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Are Sleepless Nights Taking a Toll on Your Family?

Exhausted parents know all too well the struggles of sleepless nights. It’s not just the lack of sleep; it’s the frustration, the crankiness, and the impact on your child’s development and your overall well-being. Sleep deprivation affects every aspect of family life.

Best Baby Sleep Coach Courtney Zentz

Welcome to the Tiny Transitions Family

I’m Courtney Zentz, The Founder of Tiny Transitions

At Tiny Transitions, we understand your struggles because we’ve been there too. Our certified Pediatric Sleep Consultants specialize in gentle, effective methods that are customized to fit your family’s unique needs. With years of experience and a proven track record, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

I am a formerly tired mom who wanted to go back to work when my first was just 4 weeks old. I was failing as a new parent and felt anxious and alone. I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t have a village around me to help. A successful corporate career I could control, and I was good at it. Parenting, not so much. I had a baby who cried and nipples that bled. And I hated it. I was never so tired in my life. There had to be a better way.

I found sleep, and it was transformational. From there, I was hooked on supporting other women – this was my calling. It wasn’t long after that I become a Certified Sleep Consultant, Certified Lactation Counselor and Postpartum Doula.

Tiny Transitions was born. My life’s mission is to ensure no new parents ever felt as lost, alone, and unprepared for the biggest job of their life. Today, I reside in Philadelphia, PA with a team of baby, toddler and adult sleep coaches all across the U.S. ready to help in-home or virtually. 

Courtney xox

Our Simple, Three-Step Plan for Better Sleep

Best Sleep Coaching Programs

start with a comprehensive assessment of your child’s sleep patterns and environment.

Best Baby & Toddler Sleep Coach Near Me

we Guide you through a sleep program tailored to your family’s specific needs.

Baby Sleep Trainer Near Me

Receive ongoing support and adjustments to ensure your child achieves consistent, restful sleep.

Best Baby & Toddler Sleep trainer near me


Our Proven Methods

Your baby & child are not one-size-fits-all, the sleep training method you use shouldn’t be either. 

Our sleep coaching programs are designed to be easy to implement and highly effective. Through a combination of personalized plans, expert advice, and continuous support, we help you establish healthy sleep habits for your child, leading to peaceful nights and happy mornings.

Gentle, Non-Cry-It-Out Methods

Customizable Sleep Programs

Ongoing Support and Guidance

Baby & Toddler Led Programs

Real Clients. Not a Peep of Noise.

Hear From Happy Parents

“Courtney Zentz is incredible at what she does and is such a wealth of knowledge on all things sleep and children and beyond!! We hired Courtney to sleep train our 4 month old son (who HATED sleep) and to break his co-sleeping habits and she did just that! She came to our home the first night to support us through the process and show us the ropes and she followed up with calls and messages often to check in on him. We had lots come up with sickness, food allergies, teething, etc and she always helped us problem solve and get his sleeping back on track. She also gave us lots of tips and tricks for our 3 year old that have been amazing and well received by her! If you are looking for SLEEP, courtney will absolutely get your baby sleeping, even when you think it’s impossible! We are forever grateful for Courtney!”

Amanda H.

9 Month Old – Philadelphia, PA

Erin Forish is truly the reason we got through this difficult time in our life. When we started working with Erin 6 weeks ago, she told us that our son would be able to be placed in his crib and us walk out without tears. We were so desperate for sleep, he would wake up every 90 minutes throughout the night. Now we place him in his crib and he is able to fall asleep and stay asleep on his own. Not only did we gain the knowledge to support him, but we got to see him gain confidence in putting himself to sleep without our support. Best money we have ever spent, thank you Erin!

Sarah B.

4 Month Old – Chicago, IL

“Let me just start by saying Tiny Transitions sleep consulting changed our life. Our little boy was such a good baby, except when it came to sleep. He was up every 2 hours, honestly, sometimes more. I finally decided something had to change and hired Kiley Pickett. I was so worried about how the transition to teaching him to sleep would go but Kiley was amazing!!! She provided so much support and helped me to be so confident during this journey. My little guy was sleeping through the night after just a couple days, and our bond has gotten so much stronger and I can’t thank her enough. If you are on the fence about hiring her, do it.”

Sarah K.

8 Months Old – Tampa, FL

Ready to Reclaim Your Nights?

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Not Sure Where To Start?

Download our free resources, designed to for you to learn simple strategies you can start using tonight, for every age and stage with littles. 


5 Common Mistakes

Learn the 5 most common mistakes parents make with sleep, what to change & exactly how to implement those changes to reset rest.


Is It Naptime Yet?

Build a sample nap and bedtime schedule for every age and stage that helps promote long naps and sleeping through the night.


All The Guides

View our complete library of sleep education, downloadable guides and resources to tackle newborn, infant & toddler sleep struggles. 

Courses & 1:1 Sleep Coaching Programs

Give your family the gift of sleep and feel confident in parenting with our self-paced coaching programs or our private sleep coaching solutions.

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Sleep Steps

Our unique all-inclusive sleep coaching membership program. Receive coaching with the team, a robust video library, written plans & more in our amazing community. Appropriate for children ages 0-4, monthly sleep coaching subscription & no cry it out!

Private Sleep Consulting

1:1 Support

Work privately with a Certified Sleep Coach on our Slumber Squad for yourself, or your little one struggling with sleep. Each team member brings unique value to your sleep journey. We bring the best and brightest in the space to the team to meet all of your  needs and have locations across the U.S.

Join thousands of parents who have transformed their lives with Tiny Transitions. For questions or more information, contact us.

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