Episode 37- Beauty in Parenting with Aparna Venkataraman
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  • Sample Scheduled for every stage of naps to adjust with ease
  • Understanding how to adjust and how long it will take to go back to “normal”

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Welcome to the kids sleep show, where we help tired parents from around the world to get their children to fall asleep independently, sleep through the night and build healthy sleep habits for life. I’m your host, Courtney Zentz. Now let’s sleep together. Right? We are now live. Hello, everybody. Happy Tuesday. It’s Courtney Zentz. Here, obviously welcome to all of those new members of the group. We’ve had quite a few folks joined this week. And so I am joined today by a special guest, I do training Tuesdays, and I love to have different guests in the parenting realm, come out and talk to all of you. Catch it live, catch it on the replay. As you have questions, feel free to pop those in the comment. And I’ll also make sure that our guest today is in there as well to answer any questions that come up from a follow up standpoint. But I appreciate everyone jumping in, I’m just making sure it is pushing out to the group. It is perfect. Alright, so let me introduce a partner Ben, and I’m gonna say it wrong venkataraman venkataraman. Say it yourself. I’m sorry, I don’t want to, I don’t want to miss out.
That’s okay. It’s a pirna Vanka trauma, and
then could trauma, okay, four times. But it’s very, very nice to have you in the group. And I wanted to start really just with, from a overall standpoint telling us a little bit about I know you and I’ve had some conversations around the work you’re doing with beauty and parenting and the way in which you work with families and parents and new moms. And I would love to have you introduce yourself and talk a little bit about you and what you do. And you know how you really work to support families, because I think especially in this current pandemic, it is a necessary, unnecessary time for that. So yeah, I’m gonna turn it over and allow you to introduce yourself, the camera will pop up on you, and we can get a little more.
Yeah, so my name is a part of venkatraman. I am the founder of beauty and parenting. I am a parent coach for babies, toddlers and teenagers. And I’m a motivational speaker, a meditation teacher and an essential oils educator. And my main focus with families is on sensory self care, and feeling really relaxed and finding ways that are inspiring and creative to take that time to nurture yourself and honor your needs, and help your child to find that for themselves too. And so it’s about creating that connection, that bond in ways that help you to feel a lot of flow in life and a lot of joy and ease to and so I’m really happy to be here I’ve had 15 years of experience working with families in children’s hospitals and cancer units in neonatal units. I was very premature baby myself growing up. And I have also worked as a toddler teacher in preschools to generally working with infants through three to four year old spezza, a toddler teacher, and I’ve also worked in nonprofits like child advocacy centers, and the Boys and Girls Club and other areas to where we’re really, I’m really having that one on one interaction with parents and the stresses of daily life no matter what their income level is, no matter where they are in life, no matter how many children they are, or if they’re suffering, you know, from grief and things like that, too. But it’s really lovely to be able to continually meet parents worldwide right now doing what I’m doing and helping them through this pandemic, and what’s going on in their worries and back to school. And for the rest of the year too. So I’m really happy to be here so we can focus on sleep and I love the group I love all of you Hi to everyone who is watching out there who watches the replay I really adore you Courtney and and all that you’re doing and helping families to get more sleep and rest and, and everything.
