Episode 59- Self Care with Julia Hickman
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  • Sample Scheduled for every stage of naps to adjust with ease
  • Understanding how to adjust and how long it will take to go back to “normal”

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Welcome to the kids sleep show, where we help tired parents from around the world to get their children to fall asleep independently, sleep through the night and build healthy sleep habits for life. I’m your host, Courtney Zentz. Now let’s sleep together. Hi, everyone. Thanks so much for joining. I’m excited to have a special guest here today, especially with the holidays in full swing. And I want to chat all about health, wellness and fitness with Miss Julia Hickman she is right now the owner and manager of the victims tribe. And we’ll be talking to us all about self care for career professional moms, for all moms for anyone who, especially right now is in need of some support. So I want to welcome Julia, thank you so much for joining me on the show today.
Hi, Courtney. I’m so happy to be here today. And I’m looking forward to having this chat with you. I know that this time of year can be pretty hectic and stressful for for many of us, especially moms just trying to do all the things. So yeah, I’m excited to be here.
Well, awesome. I look forward to it. And you know, this time of year, I think it brings out honestly the best in many people, you’re in that jolly state, I feel like for weeks on end, you know, kind of kicks off at Thanksgiving. And then usually on January 2, which happens to be my husband’s birthday here, we says it’s like his worst day of the year, because there’s really not a ton to look forward to, you know, after the holidays are over. Because it’s still pretty cold in most parts of the states. And, you know, I feel like St. Patty’s Day is the first real thing we have here to go after. But, you know, in the work that you do with families and with parents, and specifically career oriented moms, like tell us a little bit about the holiday time. And I know it’s kind of that time of jolly and abundance, but also the time for some time some unhealthy choices. And I would love your perspectives on, you know, just in the way you work and support women in the space. And during this time, what are a couple tips that you would recommend, you know, as we’re in the full holiday swing and what it looks like to to stay on track with your fitness goals with your self care goals, and really some things that are important to busy moms.
Sure, absolutely. So I think that after the year that we’ve had we we all were looking forward to like this time of year, probably more than ever. We’re looking like for celebrations and we’re looking for reasons to, to treat our loved ones to get them gifts to get ourselves gifts maybe. and rightfully so, right. Like you said after after Christmas is over which I feel like the last couple months of the year, they go by so quickly, and then it’s Christmas. And then it’s like, okay, there’s not much there’s not much for a few months. So what I usually hear from a lot of people is that there’s so much stress, like December is just so much it’s so full of stress. And you know, with with the pandemic right now, we can’t truly celebrate the way that we normally probably do, either by visiting family members or having them come to us or traveling. It’s a little hectic right now, as far as our stress levels. So I think that the number one thing we have to be mindful of right now is that is the stress levels. We We can’t let our self care go, we we have to be really aware of, of what’s going on in our heads what’s going on in our minds. Because that that has a huge impact on our on our on our health on our fitness. If our body is hanging on to stress, it’s also going to hang on to to unwanted body fat. So but just also like the mental, that mental health and mental sanity aspect of, of like the self care piece is so important this time of year more than anything else. So I would, I would definitely just want to start off by by mentioning that and making sure that everybody is taking time to just have a few minutes of quiet time with yourself. If not every day, most days of the week. I know as busy parents, sometimes it’s impossible to have like just a little bit of me time but just realize that even five minutes of like meditation or five minutes of just flipping I don’t know if people get magazines anymore, but I still like my magazine. So it’s just five minutes of just like mindlessly scrolling through something that makes you happy. You know. It doesn’t have to be something that’s like an hour long, but something that just puts you in a good mood and in good spirits. It is so so important. Yeah. Now,
it’s interesting you say that because I am guilty of people calm. So I believe the busiest person in the world. And no matter what, one time a day, I find three minutes to go to people calm, just see what’s happening in the like a celebrity. And then I get out of there and I don’t care till the next day, but it’s like my guilty pleasure of I don’t worry anymore or anything. But that’s kind of my guilty pleasure of like, I will always find five minutes to go to people calm and just see what’s happening. So
that counts, that counts as
self care. I
mean, that’s something that that you enjoy, so it counts, it totally counts as self care, self care, you know, has this reputation of being like bubble baths and massages, but doesn’t have to be? Yeah, um, and then now, as far as talking about staying as healthy as you can, thing as fit as you can, through the holidays, it’s, it’s important to plan ahead, because I’m, here is sort of what I’m thinking about as a parent. So I have an almost five year old, and I have, and I have a little baby. She’ll be turning four in December. So she, you know, she, she’s kind of like the the the new thing that I’m figuring out again, after five years.
