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How much sleep your baby sleep needs?
If you hit the 4 month, 9 month,12 month sleep regression and are stuck?
If you are stuck endlessly in a Wonder Weeks leap?
Is it time to sleep train your toddler?
How to get your baby to sleep through the night?
Why does every nap feel like a battle?
When rocking or nursing to sleep stopped working?
How to reconnect with your partner, the feeling of a good night of sleep (& your sanity)?
Sleep Solutions

tailored to your family

Sleep is seemingly in the news more every day. Not all sleep consultants, their support, approach, and sleep coaching services are created equal. I understand that a well-rested child is happier, eats better and has more energy to grow and explore their surroundings.

As a Certified Sleep Consultant, I understand there are important dynamics in every family. The approach is quite different, it is not a “cry it out” solution and is completely customized to your child’s needs and your parenting style. I work with newborns, infants, and toddlers, to create solutions based on real parenting, real-life solutions that work.

The sleep consulting services and approach to improving your child’s sleep is very straightforward: Provide each family with an understanding of sleep, how things you may be doing could be blocking your success, why sleep is so important, and how it can be impacting your family in ways you did not even realize. All children are different and no one knows your child better than you.

Baby Sleeping through the Night
Build A Better Sleeper for Life

with Tiny Transitions Sleep Consulting

We get it. We have been there and know first hand how hard parenting is, especially doing it on little sleep. If you are a parent searching for solutions to help your child sleep, you have come to the right place.

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Sleep Library

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Group Coaching

Support Along Side Other Parents

Sleep Training & Coaching

Services for Every Family

Gentle & Effective Sleep Training

Customized Solutions for every family, child & parenting approach. We work with children from birth through young adult. 

Sibling Support

Whole house not sleeping? We offer special packages for multiple children to get every child the rest they need to be at their best. 

Philadelphia’s Premier Sleep Consultant

Expertise and experience from the best pediatric sleep expert in the country. Working locally and internationally with tired families. 

Tiny Transitions

Why Work With Us?

Since 2014, Courtney has been featured on countless news programs, top Podcasts® and is the go-to-sleep consultant for many parenting products and sleep periodicals. Don’t leave it to chance your sleep consultant has the experience you want supporting your family, work with the best. Offering in-home, overnight and virtual consultations, sleep is within your reach.

No two children are the same. We understand your child, their personality, and habits and work to build them into amazing sleepers for life. Whether you are looking for private sleep coaching or are interested in our group coaching program, our programs are designed for sleep success.

We get results every single time. Every child can sleep, we just need to show them the skill and build their confidence to do it easily. Through our gentle and effective sleep consulting services, clients not only become educated on their child’s sleep needs, but they also have a terrific sleeper in a matter of days.

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We love helping babies, infants and toddlers sleep through the night and we are good at it. Reach out and let's setup a discovery call to learn more about your little one.


What Clients Say

We are very proud of the Sleep Consulting services we provide to families around the world. Read our testimonials from our rested clients.

I believe that this is the best investment that I’ve made on my child to date.


Courtney was an absolute miracle worker! In just a few short days, our daughter learned the new routine and it has been smooth sailing ever since.


Within two weeks, our daughter was sleeping through the night. It’s been amazing, I am so thankful to her for all the joy (and sleep) she has brought back into our household.