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  • Sample Scheduled for every stage of naps to adjust with ease
  • Understanding how to adjust and how long it will take to go back to “normal”

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Welcome to the kids sleep show, where we help tired parents from around the world to get their children to fall asleep independently, sleep through the night and build healthy sleep habits for life. I’m your host, Courtney Zentz. Now let’s sleep together. My name is Courtney Zentz. I found a tiny transitions about six years ago, and I do these workshops every couple of weeks to give you some education. And today is day five. And so I thought, you know what, it’s my company, I can drive and work from wherever I want to. And so today I am working from the lake and I figured since my daughter’s napping, she’s been really busy up here, I would come down and sit on the dock and do my live stream from here. So technology is amazing. That is what I’m doing. Let me know where you are, what fun things you’re up to this weekend. I know. There’s stuff around Philly starting to open, which I think is a relief for many. I’m out in the country. So a lot of stuff is kind of already back to quasi normal. But it’s beautiful. This is a little town called Sweet Valley. I grew up here as a child across the lake. My grandpa had a little cottage over there and there was like a public dock we could go to so I grew up fishing and catching Sonny’s and swimming. And you know, just being a kid man. Like this was where we did it. And my aunt moved to the other side of the lake. She lives here full time, she used to work in Manhattan. She worked actually for a pretty big fashion designer and lived here on the weekends and decided when that was done, that she would move to the lake where we all grew up as a family. So she did she bought a house. And this is where she lives. And my kids got to spend a beautiful week here hiking and fishing and doing all kinds of crazy stuff. And we are heading home tomorrow, but I’m here. So welcome. I’m so appreciative of you to join me here. I know it has been a great week of information. I know that this is probably more information in this type of webinar series than you’ve ever gotten in any other sort of training, if you will. So I do appreciate you joining and staying, you know, for the whole week, because it’s a lot of information that’s building, right. So you start with foundations, and then you’re trying to understand where things are going wrong, what seems to be happening, and why some of the street sleep struggles are coming to fruition in your home. And I think it’s important as parents that you recognize, wherever you are in the journey, maybe you’re just dealing with early morning wakings. Maybe you’re struggling with the whole kitten caboodle.
Maybe you just every once in a while you have an off night, and you’re not really sure what to do, my aim is for this session to help you with that. And to make sure that you leave with getting something out of this. So I’d love to ask for your comments or feedback as you’re watching this, tell me the single best thing that you learned during your time here with me this week, because it’s going to help me to craft future sessions I do these trainings about every six weeks or so. I love doing it. And I want to understand, you know, what’s been the most helpful for you so I can make sure you know, I do this live. So there’s no script, there’s no reading, I’m really just going from my brain with all this great information I have, I’ve worked with 1000s of families all over the world to build healthy sleep habits in their families. And I take that information and try to consolidate it into something that is digestible for you. And we’d love to know what you’re finding to be the most helpful in those changes. And I’d also love to know if some things you’ve implemented already this week, are starting to help you see changes in progress, I got a direct message from a mom this morning that actually joined the last boot camp, and she sent me a message and was like, I love watching these. I’m doing awesome, you’re amazing, right. And my kids are rock star sleeper now and we never even had to work with you in the private capacity. And that’s what I’m here for. Right? This isn’t always going to be, you know, some program where I give you five minutes of information and then offer you to join a course or something. I mean, I am a small business, I do have programs, I do work with clients, you know, in a paid capacity. But I’m very much about serving and putting things out there for the world so that you can get the information at least build that foundation, if you’re struggling. It is you know, it’s helpful to have somebody who knows what they’re doing and is doing it in that capacity where you know, it’s kind of outside of the mommy blogs or the Facebook post or a quick text to your girlfriends. Sometimes having a professional get in there and fix it in a couple days is a lot easier than struggling for a couple months or frankly even a couple years with your sleep challenges. So with that what I want to talk to you today was really just a little bit more about taking a step back. And really assessing whether or not this is the time for you or your family to make some of these changes. Not everything that you’re going to have to do here as far as changes are going to be easy to make. Right? You’ve got some habits that are probably pretty well ingrained. You may have caregivers or help that are not on board. I mean, you may even have a sibling significant other What have you parent that does not agree with and thinks that all of this will work itself out. I can tell you it typically doesn’t unless you’re actively in cognitively making changes around what’s happening in your home as it relates to sleep. And I think there’s plenty of reasons why people should make ranges, right. And it’s something that you have to decide when you’re ready to do that. And ultimately what it looks like, right? A lot of people say to me, when will my child sleep through the night? And I think what they’re really asking is when can I have predictability? When can I know that I’m going to put my little one to bed and not be riddled with anxiety around? How many times are going to wake up that night? And how crappy my sleep is going to be, frankly, you know, the next thing is really around a tearless bedtime, right? You want your child to go down peacefully and independently, but what you really want is emotional regulation and control so they don’t lose their and you don’t lose your stuff during that process, right. nap consistency. I mean, that’s been a big question of parents recently, because they’re working right. So now they’re going through COVID. And they’re still trying to take care of children. And they need predictability in the day, like so many clients past three months have been like, Okay, I need a set schedule. And for some families, that’s easy. for five months, it’s a little bit harder, you know, six, seven months, it’s a little more realistic, that you can have a set schedule for a child, and frankly, know that they’re gonna stick to it. Okay. You know, and obviously, after you get over six months, things can get a bit easier. But I think that nap consistency is structure, right? It’s structure in your day. I’m a type a person the day my daughter got home from the hospital, I had a schedule, that thing was on a schedule, low girl, we’re going for a walk, we’re taking a nap, I’m gonna hold you we’re gonna pump I’m gonna nurse. I’m super type A, I liked that I thrive on schedules where I don’t thrive well was with my son, before I get into sleep consulting. And I felt like every day was a dumpster fire. I had no idea what I was doing. It was the only job I ever sucked at. I remember the first time I came home with my son from a hospital, I cried for two hours in the kind of walkway. I talked about that earlier this week, and thought, what the heck did I do? Why did I do this? Why am I having a child? Because I was so overwhelmed with like, unsure about what was happening, why they were upset, why they’re crying, why they’re waking, like, I just fed him, I just burped him, he doesn’t have a fever, like he goes through a mental checklist. And I still configure what was going on. And that for me was hard not being able to fix that.
I think his parents were also looking at, you know, frankly, the health of our children, right? In an adult, sleeping five hours a night consistently is the same impact on your brain as being intoxicated. Most people don’t want to have a drinking habit, where they’re getting drunk every single night. If you do, that’s typically called alcoholism. But for many, right, I think, you know, during COVID, I would see my friends joking, you’re like, I have a glass of wine at night, you know, whatever, to each his own, that’s fine. But think of that, right? Every hour, five hours a night is the same impact on your brain as being intoxicated. If you’re doing that for months, and years on end, think of the long term impacts of that on you and your child, right? Because a lot of this stuff translates to them. As far as the same developmental leaps and milestones that they’re making. You know, studies come out all the time that say, the sleep and how well they sleep in the first four years of life is going to dictate how well they do from a behavioral and cognitive standpoint later in life. You reduce your risk of childhood obesity, diabetes, I mean, just all in all the sleep hygiene that you’re building, build such a healthy, strong mind and body you have less tantrums, right, as a parent, we all want less tantrums, right? Sleep is going to help with that. Because children are going to be able to regulate emotions a bit better when they’re rested, frankly, rekindling your marriage, right? Baby comes, all of a sudden, things look way different. I work with a lot of parents who are like, we don’t even sleep in the same room, I couldn’t tell you the last time we were intimate, you know. And when you have that predictability, you’re rested. You feel good, right? You know that when that baby goes down, they’re sleeping all night, when that toddler goes down, they’re not coming into your bed at four o’clock in the morning. And that can help with you to rekindle things. I got another client of mine that sent me a message and was like, I feel so much more balanced. She may actually even be watching today. She just messaged me probably two hours ago. And we ended up working together on one of my basic packages, it was private coaching in a different capacity. So it is essentially a write a custom program, and I talk you through how to implement it yourself. So it’s a little bit different. And they did great, her little ones sleeping through the night, 1112 hours a night, she’s like, this is the greatest thing I ever did with you. And again, there’s all different ways that this looks when you try to work with somebody for the for the position of what I do. If you’ve been paying attention in the group you’ve been following along, you probably saw yesterday, I announced I’m doing group coaching, it’s kicking off July 13. This year, 2020, July 13, we are doing four weeks of coaching, it’s just going to be in a group capacity. So um, it’s going to be you and fellow tired parents, it’s a very small group of individuals, you’re going to be working directly with me. And we’re going to be working through all of this together. So you’ll have a sleep program that’s written for you. I’ll know everything that’s going on and your unique household and what your goals are. And then we just work together in a different capacity. It’s a really unique way of doing things. I’m super excited about it because you still get the benefit of me from a private coaching standpoint, and almost 50% of the price of what my private coaching costs. So again, it’s kind of a limited I’ve never done it before. But I’m pretty excited to give it a try. Because I love serving in this capacity with the video and the teaching and the live back and forth. So hopefully you’ll be able to join us if you’re ready to make that move,
and kind of unpack
what you want to get the next couple of months to look like, right? If things start to go back to normal, where does that predictability come in?