my son is going to school right now, but I’m mentally preparing myself that, hey, school can be closed, then he’ll be home every day, then my business schedule gets impacted my everyday schedule gets impacted? How do I still do all the things that I need to do? How do I still find that me time? How do I still get my workouts? And how do I still make sure that we are meal planning? And so we have to kind of think ahead as to Okay, what is what are the next several weeks going to be like for me? What, what’s, what’s the potential. And I love to have, like, just sit down once a week, and have that time to like meal prep meal plan, not necessarily meal prep, I’m not really a meal prepper although I do like to cook in batches, because then I can freeze, freeze, you know, we use half freeze the rest. And then I have another couple meals for another night. For those nights where you’re like, Oh my god, I don’t have time to make anything. So you can have something there that’s healthy and waiting for you. And I have to resort to like
mac and cheese right? And I feel like stress eating too, you know, like Yeah, I was seeing all these posts with the election around like I’m stressed eating tonight waiting for the results and stuff I’m stressed eating with the holiday, I’m stress eating with my kids being home from zoom, and I feel like stress eating equals unwanted pounds, right? generally not healthy choices, right? And then you couple it with like the craziness of the holidays and then potentially kids being home or virtual or kind of hybrid back and forth. You know, and I think to your point that meal planning is super helpful and important. I do it on Sundays I sit down and go Alright, like what do I have in the fridge that I can use? So I’m not just buying all new stuff every week and like what’s in the cabinets but then also like, what are healthy options for us, you know, from a from a snacking standpoint, like I try to make some rows there’s like a paleo pecan recipe that I love. It’s candy pecans and it’s maple sugar and coconut sugar with you know, some different seasonings and like for me that’s a go to snack but my kids like it and it’s a little sweet form, but it’s a healthy alternative versus like a cookie.
Right? Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s another thing too this time of year. I know baking is something that a lot of people love to do and it’s fun and you can get your kids involved. Totally fine, right? But then just think about okay what’s going to happen if you have all these cookies that you baked sitting around at the house so if you aren’t going to be baking have a plan Okay, so we’re going to keep you know we’re going to bake for you know, for Auntie Sue we’re going to bake for grandma. You know, try to figure out where the all those cookies are going to go and not have all those cookies at your house. Because then what happens we I know happens to me
too. It’s like okay, I
have all these cookies, I don’t want to throw them out so we got to eat them. Right. So have have a plan and this this also goes to like your your Halloween candy. I always give this tip around the Halloween season
you know, don’t. Don’t keep all that candy in your house because then you’re going to be tempted to go through it. Have a plan, keep some donate the rest. Or even when you’re doing your your buying. Don’t buy all the things that you love. Buy a few of the things that you enjoy, but don’t have this great abundance of a bunch of Things that you might go overboard with. So, yeah, I
think that’s great. We do this switch switch for Halloween. So my kids get all the candy, they can eat whatever crap they want the night of Halloween. And then the next day, they basically get to pick this year they got 11 because my daughter’s a hard bargainer. Normally they get 10. And they pick any 10 things they want from their basket, and then everything else goes to the switch switch, the switch, which takes all the candy and willingly they pick like a toy prior to kind of if they’re interested in this year, they got normies they’re called. So they’re stuffed animals, you can put in the microwave that smell good. And they’re comfy and cozy, super cute, but they love them. So this year, the switch which took the candy got the warm ease, my husband takes all of it to work, and it’s out of the house, you know, and then as like a healthy snack, we make homemade peanut butter cups. So I use dark chocolate that I get at the store that’s like dairy and allergy free, throw in a tiny bit of coconut oil, and then you know, some regular peanut butter that sweetened with a little bit of maple syrup. And I make my own peanut butter cups. And that’s like our go to kind of snack. And it’s not just loaded with like, you know, refined, processed everything. So
we still get the treat aspect of it. But it’s a little bit more controlled and still kind of fun to a bunch of toddlers. So that’s our house and it works good this switch which they like. So that’s worked for us. I hope they continued to have that room.