Well, I appreciate it. And I know personally self care for me is something that frankly, I think as a mom, we all sort of let go we all let it fly out the window and how do I know? Yeah. And that was the first thing for me where, you know, I’ve kind of gone back to aspects of self care. And I think too often self care is portrayed as I have to go to the spa or I have to get my nails done. And you know, like I literally just got my hair done today, but it’s been since March and I’m like yeah, that did feel good. You know, but for me, sometimes self care is like honey, I need 20 minutes. I’m gonna go sit in the backyard. I’m gonna stare at the grass and don’t come outside. I want to listen to the brain. Yeah, take some deep breaths and like, just connect a little bit with like my own mindset because it’s such a chaotic time for everybody. You know, I think that you know, taking the time for ourselves as moms and dads respectively right to connect and reconnect with ourself and in a way that doesn’t necessarily again have to be like out and about. It could be just taken some time to do some breaths. But, you know, I think with our kids too, they’re feeling an excessive amount of stress. And I’ve had a lot of different folks on the past few weeks talking about this, because I frankly, I just think you need to hear about it and understand that there are practitioners like you that offer things that are supported in children that are young, right, I know that you had mentioned kind of the younger age and then teens. And yeah, it is, you know, at such a young age, even when we first connected, I’m like, tell me a little bit more, which I would love for you to tell the group about just a little bit of the work most of my clients are kind of under the age of five, predominantly, I do work with families that have children in elementary school and such but predominantly, it’s, it’s, you know, a challenge that new parents are facing. But I’d love for you to tell folks a little bit more about just the way in which you work with children in the way that you can bring self care and mindfulness and connection in a turbulent time for kids that are still struggling to kind of process independence, the leaving being a baby and turning into a toddler and then turning, like little human that’s, you know, growing up with their own thoughts and opinions. So I would love for you to talk a little bit about that, cuz I’m just so fascinated with what you do, and the way which you can connect with the little ones. To me, I just think is so amazing. And especially the parents who, frankly, like we don’t know, like I I am No, I mean, I do this for a living, but like I struggle in certain points from like, I need to find an expert for this. Yeah. Because I’m, I have a gap here with my you know, my daughter, my son are trying to teach like confidence and stuff
with little kids. And yes,
I think we all even as parent educators, like struggle in some capacity. So I would love for you to talk a little bit about that, and the infant and you know, kind of baby side. Do I think it’s so cool? Yeah. Oh, man,
it’s it’s a lot about mindset. A lot about mindset is what I love to focus on too. And the ways that we’re dealing with our thoughts in the mornings, our negative thoughts and our to do lists and also working through, I was gonna say something working through the ways that we are lighting ourselves up, the ways that we’re lighting ourselves up, are we, you know, are we using sensory activities in our day that we’re, we’re, you know, we’re touching things, we’re smelling things like an oil or sand, we’re really being present with what’s going on in our lives, too. And so, a lot of what I do, I actually I work with a lot of parents whose children are having focus issues right now, too, we’re spending so much time in front of screens, with zoom calls and with, with the phone and things like that, as well, that we are losing our focus and being able to have that attention span with our child, or our younger children too. And so with parents of babies going through, you know, going through a lot of postpartum and things like that, there’s the there’s the urge to, to numb ourselves and to, and to spend time on the screens too. And to really, really just feel very small, and very, very lacking that sense of confidence to one we’re learning about our child, we’re learning about ourselves, and what our body is going through and those kinds of things too. And so we’re moving towards toddlerhood, which I mean, people, I think, you know, it can go up to age four. But I generally think of it as like one and a half to three, based on what I’ve taught, but it’s beautiful to see that transition to a child who is verbal, and a child who you know, is walking and talking a child who is communicating their needs. And I was just thinking the other day about love languages, and about, you know, the ways that we’re communicating verbally and non verbally with our children, and the ways that we’re giving off stress and things like that, too. So I love to be on zoom calls with parents, and sometimes their children to and find, you know, find things like yoga poses, find things like essential oils, find things like a meditative practice, or, you know, going through a short guided meditation or breathwork practice where we’re, we’re focusing on the tension in the body and the ways that we can relieve stress there. And noticing our triggers that come up for all of us in so many ways that can be from social media that can be through our child crying, that can be through a partner coming in with, you know, during a time where we want to have that break in life too. And obviously, with teenagers, it’s a whole other world of really communicating and really finding practices and rituals that feel good while you’re, you’re helping a child to dive deeper into their passions, into their careers into their goals and into those kinds of things too, but with sleep, I am someone who has struggled with sleep in my life, throughout my career as being you know, becoming an entrepreneur a couple of years ago. And shifting from being a school, being in a school surrounded by 200 people every day to being an entrepreneur, noticing the quiet of it developing a mind, you know, a mindfulness practice and meditation practice of my own that felt good and that other people may not have understood for myself care, but developing a practice that worked for me. And knowing that, subconsciously in my environment, was triggering a lot of things, if I was having a cluttered bedroom, if I was having bedsheets that weren’t comfortable, if I wasn’t putting the phone away, you know, if I wasn’t putting the phone away, or at least putting it face down to so I didn’t have the urge to, you know, to notice how it was lit up. just noticing the ways that my mind would go towards, you know, all the anxiety of the next day, all the anxiety of the rest of the week, or something big coming up and journaling out my thoughts. And really sitting in or even having a discussion with family members. before bed, that was good. That was a nice, quiet, grounded discussion instead of something stressful, too. Those are the ways that I found have been really, really helpful to me so that it’s clearing my thoughts for the day. And I’m tying I’m tying up that knot at the end of the day, any loose ends. And in the mornings, I you know, I have a list of things to do on the phone. And I’m just going through it I’m getting you know, I’m doing the easiest things first, in my day, but I’m making sure to honor my needs. You know, as a as an entrepreneur, as somebody, you know, who’s dealt with really stressful family situations, especially this year.
It’s very easy for me, especially as an empath, and as a highly sensitive person to take on stress, to really feel out in my body to feel low. And to have a lot of these negative thoughts. And then to compare myself on social media is, you know, I’ve been really cutting back on social media, I think that’s, that’s the one place where I try not to check if I’m not having a good day, I try not to spend a lot of time endlessly scrolling, it’s so easy to, especially as we’re in quarantine, but I am really noticing where my thoughts go. And, you know, how I can honor how I want to feel, setting an intention for all i want to feel in my day, and helping, you know, helping my family members to do that to, to do that to through, you know, through other people’s stresses right now during COVID. So, those are some of the ways that I’ve been I’ve been working with families or working with myself to be honest. Yeah,
yeah, that’s great. I we use a zoo animal as I’ve talked a lot about rube and I love it. And you know, so every night we start bedtime with a guided meditation with my kids, it walks us through it. It’s wonderful. And then I try to ask a you know, we try to sit down for dinner, and we have definitely been able to do it more now with everything going on. There’s no sports or anything. My husband’s still in the office. I obviously work from my home office. But yeah, I’ll pick the kids up today. For example, from summer camp, we’ll get home we’ll probably go swimming or something. And, you know, but I try to set that intention of like, okay, at dinner, we’re going to talk like, tell me something I don’t always just say How was your day? Because I feel like that can so easily be it was good, you know? You know, that’s like a yes, no answer. Try to ask something. Like, tell me something that was new. You did tell me something you were I love
also gratitudes and dinner actually verbally expressing something great that happened today, something you didn’t expect some kind of random act of kindness, something like that. That helps you to feel good at the end of the day. And we know that Yeah,
gratitude journal, I keep it in my kid’s room, I should go grab it, because it’s wonderful. It is every day different exercises. And again, tell me something you’re grateful for, you know, my daughter’s four. So she’s kind of like starting to learn but she understands. I mean, for her gratefulness right now is the fact that I gave her like Pirate’s Booty, but you know, whatever, if she finds value in that, like I’ll take, you know, understanding the concept, but my son is starting to grasp, like, things aren’t free work for what we have, you know, especially recently, like my kids see me working all the time. I’m up at 5am and I’m working but that’s when I work and then between like seven and eight, I get them to daycare or camp or school or whatever. And I work till five and I pick them up and they you know, they don’t understand it. Like during quarantine mommy was home but not it wasn’t present, you know. And so I’m really trying to make sure they understand to to be grateful for the fact that like mommy and daddy can work like not every parent has that benefit, right? And really, you know, make sure that they understand I think to your point gratefulness is something we’re really working on as a family, you know, and so something new.
So there’s been a series that what what also feels really great is having a nice big gratitude jar. And taking paper or whatnot, just writing out writing out your gratitudes. And then having different family members pick it out and pick out someone else gratitude and also saying it and you know, talking through it, but guessing who, who has written what to, is really, it’s just a really lovely practice. Because it’s nice there cisely Nice to see family members writing things out writing nice things out, not just waiting until like a thing you know, you’d like a thank you card or something. But doing something that doesn’t involve just hopping on a screen, or an iPod or list, you know, putting putting the earbuds on, and actually making that eye contact with somebody too, while you’re eating growing up, we weren’t really a family that sat around together at the dinner table, we would be in our own places, the food would be one place, maybe my parents would sit together British children, we did not and non till special occasions when everyone was here, and we were getting dressed up. But that’s just sometimes a really nice little icebreaker. In the middle of your week, in the mid, you know, in the middle, the end of a stressful day, something that you can do. And then do the jars, there could be a box or somebody like anything like that, but it’s there and you can see it. And it’s just a nice object, a nice remembrance of the good things in life.
I kind of love that too, for even the conversation at the dinner table around, like what the topic of the night should be. So maybe have everybody write some questions that they want. And then every night somebody gets to pick,
yeah, what the topic is, you know, so it’d be like, you know, one night could be something fun that my son would probably write, which is like, what’s your favorite ice cream? And why or right? You know, like, if you could be a flower, like sometimes we’ll play the like, if you could be a flower, which flower would you be and why. And we do that when we’re driving a lot and such. So yeah,
you know, trying to pick like either, Vijay.
