Hi, I’m Kiley Pickett

Sr. Pediatric Sleep Consultant from Huntsville, AL

Kiley Pickett, a renowned Pediatric Sleep Coach, Occupational Therapist, and devoted advocate for transforming the sleep habits of toddlers using a unique blend of clinical expertise and gentle parenting methods.

With a deep understanding of child development and behavior, Kiley seamlessly integrates her background as an Occupational Therapist into her specialized practice as a toddler sleep coach. By focusing on nurturing daytime behaviors, she lays the essential groundwork for fostering healthier sleep patterns, empowering both toddlers and parents alike.

Her compassionate yet highly effective strategies are finely tuned to meet the individual needs of each toddler, creating a supportive environment where healthy sleep habits naturally flourish.

Through her clinical work and unwavering dedication, Kiley Pickett continues to make a profound impact on the lives of families, empowering them to embrace peaceful nights and joyful days with confidence and ease. 

Here’s how my journey to sleep consulting all started. I loved my son, but I was AFRAID of him.  My anxiety had no limits.

I had everything perfectly planned out.  I didn’t need any help and I didn’t want ANY visitors. Please, share a laugh with me as I tell you how it actually went down. Breastfeeding and sleep deprivation took over and I was a complete mess. I needed (and wanted) all the help I could get.  My son would scream for hours, there was no peace in our home.  I had slipped into postpartum depression and to this day, I know it was due to severe sleep deprivation.  

Teaching Nakoa how to sleep quite literally saved my life.  When we established healthy sleep habits, he turned into a different child. We got our peaceful home back and we are all thriving. My goal in life is to give parents the precious gift of rest.  Being well rested isn’t a “luxury”; It’s a requirement. It’s impossible to pour from an empty cup.  To be the best mom or dad you can possibly be, you have to take care of yourself.

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Nurturing Daytime Behaviors for Better Sleep Using Gentle Parenting and Montessori Techniques Kiley Pickett - Sleep Coach Alabama
Kiley Pickett, OT and Toddler Sleep Coach in Huntsville, AL
Sample Schedule Generator - 3 and 4 months old nap schedule

Haley, 9 Months, Charleston, SC

Kiley has been helping me for about two weeks now. I couldn’t get my daughter out of my bed. Ferber failed, rocking and feeding to sleep failed. We thought she would be in there forever! Within just the first few days, my daughter was putting herself to sleep by herself for the first time in her life. I can now put her in her crib for nap or bedtime and she will fall asleep within 5 minutes. It has been so hard and Kiley gives you her support every second of the day! She is judgment-free and creates your sleep plan based on your comfort levels, and what your baby can handle. I always feel heard when I come to her with any and all concerns.

Kiley gave me and my husband our lives back, we are completely and fully rested. Our relationship has already improved, just in two weeks! If you’re going to choose someone, CHOOSE KILEY!!!

Emily, 4 Months, Huntsville, AL

I am a part of the Facebook group Rested as a Mother. It has been such a huge help! Kylie gives great tips and provides great opportunities for conversations with her as well as other moms. We hired Kylie to help us sleep train our son when he turned 5 months. Best decision ever!!!! The 4-month sleep regression hit hard. My boy was waking every 2 hours and was so difficult to get down. He wanted to nurse for every nap and only napped 30-40 minutes. After a few days working with Kylie, he started putting himself to bed and only waking once a night to eat! Now he puts himself to sleep for naps and is on a schedule of taking 3 1 hour naps! My husband and I feel so much better with more rest. I’m able to be a better wife and mother and I finally feel like I’m back to myself. We are so grateful to Kylie!

Katie, 6 Months Old, Birmingham, AL

Kiley has been so helpful so far! Our boy is only 6 weeks but she’s helped us find a good routine and starting to create good sleep habits for when our baby is older. I’ve learned so much already from her!

Amanda, 6 Months Old, New Orleans, LA

Our sleep consultant Kiley has literally changed our life as a mommy and daddy. Our little girl was 6 months and still waking between 1-2 times a night. After our second night of working with Kiley, she had our baby sleeping through the night! Hands down the best money ever spent – we will forever be thankful for Kiley’s help getting our family well rested!

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