Yeah, I think that’s something we are going to implement next year. My son, like I said, he’s he’s still young, he’s turning five. But this was really the first year that we actually went trick or treating last year, we only took them took a couple of houses. But this year, he was like very excited about going to as many houses as he could go to. But it’s also important to make sure that we don’t like Personally, I try not to be like oh, like candy is bad. I try not to tell him that it’s bad. I just tried to teach him that there’s healthier snacks. You know, candy is not a snack candy is a you know, something you can have after, after a meal. Like we don’t really want to be snacking on candy and consider candy like regular food. I also don’t want him to have this like mentality of like, oh, candy is so bad, I have to stay away from it. Because then what happens?
I know
something isn’t that bad, then we want it more so. So that’s just something to keep in mind as well as parents. And and yeah, as far as going back to your question about tips for for the season. As far as like fitness. I’m such a big believer, and this is what I teach my clients. You don’t have to do crazy long workouts, you don’t have to have these long exercise sessions. If you’re doing something that is efficient, 10 minutes, as long as you’re consistent,
could give you great results.
So 10 to 20 minutes is what I have my clients do. And it’s just so much more realistic, especially whether it’s the holidays, whether it’s like a crazy week at work. Just for those days, those weeks where we feel like we barely have time for ourselves 10 minutes and you will feel better 10 minutes and you will get your heart rate up. And you will be proud that you did that you did it regardless of maybe not wanting to or feeling like you didn’t have time. So I would give everybody watched, like all the busy moms here watching, I would give you that challenge to just pencil in 10 minutes of exercise most days of the week. And, you know, you’re gonna, you’re gonna feel proud that you that you did it, and it’s more realistic than being like, Okay, I’m going to do a 45 minute workout tomorrow and then you know, try you know, to try to keep that up. During busy weeks, it’s just most likely is not going to be realistic for many of us. Some people can do it, some people have the time, and they have the help, but for many of us just do what you can and be consistent.
I think a good you know, example would be something like 100 squats, you know, like I used to do that like I would do 100 squats one day I would do 100 of something right? So every day I picked 100 you know, and it’s like you do 100 squats, you do 100 sit ups you do 100 push ups and you have to do it throughout like at some point throughout the whole day you’re doing it right like it could be 10 here 20 there right nobody can push out 100 push ups unless you’re in you know the Marine Corps I feel like I always gave myself if I couldn’t get to the gym like a goal of 100 sometimes it’s 100 jumping jacks, you know, sometimes it’s 100 stairs and I feel like that was an achievable thing for me but it was also something that sometimes it took 10 minutes sometimes it took 20 but if I knew I went to bed every night I put a post it note next to the light switch that basically said Did you do your 100 today? And then, you know, I have to, I have to process that and say, No, I didn’t when I put that light off. So it’s like it kind of reminds you like Don’t forget, you know, and to take those extra 10 minutes before you even go to bed and do your 100 sit ups or whatever. Yes,
yes, I love that. I love that. Actually, it’s
a that’s a great tip, Courtney. I actually, um, what I have people do sometimes is like, if it’s somebody like a busy working mom, or I’ve had one of my entrepreneurial clients do this, but if I have a workout they have to do. And they’re feeling like, Oh, I don’t know, if I have time to do this workout, then I tell them, okay, in between your calls today, do one round, or in between your clients do one round. And that’s more, that feels more more doable to them than being like, Oh my god, I have to do five rounds of this workout. Like, I don’t know if I have time. I don’t even know if I have 20 minutes to do it. But if it’s like, okay, I just need five minutes here and there. I’m still going to feel like I finished that workout. Because some people have that, like overachiever. We’re like, No, I can’t just do half of the work I have to the whole thing. But if you break it up into pieces, okay, maybe you’re not doing, you’re not doing it all at once. You’re not getting like that full range of benefits of being able to do that. But you’re still doing it. And you’re it’s still better than nothing. Yeah, so yeah, that’s
great. Now what about like, I know we’re in a world of technology, right? I probably have 74 apps on my phone for something around health and wellness for a variety of reasons. If there was one app where you said like, okay, mom, get this app to manage or use this tool for meal planning or something like what would be some helpful kind of tools and tips aside from your fabulous Facebook group, which we’re going to talk about, but like what would be some good tips from an app standpoint that you could recommend to clients where they could just get started going? Oh, okay, like, let me go here.
