Hi, Courtney Zentz, the Founder of Tiny Transitions Sleep Coaching & Consulting here. I wanted to take a moment to explain our sleep coaching guarantee – both what it is, and what it isn’t. We understand that hiring a sleep coach for your child is an investment, and we have seen the amazing results that investment has on their physical, emotional and cognitive development. {Yours too!} 

Sadly, we also see people always looking to taking advantage of a situation. We offer this guarantee to make YOU feel confident we are with you, through the illness, daycare off days, visits to grandma, the Amazon driver ringing the doorbell, missing a wake window because of a siblings sporting event. We get it, and we got you. Do the work we tell you, and you will get the results we guarantee. Ignore what we tell you, only half implement, or decide you don’t feel like doing anything, that’s out of our control. Just like anything in life, you get out of it what you put in. 

Clients we want to work with:

Clients committed to the program & working with us to solve their sleep struggles. 

Clients who can pass on working with us:

Clients who are not committed to the program, helping their child sleep or doing the work to get there. 

This is NOT a get-out-of-jail-free card where you pay us, we provide everything and then you ask for your money back because you don’t feel as though you now wish to implement sleep coaching.

If that’s your intent, we don’t need or want your business.

We are the best sleep coaching company in the country and stand by that reputation and our results.

We are committed if you are committed and our 100+ 5 star Google Reviews prove that. We look forward to chatting more about it with you, should you have questions. 

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