Meet Nora and Ani, two best friends who share an extraordinary journey. Years of fertility treatments led them to the joy of motherhood, but parenthood brought the challenge of sleepless nights and restless babies. Determined to help babies sleep better, they created a groundbreaking swaddle, the Norani Snugababe™ Swaddle Pod.

Their swaddle, endorsed by both parents and healthcare professionals, gently secures a baby’s arms within specially-designed armholes, mimicking the womb’s comfort for peaceful sleep.

Through their YouTube channel and Instagram presence, they share their experiences and offer practical tips for parents navigating the unpredictable world of baby sleep. Nora and Ani’s mission is simple: to make motherhood easier and more enjoyable for parents everywhere. With their innovative swaddle, they provide a solution that allows parents to rest easier and babies to sleep better, all while understanding the challenges of parenthood.


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Episode Highlights:

  • Founders Nora and Ani, Founders of Norani join me to talk baby sleep
  • We chat like besties on a journey through IVF, Friendship and Family
  • How the Norani Snugababe™ Swaddle Pod was invented
  • Real Talk on Parenting
  • What’s Next for Norani {Big things coming!!!}

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Podcast Episode Transcripts: