What To Expect When You're Expecting

Be Confident & Prepared for All the Things

because newborns don’t come with a manual.

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Expecting Parents
Teaching Foundations for the first 12 weeks

Through this unique expectant and postpartum parent education program with Certified Sleep Consultant, Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) Erin Forish, you will learn all of the most crucial foundations to set your child up to grow and thrive.

  • Help Your Newborn to Sleep Well Naturally
  • Get You More Sleep
  • Give You the Confidence You Will Need As A New Parent
  • Avoid the Big Mistakes That Cause You To Need To Sleep Train in the Future
  • Education on feeding – whether it be breastfeeding, bottle feeding and/or pumping during your first weeks. 
  • Education about car seat safety, so you can be sure you’re securing your baby properly every time you leave home. 
  • Effortlessly Have A Happy, Rested, & Thriving Newborn
  • Sample Newborn Sleep Schedules for every stage
  • Quickly Understand Your Newborn’s Unique Needs
  • Escape The Pain Of Having To Spend Weeks Or Months Fighting Poor Sleep 
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Right Now, You Are Pregnant  & Excited…you should be!

You read the books.

You joined the mommy groups.

You have all the “stuff”

but then what happens when the baby arrives….

And it’s 2 am and they are crying.

They just ate.

They just burped.

Their diaper is clean.

What is wrong?

We prepare you for these moments & many others…

Reduce Anxiety & Parent with Confidence

Understand the foundations that every new parent will need to avoid the overwhelm and exhaustion of a new baby.
Have a maternity leave filled with confidence, joy, and love while avoiding the more common causes of anxiety that many new mothers feel.
Relax, connect and enjoy your newborn baby who is rested, eating well, and thriving during their “4th trimester.”

Providing You Confidence to Handle These Common Newborn Challenges:

01An overtired baby who is up all night and sleeps all day.
02Wondering if you are using the right swaddle or why baby is fighting it.
03 Know your baby is getting enough milk to thrive.
04 Poor sleep associations that create the need for future sleep training.

05 Inconsistent naps, long & late bedtimes, rough overnights, and early morning wakings. Can’t we get this newborn on a schedule?

Effortlessly Have A Happy, Rested, And Thriving Newborn with Sleep and Postpartum Insight from the Philadelphia’s Top Sleep Consulting Agency – Serving clients virtually all over the world. 

Expecting Parents
Erin Forish, Sleep Consultant

Hi! I’m Erin Forish, CLC

As a mother of 3 under 5, I get it because I have been there…

Having three kids in three and half years has kept us very busy and at times, exhausted. That exhaustion impacted our lives in ways we had never experienced before having kids. The days of no sleep and being able to fully function at home and at work were over…we needed help.
I understand what it’s like to be a tired and anxious new parent, not being able to think clearly, wishing so badly that you could understand what was happening on your own, but being so tired that you can’t see your way out of it. I’m here and I can help you get your little ones to be strong independent sleepers before you end up like I did! 
Does this resonate ? Then, read on. I would love to share how I can help.
Expecting Parents

Be A More Confident & Less Anxious Parent


Expecting Parents

A New Baby Means

Overnight sleep deprivation, exhaustion and overwhelm.
A MASSIVE drop in hormones, leading to sometimes severe postpartum anxiety & depression for months.
Understanding their new & unique needs, as each baby is different.
Ensuring they are growing and thriving, hitting all of their milestones because they {& you} are rested and refreshed.

