This week on the Kids Sleep Show Podcast, we dive into a 45 minute free sleep training course with Tiny Transitions founder, Courtney Zentz.

Courtney shares a comprehensive sleep training education and dives into everything you need to understand, before sleep training, because it’s all connected. In the video, she dives deep into how to understand a baby’s wake window, how to help the baby settle and take naps on a consistent schedule, how to start sleep training and when to identify if it’s a sleep regression or something else.


Episode Highlights:

  • When should a baby sleep through the night
  • When can I sleep train a baby
  • What is the best schedule for a baby in the first 12 months
  • How do you teach a baby to sleep
  • What is a sleep regression and how do I support baby through it
  • What is the ideal wake window for my baby

Sleep Struggles Solved + Results Guaranteed

Podcast Episode Transcripts: