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Parents often try countless 'methods' or 'tactics' to get their children going down to sleep without protest, stop them from waking in the night and have them napping with ease, only do reach out to us at a point of sheer exhaustion, frustration and confusion.

It is information overload today. Advice from family and friends, Google, mom groups on social media, all giving conflicting advice as to what the right thing is to do.

That Stops here.

We take the guesswork out of it and provide the education and step-by-step customized solutions, to ensure success that happens quickly and lasts forever.

What they say

This is what some of our clients told us about their experience with Tiny Transitions and the results they achieved from it.
After the first week following Courtney's strategy, our daughter slept thru the night every night. She has not had an issue since. She is napping on a schedule and adjusts when her schedule changes. She is also sleeping thru the night with no issue. It is a life saving item for my wife and I.


11 Months

Clare’s transformation is unbelievable. We took our eyes off her for one second yesterday and she was sitting in the empty bath-tub because she realized it was “night time” outside and it was “bath time!” She leads us through the routine now and it’s so painless. And she doesn’t require us to stay in the room at all as she fell asleep. She’s also so much happier during the day.


2.5 Years Old

I believe that this is the best investment that I've made on my child to date. The turnaround was MIRACULOUS. Now my daughter is almost 2 and is an EXPERT sleeper. It has made such a positive impact on our life to have a child that sleeps consistently through the night and takes naps. I feel like we've been set up for success!


6 Months

Courtney is amazing. We have twins and she put together a plan before we started sleep training. This was a personalized multi step /mullti phase plan. We followed it and she advised us along the way. Our twins now sleep through the night. Our plan didn’t just have night time sleep, but also included naps.She is the best and will work with you and your situation.

William & Anna

Newborn Twins

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