But then also like the rationale behind why they chose that, you know, like we did one where I said, Would you be a caterpillar or a butterfly and my kids both chose caterpillar. And I actually said butterfly because I could fly around. Yeah. And I get to eat pollen, and they equate pollen to sugar. And they’re like, Oh, we get sugar all day like flies too. So it’s kind of funny, because they like to change their mind. Yeah, yeah, but just things like that. You know, I mean, I think again, different sense of connection. But you know,
something, something I’ve been doing with my parents, especially right now in quarantine is finding new ways to take food that we’ve grown our garden, and coming up with new recipes to do that, you know, because we will make like pastas or curries or Indian food or things like that out of it. But just coming up with new recipes together as a family, when we were you know, you know, when we weren’t a family that would cook together even, you know, growing up, it would be nutritionally the like my grandmother, my mother would do that too. But finding ways to cook together is a lovely sensory activity. And for toddlers, especially men, you can bake bread, you can make mini pizzas, you can have a day where you’re just doing a little taste test with different types of like cheeses or fruits or something like that, noticing the textures, those kinds of things to where you’re not always having to go out and get a ton of new things or buy a new toy or watch a new program, but you’re using things in your home, or in nature or in wherever you are, and where you know where you go. And you’re re exploring them in a way that just yeah, that that helps the child to learn, in essence and that self too. But yeah, I mean, toddlers are very, one of the reasons why I loved working with toddlers, they’re so presence there. So in the moment, and sometimes too, too much of a decree, but they’re just very, like, very, very, you know, needing needing that exploration time, needing that exploration time needing that sense of connection sometimes, you know, it is they do want with like a love language, they do want an act of service, they want to be helped. Or sometimes they you know, want to hug sometimes they have something to say too. And so it’s lovely to explore if your child is becoming more verbal, exploring the ways that your child asks for things. You know, what helps them get what helps to calm them down at nighttime, I mean, after working with I think maybe 30 4050 toddlers, you know, with bedtime. Every toddler had their own unique little routine, I think the same way I don’t want to do I need my oils and I can’t do the same for everybody else in the household. But it could be something like having a century toy, it could be doing a nice little breathwork exercise of you know, releasing that anger and that stress and placing a hand on the heart and then and then exhaling and visualizing blowing a balloon or a flower or something that they understand and they know of it. It’d be dimming the lights and picking an oil for the diffuser, that they like a scent that they like, if they’re verbal. You know, it could be drawing something out, going back to their little coloring book or like, a parent can dictate what the child’s saying. And just like writing out, what they want to say it could be a story could be swaddling, a lot of the toddlers that I work with with naptime. They love to be held, they love to make it even be like just stroking the hair, getting a child’s hair, just having that, that. That sense of soothing, and that sense of touch, can be really lovely, to help to help a child to relax, too. So that’s basically you know, that’s with coaching with what I do, that’s a lot of helping the parent to go off of their intuition. And their routines of what they noticed the child is really enjoying and helping them to relax and get that deeper sense of sleep too. And yeah,
that’s an important point. Like I think as a parent, we, you know, one of the things I talk about is like, right routine should be about 30 minutes, because you can’t have it be too long, right? Yeah, yeah, I understand that there is a definitive like process. Like I tell parents, like don’t do the bath and then go back downstairs and play like that kicks off the bedtime routine. If you’re not going to do a bath, do a warm washcloth to the face. Yeah, only time in the day that you’re signifying, excuse me that like the bedtimes coming but yeah. I think to your point leaning in as a parent and kind of paying attention to what does calm them and what they’re looking for. Like, I think so quickly. We’re like, we’re going to read a book and then we’re going to do our prayers. And then we’re going to brush our teeth.
Yeah, it’s like lights out. That’s it. Yeah. Wait, like, Yeah,
what would you like to do as a part of the routine and like, involving kids in our process, I have a lot of reward charts and such that I’ve posted out in my facebook group on my website, I have tiny transitions.com forward slash tools and a bunch of like, kind of downloads out there for folks. And out there was one of them is like a reward chart, but it lets the parent kind of customize, making the routine fun, but still calming and soothing. And there’s like components there sort of a must have, like brush your teeth. But then, you know, it incorporates the children to say like, would you prefer a song tonight? Or a book? Or do you want to lead the prayer? Or do you want me to sometimes two options,
you know, it’s really, really, really lovely for a toddler, because their routine, you know, they, it changes to I mean, sometimes they want to pick the music or something that they want to listen to, sometimes they want to like I said, pick the oil. Sometimes they want to pick a new blanket or something or that day for that day to or like a little pillow or
my dog stuffies
or stuffies or like a like a could be a Binky. pacifier, things like that.