I actually have an app now to with my program. So I the one thing with apps though, I just, like you said it could be overwhelming having so like, have have to have so many things. So for example, in my app, what I offer is, I offer actually meditations. Um, what else I can’t even remember, there’s, there’s a few things I have. So for postpartum women, I have core connecting workouts. So these are kind of like little extras that are not in my regular program. I also have certain calculators on there, but I don’t love assigning them to everybody, because some people get too obsessed with the numbers. But for somebody who is maybe like a little bit more advanced, that’s probably not the right word. But for somebody who I know who can handle the numbers, and somebody who really wants to kind of test out the the different macronutrient balances, then I would assign them that. Um, but what I also love for with apps is the little reminders that you can get. So for example, with my app, they get, they get a daily reminder to log in their sleep. Different things like okay, is that the that time of the month? Did they exercise was an X were they planning to exercise today did they exercise, and then like every month, every four weeks, they get a reminder to track their progress. So they track how they did that month, they track with measurements, body measurements, because otherwise they forget to do it. So that that’s kind of like what I like using an app for. So if you can find something like that something that’s going to help you remember to do certain things. I think that’s great. I also use an app for running because I’m a runner. So I like using Strava. And it’s, it’s great because you can track also your workouts on there. So if you’re if you’re a tracker, if you like to track walking, like your steps and your you know your workouts, you can use Strava for that.
I haven’t heard of that one yet. That’s great. And I mean, we’re talking a little bit about the app side of what you do, like, why don’t you tell folks who are listening a little bit more I mean, I know you and I have the pleasure of working together in in, you know, some of our other programs but tell me about the the fit femmes tribe, and what the group is all about. Right? And then also like some of the information around your program, and I know, just this time of year, there’s going to be a need to reboot all of us. You know, so talk a little bit about that as well.
Yes, so the fit friends tribe is my friend. community. And I do similar to how Courtney does her trainings and her group I do a weekly live training in there. And every couple of months I host a five day fitness fast track, which when when we’re sharing this episode, I probably may have finished one already. But I usually lead that into an opportunity to work with me. And at the end of the year, I will be opening up access to my six week fitness jumpstart, which is six weeks of working in my in my private group, which is called the fast denisa online studio. And with this fast track, I just love to help women take whatever they’re doing or, or, or take them from doing nothing and give them a jumpstart, give them a jumpstart to feeling amazing to having energy again, to to start to fall in love with strength training, and to not be afraid of it to work on their core properly. And to get them to see that less can be more like to teach them how to workout smarter and not harder, necessarily. So with the program, you know, they’re going to get access to these quick workouts, their follow along videos. So I always like to do follow along videos because I want them to feel like they have me they’re like they’re never working out by themselves, especially because we’re all most of us are trying to work out at home right now. And then there’s the there’s meal planning, tools, recipes, and a weekly yoga session with my yoga instructor and a bunch of other resources. So I feel like, especially this time of year, this is kind of perfect to help women navigate through those busy weeks of this time of year, and to put you on what you’re on the right track. So to put you on the right track of living a better lifestyle of being okay, doing less but with consistency, or feeling empowered, knowing that okay, I actually can’t like I’ve been so intimidated by strength training, but now I know that I can do it, because I hear that a lot from women. And yeah, and just to help with with the yoga and like the the mindset and self love topics and training, so they also cover I feel like it’s it’s going to be so crucial and so beneficial to women to, to manage that stress that comes with with this time of year and this, you know, lovely pandemic that we’re all going through.
