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How much should a newborn sleep? Should I put my newborn on a sleep schedule? When will they sleep more?

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They are almost here! 
I am guessing that you are….
Scared. How will I know what they need?
Unsure. How much do they need to eat in a 24 hour period?
Overwhelmed. How many naps should my newborn take a day?
Tired. Will their days and nights eventually align?

Answers to these questions don’t always come naturally and you need some help… that’s where we come in. Tiny Transitions is here to support you during those first few weeks and well into the future so you can feel confident in your parenting and the sleep foundation you are creating for your little bundle of joy.

Let Us Help You Sleep. 

Healthy Sleep Habits start at birth, so what do you those first few months will impact your sleep training success down the road.  With the right balance, approach, and education, you can create a foundation for lifelong and restorative sleep for your little bundle of joy and your entire family.  Below I’ve included a list of our customizable sleep coaching options and the packages we have available.

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Expecting Parents Sleep Programs

Coaching and Support to Help Parents Prepare for Baby

* Pricing is based on the level of consultant you wish to work with. All consultants are certified and have proven experience in coaching children to sleep success. You are in great hands with any consultant you choose.

“We are so thankful for the guidance from Tiny Transitions. Our daughter is 6 weeks old and already sleeping 7+ hours a night. They say babies don’t come with a manual. But that’s a bunch of malarkey because Tiny Transitions was our manual when it came to newborn sleep and told us exactly that to do. We started seeing results very quickly. Of course we hit a few dumpster fires along the way, but they were right there to help us figure it out. My husband and I both most likely would have killed each other if we didn’t have her to guide us haha! We can’t thank her enough!”

– Kristin, Chicago, IL

Thrive Global

If sleep has evaded your family for too long,  it’s time for us to chat. 

We’ll create the individualized plan you need to turn your sleepless nights around.