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Baby who doesn’t sleep well? Infant who won’t sleep through the night? Toddler bedtime creeping later and later? Pressure at school?

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We create sleep solutions that are tailor-made for your family. 

Whether you’re dealing with the transition of bringing a newborn home, have hit the 8-month sleep regression wall, have a toddler that won’t fall asleep, or a school-aged child who suddenly is experiencing fear and anxiety at bedtime…

…we can help. 

Our private sleep training and consulting services are customized to address the root issues you are facing and formulate a gentle but effective plan to get you the sleep you all need to be your best. 

Frustrated. Not being able to figure out how to help your child is more frustrating than anything else on the planet. 

Confused. You don’t know what you’re doing wrong. You don’t know where to turn. You don’t know how to get things on track. 

Exhausted. When your little ones don’t sleep, you don’t sleep. That can leave you feeling agitated, snappy, and miserable. 

As the nation’s leading team of Certified Sleep Consultants, the Slumber Squad has helped thousands of families worldwide using emotionally respectful sleep coaching, science-backed research, and customized solutions. Our diverse expert team of social workers, lactation specialists, nurse practitioners, child-care providers & most importantly, parents, have moved us to be the premier providers in the Sleep Consulting space for children birth through 10 years.

Sleep Consulting for All Ages


What Clients Say

We are very proud of the private sleep coaching services we provide to families around the world. Read our testimonials from our rested clients.


Courtney was amazing and our 9 month old was sleeping through the night within 48 hours after never sleeping through the night in his life. Her expertise led to very very minimal crying and peaceful 12 hour stretches of sleep with daily naps on schedule. She is also working with us with our 8 year old who has had sleep issues and we noticed drastic improvement in the first week. Worth every penny. Don’t second guess it- just do it and enjoy some sleep.


I had such a wonderful experience with Courtney! She helped me see immediate results with my son after he had a sleep regression. He now puts himself to sleep and self soothes in the night. He was also immediately happier after he was getting more sleep. She was easily reachable, full of good ideas and insight and supportive even with small questions. I highly recommend her!! The best investment is a good night sleep for both baby and parents.


Rosie met me where I was at, helped me to understand my baby’s developmental stage and prepared me for what to expect as he grew and learned. Working with Rosie was so easy from the start, she was readily available, flexible, comforting, and clearly understood how sleep works for infants! She even helped me troubleshoot issues with my toddler so that I could work on a sleep routine for both kids. Highly recommend tiny Transitions.

If sleep has evaded your family for too long,  it’s time for us to chat. 

We’ll create the individualized plan you need to turn your sleepless nights around. 

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