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Hit a sleep speed bump? Are you struggling with a nap transition? Early waking? These focused coaching sessions are designed to troubleshoot small challenges vs. those who need a private sleep consulting package.

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Sleep Coach Mini-Session

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You FINALLY nailed it. Your little one napping well, settling independently bedtime, sleeping through the night, YES 🙌  You nailed this whole parenting thing.

Then a sleep regression hits. 

Now, that small speed bump has caused the sleep train to derail. You don’t feel like it’s totally in the toilet, but things are off and if you don’t figure out what changed and how to fix it you will be back at square one.

Book a mini-session and get back on track tonight.

Who is Right For A Mini-Session?

Are you in limbo with a child who isn’t sleeping well? Every few nights, they sleep through the night or have a beautiful day of naps, and then, just when you think you have finally cracked the code on sleep, something happens and your little one is up….again?

Sleep regressions will happen as your child grows and passes through leaps in their cognitive, physical, and emotional development, along with changes to their environment. If you recently have been dealing with something that is impacting their sleep {and everything that goes with it} then it’s time to chat. Our mini-session is the perfect way to educate you on the changes to make today.

Short Naps

Bedtime Battles

Early Wakings

How It Works



If you have hit a sleep snag, and determine that a mini-session suits your needs, easily book a time right now with a member of the Slumber Squad



Tell us exactly what is happening with your little one. This will allow you the ability to tell us of your main pain points and goals during our time together.



Select a date immediately to get to speak with a Certified Sleep Coach on the team about your child. We will call you at your scheduled time give their rest a reboot. 

Booking a Mini-Session

These sessions are a terrific way to get your specific sleep questions answered and your sleep ‘speed bump’ resolved. Mini-Sessions are not meant to replace the work done or frankly needed for some families in a Private Sleep Coaching engagement. These are for small struggles, like an early waking, short naps, trouble settling or an outstanding issue caused from a leap, sleep regression, vacation or illness.  


Lindsey Burke

Less than a week in to the program with Tiny Transitions and our 11 month old went from waking up multiple times to sleeping through the night! Not only do we feel like new parents, but have noticed a change in our baby’s temperament as well. Very grateful for the support and guidance which got us to this point.

Lindsey Burke

Bethlehem, PA

Stephanie Nemmers

Tiny Transitions our family finally get some sleep! Tiffany individualized our sleep plan based on our situation and our specific requests. We saw huge changes the very first night. She was available to give us advice and encouragement throughout the three weeks. I was skeptical in the beginning but it really worked.

Stephanie Nemmers

Des Moines, Iowa

J Bruno
I was very skeptical about the entire process. Now, after working with Rosie, my daughter goes to sleep on her own around 7:30 pm and sleeps all night. I never thought it was possible! I’ve learned so much about infant sleep and Rosie was extremely available during the whole process. My daughter is so much happier!
J Bruno

West Caldwell, NJ