We just got my aunt actually picked up a lava lamp which I don’t know I’m I was born in 81. So
a lava lamp item like colored squirrels. Yeah.
And so she got one. She got it for me, but I’m almost 48 so I while I appreciated the gesture. It’s okay.
It’s okay. Courtney Fisher still your guilty pleasure. It’s okay.
My daughter’s rooms now nyjah. Can I have the lava lamp on and like not hurting anything and you’re still sleeping fine. So it’s funny. And then it’s funny because I have like all my oils like I can they know they’re in my drawer, my desk because every day I’m like, Do I want lavender motivation awaken this brew I made with peppermint. They come in and they put essential oils on their stuffies. pretending that they smell good. And then they lay down and it puts them in a like sensitive, I don’t know, a different place for zone. Yeah, aroma therapy. Like that’s what it is, you know, and I’m, like, I know a lot of people, you know, we kind of feel one way or another about it. There’s no right or wrong. It’s just for our family. Like that’s worked beautifully. Like I have, you know, I just put some on now I have a diffusing in the office but moisture in the air. But it does. It gives me that sense of like, Ah, you know, and I think it’s important for kids to have that too. And whatever it is, whether it’s that the book, the choice, the oil, the you know, just again, the empowerment like I talked to a lot of parents it’s not when you work with babies like I would call that sleep training, right? Like you’re you’re really shifting basically behaviors frankly, that that habits that have many times kind of creeps their way in you were rocking to sleep, you’re still rocking to sleep, that’s a problem, right?
we got to fix the rocking if you don’t want to rock anymore, right? But then when you get into this like 18 months and up even I’ve seen it frankly in children as young as 12 months where they actually are very intelligent with like what’s going on in this situation. But where it changes from like what I would call sleep training to a behavior modification, right like children are causing effective and like if I know I do x and get y Hmm, I’m gonna do X to get Y and sometimes as parents, like, we got to look at that and go, what are they looking for? Right? Like I just finished with a client who was a hair twirler mom’s hair for 90 minutes every night at bedtime. Mm hmm. And she was just looking for connection to mom. And I said to Mom, I’m like, Well, what? Like, when did this start? what triggered it? You know what, like, and you know, we kind of traced it back to like, COVID because she’s home, but she’s not really home because she’s working and the daughter felt like, what the heck, I’m getting shafted because you’re not Yeah, you know, you’re here, but you’re not here. Yeah. And, you know, it got worse for the daughter was doing anything she could to like, hold on to mom. And I’m like, Okay, we got to like, readjust and do some very deliberate one on one time with mom, very deliberate one on one time with dad. And again, like 1015 minutes a day is all you need to like, just no tablets. No TVs like to sit on the floor and connect, you know, and I am trying to do that everyday with my kids now and like this morning at 715 my daughter’s like, can you pay my nails? I’m like, I get pleasure or whatever it was I put some glitter on her nails. But it was just her and I connecting you know, and she loves that. And like the other night she was like, Mommy, can I do your makeup? Like, okay, whatever, you know,
you like? Yeah, you have to know that even if it’s like a weird time or a strange ask or a random thing. Children thrive off of those pockets of time. That are like, yeah, this is my real connection time with with my parents or my sibling or whomever. And that I made that little that little bit of time makes a huge difference in their day.
