Meet Raline Sexton

Certified Special Needs Sleep Coach

At Tiny Transitions, we understand the unique challenges that come with nurturing a child with special needs, especially when it comes to sleep. That’s where Raline Sexton, our esteemed Certified Special Needs Sleep Coach, steps in. With her compassionate approach and deep-rooted expertise, Raline is more than a coach; she’s a partner in your child’s journey towards restful sleep.

Living in New Jersey, Raline’s personal experience as a mother to William, her wonderful 9-year-old son with autism, enriches her professional expertise. This blend of personal insight and professional knowledge uniquely positions her to empathize with and effectively support families like yours.

Raline’s dedication extends beyond her role at Tiny Transitions. As an active mentor for TACA {The Autism Community in Action} and a collaborator with special needs schools in NJ and NY, she’s constantly enriching her understanding and techniques to support children with diverse needs.

Her education and ongoing training in the field of special needs sleep coaching make Raline a trusted and sought-after expert. Her methods are not just theory; they are practical, tailored, and proven to work for families grappling with sleep challenges.

Raline invites you to seize this opportunity to reset your family’s sleep patterns. Let her guide you through a personalized plan that addresses your unique challenges and goals.

New & Noteworthy from Raline

Jennifer, 4 Months Old, Montclair, NJ

“Raline is my saving grace! My 4 months old was such a handful, I couldn’t get a break. She was constantly feeding, barely napping, and waking up 6-8 times a night. I was losing my mind until I talked to Raline, she was so great to work with. She’s super knowledgeable, very compassionate, and helped my family tremendously. Within 2 weeks, my daughter started independent napping and only waking up once a night to feed, it was life-changing. If you need help, look no further, she’s the best.”

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