The Top Items You Should Add to Your New Baby Registry – from a Baby Sleep Coach

Nov 29, 2023

These Are Our Top 10 Favorites that Expecting Moms Should Add to Their Baby Registry

Congratulations expecting momma – whether this is your first or next baby, the products you will need and ones you wish you could return will often stack up before you can even say ‘Another ice diaper please.’

The Baby Sleep Team here at Tiny Transitions all shared their favorite & must-register products – and below, we share that list with you and explain why we love each one.

  1. Lullaby Earth Breathe Safe– Breathable Mattress, organic, no chemical {and there are a lot of chemicals in some mattresses. Plus, this will last for baby & toddler stages when you flip that mattress after year 1.
  2. Norani Sungababe Sleep PodNewborn Sleep Swaddle keeps their arms tucked in at the heart center and prevents their little hands from peeking out, busting out, and causing more wakeups.
  3. Love to Dream Swaddle Up – If they were arms up in your belly, check your ultrasound} chances are, they will sleep this way on the outside too & be most comfortable in this swaddle.
  4. Yoga Sleep Dohm® Sound Machine – a safe, sound machine, based on AAP guidelines, for use in your newborn’s nursery and with longevity for many years to come.
  5. Home Depot Home Decorators Collection Cordless Blackout Blinds – because everyone sleeps better when it’s dark, like real dark.
  6. Magic Sleep Suit – at 3 months old, that startle is strong & so is your desire for sleep
  7. Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer – because warm wipes keep their butt clear of diaper rash
  8. Prince Lionheart Illumipad – For middle-of-the-night diaper changes – this genius invention offers a touch of light without overstimulating baby and shuts off automatically or as guided by you in the middle of the night.
  9. Prince Lionheart Diaper Twist’r – This is the ONLY one I found that doesn’t make you pass out, changing it from the smell or leaving the room with a faint odor. We LOVED this and wish we had it with our first, not just our second.
  10. Tot Squad Virtual sleep with us here at Tiny Transitions – you can purchase a 30-minute consultation with a member of the team to troubleshoot your sleep issues and get expert guidance on where things might need some adjustments.

Parenting is hard, so picking just ten was hard, but we wanted you to know why these were our favorite products, so we could take one thing off your list to do before the baby arrives.

And as always, we offer Complimentary 20-minute calls, to discuss your child’s unique sleep struggles and how we can support you. As the nation’s leading baby & toddler sleep coaching agency, Tiny Transitions is here to help. Get Started Today.

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