Virtual Sleep Coaching

Baby who doesn’t sleep well? Infant who won’t sleep through the night?

Toddler bedtime creeping later and later?

Pressure at school?

Does your baby need to be rocked to sleep every two hours throughout the night? Does your toddler’s night-time routine involve frequent tantrums? Does your 10-year-old get worried about tomorrow’s plans and cannot sleep?

You are likely feeling exhausted, frustrated that your tricks aren’t working, and confused about what to do next. An online sleep consultant can meet you where you are, no matter where you are in the world, and can give you the crucial steps to help everyone sleep through the night.

What is a Virtual Sleep Coach?

Pediatric sleep coaches specialize in helping parents adjust their little ones’ sleeping habits and routines. While they typically assist when children have difficulty sleeping, 90% of children’s brain growth happens before the age of 5, so they can also work in a preventative capacity.

They educate parents on ways to set up their newborn’s sleep routine for success. They can provide advice and solutions for various issues that influence children’s sleep: their environment, diet, amount of daytime sleep, bedtime routine, and underlying medical and psychological conditions such as reflux, anxiety, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Most importantly, they will provide strategies to promote better sleep, guide you through sleep training, and give options for handling night wakings, short naps, and other sleep-related challenges.

How Can a Virtual Sleep Consultant Help Me?

Sleep, or lack thereof, will affect your mental, cognitive, and physical health. But it’s also affecting your little one, leading to brain fog, irritability, tantrums, suppressed immune system function, and impaired judgment.

More than 70% of infants and 50% of preschool to school-aged children wake every night. An online sleep consultant can help your little one fall asleep and stay asleep without tears and tantrums and without the need for rocking, bouncing, nursing, bottle feeding, or lying down beside them.

What Are The Benefits of a Virtual Sleep Coach?

  • Convenience: You can get customized online sleep solutions from the comfort of your home at the most convenient times for you and your little one.
  • Accessibility: Sleep consultants are readily available in metropolitan areas, but you will struggle to find one in more remote areas or while living or traveling abroad. With virtual sleep coaches, you can have one at your doorstep regardless of your country or zip code.
  • Flexibility: You have the ability to choose from a more extensive selection of sleep consultants, allowing access to coaches that don’t follow the one-size-fits-all approach. You can work with them at your own pace if you have trouble finding time to deal with your child’s sleep problems or needs in your busy schedule.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Eliminating the consultant’s need to travel to your home or conduct in-person meetings can reduce the overall fee.
  • Customization: Because online sleep coaches can conduct virtual consultations, they can create customized plans remotely, getting real-time feedback. They can provide updated interventions instantaneously, so you don’t have to wait until your next meeting to make changes.

Overall, you get the benefit of experienced sleep consultants with personalized guidance in the comfort of your own home without having to deal with travel, rigid scheduling constraints, and travel-related costs.


Why Should I Choose Tiny Transitions For Virtual Sleep Coaching?

I started Tiny Transitions because I needed a service like this myself when I was first having kids–and it was nowhere to be found! I had just left my job as a corporate marketing leader where I prided myself in my level head and strong organizational skills. But suddenly, with a baby who wouldn’t sleep, I felt life unraveling. Tiny Transitions provides the support that my family so desperately needed.

We don’t come in with rigid, one-size-fits-all solutions. Our online sleep consultants take a judgment-free approach to understanding your child and your unique family dynamics. We then create a gentle, customized plan based on your parenting style, your child’s needs, and your schedule.

We can cater to any sleep-related need. Our virtual sleep consulting team comprises:

  • Certified newborn, toddler, and child sleep consultants (male and female)
  • Licensed occupational therapists who can assist children with complications from premature births, developmental delays, and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Parents of multiples sharing their time-tested tips and tricks
  • Bilingual coaches
  • Consultants with previous careers in mechanical engineering, school teaching, and family care mentoring who can troubleshoot any sleep difficulty.

Finding someone you trust with appropriate experience in the field is crucial. We all utilize the research-based SleepSteps® principles developed by lactation consultants, doulas, psychologists, and physician assistants to support healthy sleep habits from infancy through kindergarten.

Since starting in 2014, we have been named the “Top Sleep Consultant” in the U.S. by Tuck. In our founding city, we were named the winner of the Philadelphia Family LOVE Award for Sleep Support. Yahoo, NBC, Thrive Global, Fatherly, Romper, Bustle, MindBodyGreen, Tuck, Parentology, and Purple have also featured Tiny Transitions.


What Ages Do Your Services Cover?

Our online sleep consultants are certified to assist newborns who are feeding all night, toddlers in the throes of sleep regression, and school-aged children who can be experiencing bedtime anxiety or other sleep challenges. While younger children have more of an impact on your sleep as a parent, having a 9-year-old not getting enough sleep can impact their temperament and your family’s harmony. Beyond that, approximately 90% of teenagers don’t get the right amount of sleep, but this can be remedied with the right strategies.It’s never too early or too late to start working on better sleep.

Do I Have To Use Cry-It-Out (CIO) or the Ferber Sleep Method?

The CIO method, including the gentler, graduated extinction Ferber method, is a relatively rigid, cookie-cutter sleep training method. While this method can get results, not everyone is comfortable with this sleep intervention. It’s better to focus on the individual instead of the formal approach to effectively deal with your child’s sleep struggles.

Our team understands that every family and child’s needs are different and unique. However, sleep is non-negotiable, so you each need a customized plan with a holistic approach. Your virtual sleep consultant will meet you where you are and provide online sleep solutions to help you achieve results in line with your personalities, parenting styles, and temperament. No one in your household will be crying, except for tears of joy, when you all wake up from your first uninterrupted night’s sleep.


Does Insurance Cover Virtual Sleep Coaching?

Sleep is not a luxury, but unfortunately, unless your child has a medical or clinically diagnosed issue, insurance will not cover it. Share your struggles and concerns with your pediatrician. If they can write a letter to demonstrate the medical need of the program, you may get a partial or complete reimbursement. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover online sleep consulting, your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) may cover it. Speak with your FSA provider about their requirements for reimbursement. Our sleep consultants can also direct you on reimbursement requirements for FSA.

What Virtual Sleep Training Packages Do You Offer?

  1. Mini Sessions
    30-60 minute private phone or video consults with a member of our Slumber Squad. These are focused coaching sessions where we will review your significant issues and provide techniques and tools to implement immediate change. Instead of initiating a new sleep training plan, we have designed this option to troubleshoot small challenges such as short naps, early morning wakings, and bedtime battles.
  2. Sleep Coach on Call®
    You will get access to a 12-month virtual group membership to coach you through a DIY sleep program. It’s one membership with access to three tailored programs for your children from birth to 4 years old, covering everything from sleep training basics to regressions with our certified sleep consultants.
  3. Private Sleep Coaching Programs
    The most individualized and hands-on package offers one-on-one virtual sleep coaching with one of our Slumber Squad consultants for a specified number of weeks, depending on the program. Whether you need gentle newborn sleep shaping or help to pull your toddler out of their sleep regression, we create a research-backed, customized plan to transform your little one’s sleep with our support every step of the way.
  4. Past Client Refreshers
    Think of this as a tune-up for your little one’s sleep ranging from a quick fix mini-session to a private coach on call for two years. This service is open to our previous Tiny Transitions private and group clients.

We are committed to getting you the needed help without upselling you. A discovery call will ensure you don’t purchase what you don’t need. You can download our complete library of free sleep tips and join our Slumber Made Simple Facebook group for free tips and tricks.


How Does Virtual Sleep Training Work?

You will start with a discovery call to gather information about your sleep struggles and what we offer to help your family. Then, you will complete a more comprehensive questionnaire to create your personalized plan.

You can review the various programs, from the Struggle Bus to Dumpster Fire, and select the package for you. Then, we will schedule a virtual sleep consultation to start your chosen program so you can start catching those valuable Z’s as soon as possible.

Depending on the level of online sleep consulting services you opt for, your one-on-one coaching may include:

  • Three to eight check-in calls
  • Messages and text support
  • Interactive digital sleep logs with the option of live daily assessments
  • A virtual nursery or bedroom assessment
  • A written sleep plan with our newborn sleep foundation plan
  • Our comprehensive sleep program, resource bundle, and video library for older children
  • One session of bedtime support
  • Daily coaching
  • Unlimited email support with the option of a year of email support
  • Lifetime access to the SleepTrainer℠ app and our sleep coaching course with live weekly coaching sessions


Do You Have a Guarantee for your Virtual Sleep Solutions?

We are a risk-free sleep solution committed to improving sleep for you and your child. We create a specialized plan and work with you daily for the initial three-week implementation program. We are so confident in our reputation as the best sleep coaching company in the country that we put our money where our mouth is. We are the only program in the industry with a results guarantee for sleep success as long as:

  • You are as committed as we are
  • Provide accurate information about your child’s current sleep situation
  • Read our tailored sleep plan
  • Keep daily records

Our goal is your success, and you will get out of the program what you put into it. By communicating with us daily and tracking your child’s behavior and sleep habits, we can provide appropriate guidance to help you reach your sleep goals.

Despite what society tells us, being tired is not a badge of honor. Getting five hours of sleep or less a night will have the same effect as being intoxicated, which doesn’t make for an easy day of parenting a strong-willed, over-tired child.

Sleep is crucial to a healthy and thriving family, and it’s a skill you can teach with the right tools, support, and perseverance. We are the nation’s leading pediatric sleep consulting agency. We have helped thousands of families globally by simplifying the sleep process into research-backed, natural sequences to eliminate the guesswork in finding your sleep solution.

But don’t just take our word for it; schedule your sleep evaluation today to learn about our virtual sleep coaching and start your journey to better sleep. The only regret you will have is not calling us sooner.



If sleep has evaded your family for too long,  it’s time for us to chat. 

We’ll create the individualized plan you need to turn your sleepless nights around. 

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