As a new parent, I lived by a schedule for my baby. I wanted Max to take longer naps and sleep through the night and I knew that started with the right nap schedule. Every day, I watched his ques, balanced his day with naps that were independent in his crib, and also supported, sometimes driving for the nap or walking around Target. As the weather broke, we would walk 2-3 times a day, which for me was also sanity. In today’s blog, I wanted to share sample nap schedules by age, so you could 1, bookmark this page and two, have a structure and flow for each stage as a new parent. I hope these samples help you as much as they help my clients.

Newborn Schedule

3 Month Old Schedule

4 Month Old Schedule

5 Month Old Schedule

6 - 12 Month Old Schedule

+13 Month Old Schedule


As a sleep consultant, I see a variety of babies who are struggling to sleep through the night, take good independent naps, and settle independently for sleep. While it is important to balance naps and the right schedule for your baby, it is also important to teach them how to fall asleep without your help. If you have questions about your child’s sleep or are looking to understand how a sleep consultation might help you, I encourage you to set up a free sleep consultation with me or a certified pediatric sleep consultant on my team. Remember, sleep is the foundation for which the house is built.

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