Be Better Prepared

so you don’t have to deal with
01The constant guessing, trial and error and inaccurate advice from ill-informed mom’s groups.
02A lack of confidence that first time the breast pump goes on, you have a clogged duct or your supply is off.
03Their first fever, barking cough, diaper rash, thrush, ear infection and you are questioning yourself….
04The first time they head out for the day, vacation or on an overnight to grandma’s house.
05 The shit-storm that happens to you, as you just birthed a baby, it takes time to bounce back.
Expecting Parents

For the Parents Who:

Desire The Smoothest Transition Into New Motherhood

Are Driven By Real Results & Having a Happy Baby

Want To Enjoy Maternity/Paternity Leave & Lessen Anxiety

Want More Sleep for Themselves & Baby

Desire Not Losing 1:1 Time with Their Partner

Expecting Parents

Give your newborn the gift of sleep…

Mastering Motherhood Coaching Program

Education. Support. Guidance.

90 Minute Expecting Parents Consultation

Speak with a Certified Sleep Consultant on the Tiny Transitions team about your new bundle of joy and how to navigate the world of sleep, intake, motherhood and all the things… so you feel empowered and prepared for baby to arrive. In this 90 minute call, we provide a comprehensive understanding of the first 8 weeks and how to build healthy foundations for your newborn from the day they arrive.

Navigating a Newborn Book

Over 40 pages of targeted education, to support you in the overwhelm of a newborn, covering all areas of intake, sleep, and managing days & overnights with balance.

Nursery Assessment

Share with your Certified Sleep Consultant a video of your nursery or bedroom setup, where they review the environment and ensure it’s conducive to great sleep.

2 Follow-Up Coaching Calls

Once baby arrives, new questions will arise and we want to ensure we are there for you. Schedule two check-in coaching calls {20 – 30 minutes} with Erin during the first eight weeks to review and discuss new questions around nap timing, intake, bedtime or overnight sleep, so everyone gets the rest they need to be their best.

Registry Must Have Shopping List 

With over 5,000 babies under our belt here at Tiny Transitions, we know what new parents need and what things they miss when they are completing their registry. Our “must have” checklist ensures you are not stuck at 2am without one of the essentials. 

Hospital Packing List

We have compiled a list of all the things we as expecting moms and sleep coaches brought in our bags to the hospital. 

Total Cost of Package: $297

To ensure you are prepared, we also include…

Stomach Size Chart

Stomach Size Chart

The Anti-Colic Diet

The Anti-Colic Diet

Lactation Best Practices

Lactation Best Practices

Baby Dressing Guide

Baby Dressing Guide

2+ Years of Schedules

2+ Years of Schedules

All Thing Naps Guide

All Thing Naps Guide

Sleep Regression Busters

Sleep Regression Busters

Early Wakings Program

Early Wakings  Program

Travel Like a Boss Bundle

Travel Like a Boss Bundle

The Frequently Asked Questions

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Are You Teach me to Sleep Train a Newborn?

No, this isn’t sleep training a newborn, this course is meant to prepare new parents for the various crucial things that they should understand when welcoming a new baby, to make the transition home from the hospital as easy as possible for everyone.

What If Baby Will Be In My Room?
The APP recommends that new babies are in the same room {not the same bed} for the first 6 months, so yep – come join us!
Breast & Bottle Fed Appropriate
Fed is best and we have experience coaching and educating parents regardless of their feeding aspirations. We will also help you to troubleshoot issues to watch out for in both cases.
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We JUST had baby, Can we Join?
While this course is designed to educate expecting parents on how to navigate the first 12 weeks, if you are new on this journey, you are welcome to enroll, as you will find valuable education, support, and coaching in those first weeks.
Do We Tackle Naps?
Newborn sleep is un-regulated, BUT you can still build a balanced day and we 100% go into this during the program.
What Should I expect at the end of this?
You will leave this course with a solid foundation of sleep, intake, and the science behind building your child into a great sleeper, without ever needing to cry it out.

“After meeting with Erin Forish and the Expecting Parents Sleep Program, it made me feel more confident about dealing with newborn sleep!”

-Katie W., Lancaster, PA

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“There was a sense of peace when there was not a peep at 8 pm in our house, despite welcoming our new infant. This consultation was magic and we were so much more confident in our parenting.”

-Sarah M., Charlotte, N.C.