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Courtney Zentz

Courtney Zentz

Founder, Tiny Transitions

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Top Sleep Consultant in the US
Best Sleep Consultant in Philadelphia
Infant mental health training award
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Healthy Children Project Inc. Award
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What Our Clients Say

When you hire a sleep consultant, you become wise to your baby and their needs. We provide the industry best support and service. 


If you’re like most parents, and struggling to get your little one to sleep, I highly recommend working with Rosie at Tiny Transitions. I didn’t want “Cry it Out”, and Rosie took the time to explain to me that wasn’t necessary. We started sleep training at 4.5 months, and she was sleeping falling asleep on her own within 3 nights. All through the way Tiny Transitions was there to coach me through, and just give me the moral support I needed. Of all of the decisions I had to make as a first time mom, this was absolutely the best decision I made. 


I had such a wonderful experience with Tiny Transitions & Courtney! She helped me see immediate results with my son after he had a sleep regression. He now puts himself to sleep and self soothes in the night. He was also immediately happier after he was getting more sleep. She was easily reachable, full of good ideas and insight and supportive even with small questions. I highly recommend her!! The best investment is a good night sleep for both baby and parents.


Our 9 month old was sleeping through the night within 48 hours after never sleeping through the night in his life. Her expertise and combination of recommendations about sleep gear, feedings, naps led to very very minimal crying and peaceful 12 hour stretches of sleep with daily naps on schedule. She is also working with us with our 8 year old who has had sleep issues and we noticed drastic improvement in the first week. Worth every penny. Don’t second guess it- just do it and enjoy some sleep.