Oh, I know what a mess.
Well, that’s great. I think that is awesome. Now, as far as I know that, you know, the program that you’re talking about is like a six week thing. What type of person like if I’ve never worked out before? Do I have to be experienced? Can it be sort of any level in between, you know, it’s like postpartum wise, right? I work with a lot of parents that are listening to this show that are, you know, just had a baby, or maybe only a few months postpartum and are maybe trying to figure out sleep. And obviously that connection is important, which we cover, you know, but the connection to sleep and also like, at what point should you start to do some things, so it’s not too soon, right? We do want to be careful and cautious of that as well.
So I’m a big believer in listening to your medical practitioners. And you know, they usually give that six week period to wait until you start to, to exercise again. But it’s so important to go slow. And I know that for some women, it can be so tempting, like you just you want to lose the baby weight right away. But trust me go slower in the beginning to go faster later on. Be patient with yourselves. The fact that you you have the desire to get healthier to to get fitter again, it means to me that you can definitely get there because some people don’t. They’re like no, it’s okay, I’ll I’ll lose the weight whenever. But if you’re like no, I want to lose this way I want to look, I want to look good, I want to feel great, then you can do it. So just be a little patient with yourself. Because I’ve had I’ve had two c sections. So I’ve had to be extra careful getting back to things. So don’t be so quick to go back to, you know, CrossFit or running or even like your spin bike, whatever, because some of those things are not very pelvic floor friendly. So it’s definitely important to to if you can work with somebody who is going to give you that right guidance that like step by step guidance that works for you. Because everybody’s, everybody’s a little bit different. So, you know, your neighbor down the road might be able to handle it, but maybe you can’t, you know, so it’s we’re all a little bit different. Yeah. But that’s,
I think that’s great. I’m
sorry, go ahead. Yeah,
no, I was just gonna say this program is great for, for people who are, who are clear for exercise. In this particular, in the six week jumpstart, I don’t have any, like, specific core connecting trainings, but I do have that in my longer program. So this would be probably better for somebody who is a couple of months postpartum, and kind of ready to start to get back into something a little bit more active. There’s definitely modifications and all the workouts that I share. So so it’s it’s very, you know, it’s postpartum friendly, but I just wouldn’t recommend that it’s like the very first thing that you do. I always say that, you know, fixing your core is so important. And not just not just because of the looks, but because you want to, you want to protect your body, you know, you want to protect your body, your core is like your, your son, the center of your universe. So you want to avoid any injuries, especially especially if you’re going to be you know, carrying kids. And if you have multiple kids that you’re going to be chasing after, you want to make sure that you are avoiding injury. So start with the core, and then move on to, you know, to something else.
Yeah, no, I totally agree. I was so anxious after I had my son and my daughter, I’m like a big fitness person. And I, you know, always been health oriented, you know, whatever that looks like. And I was so excited to get back, like, Just get me to the gym, get me to the gym, you know, like the day I feel like I got home from the hospital, like I’m gonna walk today. And then you know what, frankly, I did, but I only walked like down the block and back. And then I made it halfway around the block and back and then I made it the whole way around the block and back, you know, and it was like, I kind of let my body Tell me what it was okay to do with balance, right? Like I wasn’t in the gym yet or anything because you have to be careful, you can rip things you can tear things. And that’s the last thing that you want to do. For me walking was like my mental self care, you know, like, I didn’t do well on maternity leave, I had postpartum anxiety and depression, I did not know what at the time. You know, I was trying to be this like, perfect person in every aspect of the world that perfect in my own mind was just so dysfunctional, right? Like, you know, and so for me, it was just the balance, right walking was my mind release, it was my exercise, it was my self care, it was my meditation, like, so walking became like that thing I did twice a day with my new newborn. And, you know, when I had two kids and such, and that was just the way I kind of coped. And, you know, I started slow. And then, you know, to your point, around six or eight weeks, I was like, Alright, let me go see, you know, maybe I’ll do a yoga class at the gym. And you know, so