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 Early morning waking challenge? Is your child taking short naps and you just can’t crack the code? These masterclass sessions are designed to set you straight, so you can get more sleep today!

Early Morning Waking Masterclass

Early morning wakings stink, and there can be quite a few things that cause them, leaving parents to guess every single morning at 4 am what is going on. Most parents give up trying just to accept their new fate…until now. In this eBook and video, I walk you step by step through uncovering the cause of your early morning wakings and how to fix them once and for all! 

*Appropriate for children from birth through 5 years old.  

Short Naps Masterclass

Just when you finally have a good rhythm – poof, naps take a turn for the worse. Your little one is protesting the nap, it’s only lasting 30 minutes and by bedtime, they are a disaster. In this eBook and Video, I break down why naps go south, how to create predictability, and how to lay your child down and leave the room, without a single tear!  After all, we want you to keep those naps for as long as possible.

*Appropriate for children from birth through 5 years old.  

Clase magistral de despertar temprano en la mañana

Despertándose temprano en la mañana apesta, y pueden haber bastantes cosas que los causan, lo que hace que los padres adivinen cada mañana a las 4 am lo que está sucediendo. La mayoría de los padres intentan aceptar su nuevo destino … hasta ahora. En este libro electrónico, lo guío paso a paso para descubrir la causa y cómo solucionarlos de una vez por todas.

* Apropiado para niños desde el nacimiento hasta los 5 años.

  Clase magistral de siestas cortas

Justo cuando finalmente tienes un buen ritmo, PUF, las siestas empeoran. Tu pequeño está protestando durante la siesta, solo duran 30 minutos y antes de acostarse por la noche, un desastre. En este libro electrónico, analizo por qué las siestas son cortas, cómo crear previsibilidad y cómo acostar a su pequeño y salir de la habitación, ¡sin una sola lágrima! Después de todo, queremos que mantengan esas siestas el mayor tiempo posible.

* Apropiado para niños desde el nacimiento hasta los 5 años.

Sleep Consulting Success

The words of wisdom we got from our sleep consultant from Tiny Transitions years ago is as applicable now as it was then. Please check this out if you are expecting, have a new babe or have any question about your child’s sleep at any age! She’s the real deal and so patient and understanding with meeting you where you are emotionally. The advice is personal and applicable. Check it out!

We first met Courtney & her team when our daughter was 2. My husband was having to fall asleep on an extra crib mattress we put next to her toddler bed while I breast-fed our baby at all hours. Courtney listened to our concerns and offered an alternative which matched our parenting philosophy and also didn’t stretch us too far emotionally. I feared the recommendation would be “cry it out” and deal with it, but the plan was so much more confidence building and comprehensive. CIO was not an option for us and we were still in our best sleep routine within a week.

I’ve referred 2 of my best friends. Everyone sings Courtney’s praise. You won’t regret this but you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner!


2 Years Old, Philadelphia, PA

Top Sleep Consultant in the US
Best Sleep Consultant in Philadelphia
Infant mental health training award
Main line parent love award
Healthy Children Project Inc. Award
Association of professional sleep consultants award

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