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Becoming a new parent can be a very exciting yet nerve-racking time. That’s why our expecting parent education consultation is designed to help you reduce the stress and overwhelm of becoming a parent, so you can enjoy your new baby without being totally overwhelmed. Our class covers all the important topics you need to know to be prepared, including sleep, lactation, intake, and nursery setup. 

At Tiny Transitions, we understand the importance of being prepared before your baby arrives. That’s why our class is designed to give you the resources and knowledge you need to be prepared for your new baby, so you can enjoy your time with them without feeling overwhelmed. With our help, you can be confident and relaxed as you welcome your little one into the world.

Expecting Parents Consultation

Speak with a Certified Sleep Consultant on the Tiny Transitions team about your new bundle of joy and how to navigate the world of sleep, intake, motherhood and all the things… so you feel empowered and prepared for baby to arrive. In this 60 minute call, we provide a comprehensive understanding of the first 8 weeks and how to build healthy foundations for your newborn from the day they arrive.

Navigating a Newborn Written Plan

After your consultation, you will receive a comprehensive plan to support you in the overwhelm of a newborn, covering all areas of intake, sleep, and managing days & overnights with balance.

Nursery Assessment

Share with your Certified Sleep Consultant a video of your nursery or bedroom setup, where they review the environment and ensure it’s conducive to great sleep.

A Follow-Up Coaching Call

Once baby arrives, new questions will arise and we want to ensure we are there for you. Schedule another coaching call with your sleep consultant to review and discuss new questions around nap timing, intake, bedtime or overnight sleep, so everyone gets the rest they need to be their best.

Registry Must Have Shopping List 

With over 5,000 babies under our belt here at Tiny Transitions, we know what new parents need and what things they miss when they are completing their registry. Our “must have” checklist ensures you are not stuck at 2am without one of the essentials. 

Hospital Packing List

We have compiled a list of all the things we as expecting moms and sleep coaches brought in our bags to the hospital. 

Total Cost of Package: $295

“After meeting with Erin Forish and the Expecting Parents Sleep Program, it made me feel more confident about dealing with newborn sleep!”

-Katie W., Lancaster, PA

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