it’s, I think it’s important to like, listen to your body, I had some pretty wicked surgeries the past two years, and they cut my entire soul inside out. And so it was one of those things where again, it was like the kids coming back that was like the C section and, you know, vaginal delivery, and then I had my stomach cut out my gallbladder, I did double mastectomy. So I like they took everything out of me and put it back in. And I, you know, and it’s one of those things where like, I just had this conversation last week with my yoga instructor, I’m like, I can finally do you know, like bridge and we’ll, whereas, you know, when I first had my stomach removed two years ago, it was a pretty wicked surgery and it was open, so I have like a 17 inch gash down my whole chest and, and so like, I couldn’t, I felt super defeated when I came back. Because I’m like, I have done this for like, 10 years, and I can’t even do bridge this suit, you’re an idiot, you suck, you’re never gonna get back. You know, when you get into that, like pity party stuff. Reality, I think no matter what you’re facing, we all have challenges where we kind of go, I’m never gonna get there. And it was one of those were like, I just had an Oregon I actually three organs cut out, give yourself some grace, you’re just a child, give yourself some grace. And it like changed my mindset about all of it. You know, like, I lost a lot of weight when I had my stomach out, which was expected, you know, you’re cutting my whole stomach out, I was down to 97 pounds. And I remember looking in the mirror going, Oh my gosh, like, you look so sick. You look so thin. I was about 120 before I had the surgery, and they said about 20% of your body weight you’re going to lose. And I remember thinking like you’re never going to gain the weight back. You’re always going to look sickly blah, blah, blah. You know, and my sister’s like, well, you don’t look sick. You just look anorexic. I’m like, well, that’s nice.
You know, so I, you know, fast forward a year later I gained 12 pounds back I’m back to like 110 pounds, I can give blood again. But it was one of those like slow, like slow progressions and you know, I was looking in the mirror the other day and I put my jeans on and this is how screwed up. I I think all of us have like some aspect of our mind always playing tricks on us. I looked in the mirror, and I was like, Wow, you’re getting fat. I actually, in my mind thought, like, gosh, you have like a little bit of a muffin top. And it’s like, what the hell like you just went from being 97 pounds to 112. But your mind immediately goes to that like negative place that is just toxic. And I’m like, What are you talking about? Like, you survived having kids, or you had two kids, you’re 112 pounds, you get blood, you’re healthy, not gonna die. And it’s the middle of a pandemic, like, what do you do? You know, and it was like, I got a new book about changing your subconscious on that day, ordered it and was like, I’m done with this, like, I’m happy to be alive. And I’m happy with who I am. And you know, what if I gain a couple pounds and lose a couple pounds, like, I’m here, and I’m healthy, and that’s what’s most important to you. And I think that mindset is such a, I don’t want to say like a mind, F. But that’s what I feel like, as moms, like we’re so hard on ourselves, we’re too fat or too skinny, I want to get back to the gym, I don’t. And it’s like, gosh, just be happy with like, where you are in the journey and know that you you always have the power to change the job, right? It’s not like, you’re stuck there, like you can be happy at whatever point you’re at. And you may still want to make some changes, like I want to get my core strength. So I’m working on my core strength, I’m doing leg lifts every day, just because my core is weak, because it was all cut, you know what I mean? So like, we all have those things that I think we’re trying to work through. And frankly, I think, you know, we have to give ourselves some grace from like a mindset standpoint, because it’s just such a mind mess. When less you know, your mind starts taking you you know, my yoga instructor said, your eyes, your body, what did she say, your eyes, your body and your mind, go where your eyes go something like that, like, where your eyes go, your body and mind follow. That’s what she said. And it was so true. She’s like, I feel myself sometimes going off and thinking of something or looking at something. And then what happens is your body and your mind respond to that. So she’s like, now when I see something come in that I don’t like I immediately dismiss it. And I say literally out loud. I don’t have time for that right now. Yeah, and I address the fact that I had the thought and then I walk away from it. And she’s like, over time, it has made me a calmer person, but also, like more happy from a self care standpoint. Like, I’m giving myself some grace. I don’t have time for the negativity. And I’m doing the best I can, you know, and I think that’s all we can frankly, ask of ourselves. Right? Your health. So,
