This week, I welcome Allie Ticktin, the Founder of Play 2 Progress, a fantastic organization dedicated to helping kids build critical developmental skills through play. They educate, empower, and guide families on their journey through childhood.

Based in California but educating families throughout the world with her book, Allie and her team are changing the way we engage with our youth.

On the show today, we dive into sensory play, the importance of understanding what our children are seeking, and why it’s crucial that even from birth we are playing with our children. Allie is AMAZING and I am excited to share this episode with you.

Episode Highlights:

  • How did you get your start in the space and in your area of sensory integration? 
  • You discuss the profound impact of play, how much time should parents dedicate to 1-1 play, and starting at what age? 
  • Are there things parents should do vs things caregivers should do with regard to the type of engaging activities?
  • What age do you recommend starting? What if parents haven’t – can they make it up? 
  • How do you combat screens, and how much are they taking over? 

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Podcast Episode Transcripts: