Hi, I’m Katherine Fehily

Pediatric Sleep Consultant from Dallas, TX

I’m Katherine Fehily, a renowned baby & toddler sleep coach based in Dallas, Texas, specializing in twins and children aged 1 to 4 years. My dedication to improving the sleep patterns of young ones has earned me a well-deserved reputation as a trusted sleep expert, both locally and beyond. In addition to my role as a sleep coach, I’m an active board member of the Plano Area Mothers of Multiples Chapter here in Texas, where I provide valuable insights and support to parents of twins and multiples. My journey into the world of pediatric sleep coaching began with a strong academic background in engineering, which later became a key asset in my career transition.

My path took a new direction when my spouse and I welcomed twin children into our family, with a toddler already in the mix. The challenges and joys of raising three young children under the age of three inspired me to delve deeper into the world of pediatric sleep. Drawing upon my engineering background, I began researching and experimenting with various sleep techniques tailored to the unique needs of twins. It was during this time that a spark was ignited, and in 2020, I became a Certified Baby & Toddler Sleep Coach with Tiny Transitions. Over time, I gained recognition in the field, thanks to my innovative approach and success stories with twin families not only in Texas but also around the world.

My approach to pediatric sleep coaching is rooted in my engineering mindset and deep empathy for parents struggling with sleep-deprived nights. I work closely with families to engineer personalized sleep programs that align with their specific needs and sleep goals. Whether it’s addressing sleep regressions, optimizing bedtime routines, or implementing effective sleep training methods, my solutions are not only practical but also highly effective.


New & Noteworthy from Katherine

Reagan, 8 Months Old, Dallas, TX

Reagan puts herself to sleep for every nap and bedtime. I hardly rock her anymore! She usually doesn’t cry at all; instead, she’ll coo and babble to herself until she falls asleep. She consistently sleeps from 7:30 pm-6:30 am and this morning she slept until 7 am.

Her nap schedule is 9:30am-11:15am and 3-4:15pm. I actually miss her now when she’s sleeping and I usually have to wake her up so she doesn’t sleep past 3 hrs!!!!!!!!! ???? We even went to the beach for a week and Reagan’s sleep schedule didn’t change hardly at all. Sleep is now zero drama in this house, and my anxiety is almost completely gone! Thank you again for helping us navigate a very difficult time. We are eternally grateful to you!

Daniel & Bridget, 10 Months Old, Addison, TX

“One of our twins (10 months) was a really poor sleeper, waking every few hours and unable to soothe himself back to sleep. He is our 4th child, and we were baffled by how horribly he slept. After going through the Tiny Transitions program, our baby now has the skills he needs to sleep through the night. When he sleeps, we sleep!! My husband and I are communicating with each other much better, as we are not total zombies. I can’t recommend Tiny Transitions enough!”

Hunter, 18 Months Old, Houston, TX

“Miracles do happen! With the help of Tiny Transitions, I’ve been able to enjoy a full night’s rest again!! 5+ stars!”


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