive coaching personality, and I felt I could talk to him honestly about our family dynamic, our struggles, and our goals without judgment. Getting a sleep coach for our family was worth every penny. If you are thinking about it. DO IT.

Julie, 20 Months Old, Indianapolis, IN

I found Chris through the St. Louis Mama’s Group on Facebook and joined the Sleep Forward Family Group. With his help, my 20-month-old went from needing a bottle to fall asleep, waking up every night at midnight wanting to sleep on my in the chair, and only napping while riding in the car on weekends, to getting rid of the bottle, falling asleep on her own, sleeping through the night, and napping IN HER BED for 2 1/2 hours on the weekend in a little over a week! More than anything, he gave us the confidence we needed to help our daughter sleep on her own. It was an investment, but the fact that I am now well-rested was worth every penny!

Krista, 7 Months Old, Kansas City, MO

Just started sleep training my 7-month-old, and I was very new at it, and he has helped so much!

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