How is it gonna benefit you? And ultimately, how are you in a family going to feel when the mind shifts, mindset shifts around sleep, you feel restored and refreshed, you know, and frankly, everybody is in a nice routine, moving through the summer and into the fall when again, hopefully we can start to get back, you know, get back to normal. So I appreciate that all of you have joined me this week. Really, I wanted to chat a bit more on the mindset, the structure and predictability because those are things that I go into in this group training program. So it is not just sleep consulting. It’s something that I call making over motherhood. I do a lot of education in the four week session, we’re going to fix sleep, right? And once you fix sleep, now you’ve got this beautiful foundation child that’s sleeping well. And most time parents will say what’s next? How do I fix me now? Right? I talked with another client this morning. I’ve been on the phone all day, talking to another client this morning. And she’s like, you know, Courtney, like, I am so impressed with like how well this worked with my two kids. Like they worked with me in the private capacity with two kids. But she’s like, you know, when I got down to it, like I was part of the issue, like the problem was me, you know, and I was putting so much emotional baggage into like, Is it wrong to sleep train? And what does this look like? And she’s like now knowing how rested and predictable or life is like, the best decision I ever made was to work with you. And I think that every parent’s going to come to that decision at a different point. And they’re going to have different realities that you know, come into play at specific times. I think the group group coaching is such a cool and unique opportunity because I’m not only doing the sleep like when I work privately like we’re focused and honed in on sleep, we got three weeks we’re fixing overnight, we’re fixing bedtime, we’re fixing naps, and then you’re moving on your beautiful way with the rest in child. During the group program, I’m going to be incorporating other things I’m working with actually a dear friend of mine who owns a yoga studio in Conshohocken. She’s actually who started with me practicing yoga. And she’s a beautiful soul. So I’m going to be incorporating some, you know, post Natal yoga classes and just trying to do some fun stuff to change it up around nutrition and diet, prior to education on you know, filling your toddler’s cup, right toddlers in school aged children are going through a lot of changes right now because they don’t understand what’s happening. So in addition to fixing the sleep issues, we’re also going to get into adult sleep. I’m going to talk a bit about that I can work with adults, I don’t particularly I love working with kids, frankly, that’s just where my where my heart is. So, but I do get into some of the things that are going on from an adult standpoint, like you fix your child’s sleep, and now you’re laying in bed going, ah, now I can’t sleep right. So we get into some of that in this in this four week session, it’s going to be super exciting. I’ve never done anything like this before. So it’s not just your run of the mill, you know, private sleep coaching. Two weeks of support, you get to text me once or twice like I’ve seen with other group coaching programs, like it’s me, I’m here everyday live, we’re gonna be jumping in doing trainings, q&a sessions, so I can work with you even in that group capacity through your struggles every day, and help you to understand exactly what is going on. So I do want to invite you to join me in the group program. It’s starting July 13 I’m super excited about that. To learn more you can take a look out on my website slumber made simple.com or excuse me tiny transitions calm slumber Made Simple is what I’m calling it, but you can find me out on tiny transitions.com and slumber Made Simple is kind of a part of that project that that I am working through right now. So you may hear me refer to that as well as making over motherhood. There are two kinds of projects that I’ve got in the works, which are pretty fun. And yeah, so I welcome you to join me again kicking off July 13. There’s limited spaces available if you’re interested send me an email Courtney at tiny transitions comm Find me on social media, find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, my facebook group here, we’re all of you are catching this. There’s plenty of places from an opportunity standpoint to connect and let me know that you’re interested in
jumping on board with the group coaching. Last night was rough while I’m here, sister. And if you’re interested in the group coaching, please jump on struggling with the rock and asleep elvina that’s really just a habit where I would say you got to wean from it. Right? If you’re rocking to sleep, just slow the rockin, get to stillness and then slowly separate yourself from that sleep prop over the course of a few days, right? You can use engagement, you can use comfort, it just can’t be something that’s permanently in place because otherwise, you know, your child’s going to just start to depend on it, which they have. Right. So and we can chat a little more about that but awesome. All right. So I think that’s it for today. I again, I invite you all to come join me in the group coaching. I’ve got some great news next week. Stay tuned on Tuesday. big announcement, lots of exciting things happening for tiny transitions. So if you are paying attention in the group, you’re going to see some great announcements and I look forward to sharing your journey, fixing your sleep struggles and really just continuing to educate and inform you out here. Remember every single week on Tuesdays, I do training. I’ve got somebody lined up to talk about mindfulness. I’ve got somebody lined up to come in and talk about a Zen animal. The founder of zoo animals. It’s a product I’m near and dear with anaemic Sokka. She’s joining us in about two weeks. I’ve got a few folks on the calendar, I can’t even go through all of them. I think most of July is booked with different people coming on. I’ve got people coming on the podcast, different guests and stuff, so it’s gonna be really a great month. I’m starting to get a lot of great action packed info. The frog says goodbye. I say goodbye. Have a great Friday. Cheers and I will catch you hopefully see your face on July 13 for you for the group training. Thanks so much. Bye for now, hold on one more thing before you go. As a valued listener of the kids sleep show. I want to help you build a great sleeper not just in the times you’re listening to the show. But all day every day. Every week of the year. I have a new Facebook group called slumber Made Simple. It’s a place to gather with other parents looking for sleep support, laughs and the latest in sleep research, to build a family that is rested and at their best day in and day out. If you want to be part of the community where you can get free sleep support, weekly training sessions, unbelievable content and so much more. Head on over to tiny transitions.com forward slash community that’s tiny transitions.com forward slash community or head over to Facebook and search slumber Made Simple. drop me a note and let me know when you join. I can’t wait to see you there.