it really does. Yeah,
it’s amazing. I mean, tell me a little bit about so I know, you had mentioned that you’re doing like a toddler focus group with moms like tell us. We spoke a little bit about it. But I want to learn more about why you decided to do and you know what, what it is and like, you know what the folks know, there’s going to be certainly folks that are watching live or watching on the replay. So
yes, so I just launched yesterday, the joyfully abundant mamas membership community, and it starts the second week of August. And it’ll be it’s a group for 10 toddler moms worldwide. And I wanted to make it worldwide so that toddler moms especially can reach out and connect and meet other other moms who are in the same boat as them who are dealing with the same kinds of worries and fears and things right now. As we you know, as we continue on this year, and of quarantine, and heading back to school and all that all these transitions, but I want to make a joyfully abundant, because that’s that’s who I am, as a coach, I’m a joyful, I’m a joyful person in life. But I’m just setting the granite to say a lot of things come up. But I practice and work really hard. I’m being a joyful person. And so when I’m helping, you know, when I’m helping other moms, when I’m helping them to thrive and feel lifted up, it’s really beautiful because they you know, they fall on their plates, they’re working a lot on self regulation and on tantrums and meltdowns and, you know, their child being verbal and eating enough, and all all sorts of things. And I want them to have a place where it’s not just about parenting, it’s about them and honoring their needs, first and foremost. So twice a month, we’ll be meeting for 30 minutes on zoom together, and it’ll be recorded. And we’ll just get to connect. And we will you know, there’ll be a monthly journaling prompt, or we’ll talk about a different theme each month, the first theme in August is on self care. And then we’ll go through my process called sent which is self care. She is for communication and boundaries. He is for exploring emotions, and is for noticing celebration. And T is for truth and the bigger picture and the vision of what you want to see for your family. So that’s my process with coaching. And I wanted to have it in this mastermind kind of membership, too. And I did I created it for 10 parents because they each have their own personal time to really find those solutions that they need to and it’s not just sorting through a myriad of opinions and not being able to find something they really had that that special bond and connection to. And you know, who knows, who knows, maybe they’ll meet other people who are more local to them as well. But it’s just it’s it’s I am someone who I love meeting people worldwide every day. It’s awesome to meet. I just met somebody from Australia yesterday. And I’m excited to get to know them better to in their mindfulness practice. And so it’s Yeah, so it’s going to be happening through the rest of the year and beyond. We add in more moms, but for right now it’ll be 10 toddler moms and there’ll be bonuses of one on one coaching and meditation sessions with me too. So you’re really getting that those results that you’re looking for and we can check in on And there will also be surprised guest speakers who will come in on the zoom meetings to I have an arsenal of foreign coaches, I know, you specialize in so many things, and so many different age ranges too. But there’ll be a way to help you pinpoint exactly what you’re needing, and it’s just gonna be a really fun relaxing place that we could all use at this time to community is just beautiful. And I, you know, like I said, Well, you know, we’ll put a link to it, but I just, I just can’t wait to meet all these Mamas and to support them and be there for them like a big mama bear, and to just to just see them connect, and grow and thrive and feel really good.
Good. That’s awesome. I love it. Tell everybody, where can they find you? Obviously, at beauty and parenting
beauty? Yeah. Yeah, you can find me at beauty in parenting calm is the website. And you can also you know, there’s tons of past interviews, information on coaching essential oils, there’s a free common clarity Guide, which we’ll put the link to, once we’re done here, where you can have four breathwork exercises and four essential oil pairings that go with that. And that’s really useful to parents and beyond who love aroma therapy and just need those moments to pause to. And then of course, we’ll put the link to the membership. But yeah, as I said, with the membership, there is a just a one time introductory rate for founding members, since you’ll be starting out launching this membership to. And that’ll just help you where you’ll access all the recordings and everything, all the prompts and everything like that, too that we go through. So I can’t wait. I can’t wait. Courtney, thank you so much for letting me speak on our memberships my first time. Yeah, absolutely. I
appreciate you coming on today. This is I will share for everybody out in the group. I’ll put all the information in and then we will have access to and if any questions come up, you’re obviously in there you can see any of those. And I appreciate you coming on today and enjoy the rest of the beautiful day. Hopefully it’s sunny and warm as it is here in LA. So yeah, I appreciate it and have a beautiful rest of the day. I am so excited to hear how it goes off to pop back in and let me know how the course goes. And then well being in the future. I look forward to sharing beauty and parenting. It’s been awesome connecting with you so far. And I look forward to continuing to do that for many years to come. So
yes, it’s been so wonderful. being here and being able to share with your lovely audience. Courtney, you’re a blessing. I know we talked, we talked before. You’re just amazing. And I’m so inspired by you. And you know if Yeah, any other moms in the group. If you have any questions, just let me know. And of course, we’ll post the links there. But thank you so much for having me today to share.
Your welcome. Thank you very much. Have
a beautiful rest of the day. Have a beautiful day.
All right, thanks. Bye bye. Hold on. One more thing before you go. As a valued listener of the kids sleep show, I want to help you build a great sleep or not just in the times you’re listening to the show. But all day every day. Every week of the year. I have a new Facebook group called slumber Made Simple. It’s a place to gather with other parents looking for sleep support,
laughs and the latest in sleep research to build a family that is rested and at their best
day in and day out. If you want to be part of the community where you can get free sleep support, weekly training sessions, unbelievable content and so much more. Head on over to tiny transitions.com forward slash community. That’s tiny transitions.com forward slash community or head over to Facebook and search slumber Made Simple. drop me a note and let me know when you join. I can’t wait to see you there.

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