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As parents, we are at a crossroads. The old mindset that you can’t or won’t sleep for the next 18 years is deeply flawed, archaic and costly to your health. Our clients want to sleep, but many have been unable to solve their children’s sleep issues on their own. So, as a nationally recognized Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I created the Slumber Made Simple℠ Program - a sleep coaching framework for gentle, effective and long-lasting sleep that works for your family.

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The Slumber Made Simple™ Podcast features interviews with the most brilliant sleep minds, celebrity influencers and fellow Slumber Made Simple℠ who are rocking the world of sleep and will leave you inspired to re-write the rules of parenting.

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Taking the parenting world by storm. Courtney provides listeners humorous, refreshingly real and brilliant insights on how to build a healthy sleeper for life. Courtney interviews the most brilliant parenting minds, mommy bloggers, and former sleep-deprived parents to help you accelerate your path to sleep sanity. If you are looking for NO BS advice, actionable strategies and proven tips, you are in the right place.

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Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel and get sleep working for your family? I’ve created a very short crash course that explains the concept behind the Slumber Made Simple™ Philosophy and shares how to get started implementing the Slumber Made Simple™ Process to begin sleeping today.

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When Can I Night Wean?
When Can I Night Wean?

When Can I Night Wean? I get asked this question a lot, and I have two answers for you about night weaning. My first answer is going to be a clinical one. If your child’s six months or older, gaining weight as expected, and your…

Surviving Sleep Regressions
Surviving Sleep Regressions

It’s here, the dreaded sleep regression – and things were going so well. You finally got baby on a loose ‘schedule,’ they were going down well for naps, sleeping through the night and then BOOM, sleep sucks again. This is commonly when I hear from…

Toddler Nightmares & Bedtime Stalling
Toddler Nightmares & Bedtime Stalling

Toddlers are fascinating little humans, aren’t they? Watching them develop into thinking, creative little people is such a fascinating time, and one that parents often wish would last a little longer. The innocence and genuine curiosity I love. The toddler bedtime can be a battle…