exactly. Yeah, I think it’s so important. Like you, I love how transparent you are with some of those thoughts that you have, like those, that negative thinking because it happens to all of us. And, you know, some people, some people might look and be like, what, what, why would she say that about herself. Like, she’s so tiny, you know, like, I hear that, like, people are gonna I can’t believe like, you thought this or you thought that like, blah, blah, blah. But in reality is like, we all have that like mean girl voice in our heads. And, you know, I also had a difficult journey. It took us a year and a half to get pregnant with my daughter, I actually had to do IVF. So that was that was a pain in the neck and the a BB going through that emotionally and also physically because sort of similar to what you went through. I had to, I couldn’t do any of the things that I was doing. Like they told me Okay, no, no long distance running. No, you know, high intensity, this and that. So, at the time, this was actually when I was just getting into my online business. And I was starting to create my program recording my workouts and I was like, hmm, how am I going to be able to record workouts? If I can’t really exercise, but I had to, and this was kind of like, what opened my eyes like, Oh, I don’t have to work out so intensely. I don’t have to work out. Like, I don’t have to do like 45 minute workouts, like, you know what these 20 like the shorter workouts I’m doing like they feel good. And then having my clients do them and seeing that, like they were also getting results. It was like, wow, you know, like, it does all make sense. But I couldn’t I couldn’t run any marathons and I’m a marathoner. So that’s always like that personal challenge that I gave myself of running like one or two per year. And that was a little bit defeating because I had, I had progressed so much I qualified for the Boston Marathon, I was so proud of myself, because I thought that it was going to take me even a little longer to get there. And then all of a sudden, like, okay, now I can’t run and out now I’m going to be behind again, I’m going to start again from like, zero. So it’s definitely discouraging when we go through these things, whether it’s like health related things, or whether it’s, you know, giving birth and you feel like you You have this big setback. And it’s totally normal to feel like oh, my God, like, this is going to suck. Or, oh my god, I’m never going to be back where I was, or I’m never going to be able to get better than where I was. But like you said, corny, like it’s so Wonderful knowing that we have the power to change, like if we want to, we have the power to change that we have the power to get back to where we were, or maybe it’s gonna look a little bit different, but we’re gonna, we’re gonna be, we’re gonna be there one way or the other. So again, like just cultivate self love, cultivate self patience. And we’re going to be okay, we’re going to be okay. Amen.
Amen to that. Well, I appreciate it. And I’m so excited you’re able to join. So I am going to make sure everybody knows about the Facebook group. I’ll link everything out here for show notes and such to make sure people can get in and find you. I know that when this airs, there’s going to be you know, a reboot happening or kind of getting ready to happen. So I certainly encourage everybody who’s listening to jump in and join the group. Like I said, I’ll put everything in there from Julia so that you can get out there. It’s the fit femmes tribe, dash self care for busy career women and entrepreneurs. I didn’t want to miss anything and that, but it’s a great group. So go out and requested on Facebook, she will be also out in my tiny transitions group, I’ll make sure that way I can link or if anybody has any questions in my slumber Made Simple Facebook group where I do a lot of my stuff similar to you. And I just really appreciate you jumping on the show today and taking the time to chat with some, some new parents tell everybody who’s listening, where else they can find you. I know you’ve got some Instagram and main Facebook and your website. So just tell us a little bit more about that as well.
Yeah, sure. Um,
the best
two places to connect with me probably are my Facebook page, which is Julia Hickman dash fashionista online studio. I actually do a live with, with guest experts on there about once a month, so you didn’t catch those on my page. And my Instagram is the petite destiny stuff. So a couple places to connect with me. I love it. Well, great. Well, I
appreciate you jumping on today. And if anybody has any questions, like I said, I’m gonna put all your information in there. And hopefully, they will reach out and join you for your next reboot. And I just want to make sure everybody gives yourself some grace and you know, continue working at mama because we’re all we’re all doing the best we can right now, and definitely had it. Awesome. All right, thank you so much, Julia.
Thank you again, Courtney.
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