What to Expect: The Best Baby Sleep Training Course for Your Family

Apr 2, 2024

iIt’s 2am, baby still isn’t sleeping through the night and you have found us. You are ready to sleep train your baby and make sure they are getting the sleep they need to be their best. But….there are so many courses, sleep consultants and sleep training methods, it’s hard to tell them apart. We understand and have created this summary of the most popular and effective sleep training courses on the market today for you to decide which program is best for your family, based on babies ages, toddler tantrums and your parenting style.

Lets dive into the top 5 best baby sleep traning courses and programs from the perspective of your resident infant and toddler sleep coach here at Tiny Transitions – so you can select what’s best for your family dynamic, their personality and your goals.

#5: The Sleep Sense Method

The Sleep Sense Program, created by Dana Obelman is a course for sleep training children and is positioned for the first 2 years of life. You have three program options, ranging from $129 -$299, based on the desired level of suppport with forum access and messaging support. The program does not have access to any live coaching calls or webinars with a sleep coach, but you can choose to pay to work with a Certified Sleep Consultant from her team for an additional charge.

#4: The Sleep Lady Shuffle

The Sleep Lady, AKA, Kim West has been a pioneer in the Baby & Toddler Sleep Coaching space and someone who I work closely mentoring her new Certified Sleep Consultants launching their own businesses to support tired families much like you. Kim has designed her programs around the space a child is sleeping in: babies in the crib or toddlers in a bed. In the Gentle Sleep Training Course, you get a written plan, the course library and a single 45 minute call with a coach for $247 – so you can be prepared on your sleep training journey.

#3: Little Z’s Sleep Coaching Course

Little Z’s was founded by Becca Campbell and is another great option for families looking for a baby sleep training course that’s open to purchase individually at every age and stage, from newborn to infants and through toddllers. The self-paced programs start around $129 for the course and go up to $289 if you wish to include coaching and support in the program. 

#2: Taking Cara Babies

The Taking Cara Babies course is undoubtably the most well-know if the baby and toddler sleep training space. With her programs started at $129 up to $249 for the bundle of newborn, infant & toddler sleep traning, you can select the program that’s right for right now, or to have as a back up when the wagon wheels fall off from a sleep regression. For an additional $70 you can purchase 1:1 time for 40 minutes with a Certified Sleep Consultant. 

#1: Sleep Steps 

The Sleep Steps was born out of a huge gap in the market. There are self-paced courses, like many above, or you can hire a private infant & toddler sleep consultant for easily over $700, which for many is cost-prohibitive. Sleep Steps brings together the 3 courses {newborn, infant and toddler} into 1 program, plus the community and weekly live coaching calls, & Q&A support in the forum. The best part, it’s $47 – because Courtney Zentz, the Founder of Sleep Steps wants every family to have access to a quality, evidence-based sleep education at a price you can sleep well with. It never felt right that sleep support was a high-ticket thing. We do offer 1:1 services for those that desire it, but Sleep Steps provides everything families need to successfully sleep train. 

So, there you have it. The top baby and toddler sleep traning programs we see in the market today. When you are in the market for a program, you want to answer these questions. 

  • Does the sleep training program include help along the way or do you need to buy it?

    • Most programs, except Sleep Steps, you have to pay to get to a coach. After 10 years as a Certified Sleep Consultant, the sleep coach is the game changer – because every baby is different and cookie cutter won’t always work. In Sleep Steps, you can join as many coaching calls as you want, they want to be your village. 
  • Do these teach Cry-It-Out Sleep Training:

    • There are only 4 methods to sleep train and every program, book, course or private sleep coaching program is built off those methods. While none state teaching cry-it-out {besides maybe your pediatrician} there is almost always in infants and toddlers tears associated in the process. With newborns, you can still sleep shape them without tears, but after 4 months old, traditional sleep training methodologies will be needed to undo an sleep associations that have been developed. 

  • How Long Does Sleep Training Take?

    • In our experience, newborns you can start to sleep shape through 1-2 weeks with slow deliberate growth. Infants will see drastic improvements in 5-7 days, and after 2 weeks, should be doing great. Toddlers, because it’s more behavior changes vs. “sleep training” {most know how to sleep they are choosing not to because what they want, like you to lay on the floor or you to bring them to your bed} is a shift in resetting of expectations & behavior, so 1-2 weeks when implemented properly. 

So, as you determine the best sleep coaching course or private consulting for your family, we are here to help answer any questions you have. As one of the nations most tenured, experienced and diverse team of sleep experts, we are here to help. You can book a complimentary call and talk through the best program for your family, your budget and your needs.