Our Best & Favorite Sleep Products

Because You need one Less thing to worry about

Building Healthy Sleep Habits for Life.

Building a Sleep Sanctuary

HALO® Bassinet

A great option for those first weeks at home near you. 

Delta Crib - Best Convertible Crib for babies

Convertible Crib

This 4-in-in crib is a great design for growing with them.

Nook Crib Mattress - Best Clean Mattress for Newborns

Nook® Mattress

100% Organic cotton, 2-stage crib mattress.

Soft Crib Sheet

These chenille sheets are a safe way to keep cozy in the crib.


Keep moisture in the air with the Homasy® humidifier.

Yoga Sleep Dohm Sound Machine

Sound Machine

The Yoga Sleep Dohm® white noise machine. 

Owlet® Monitor

Provides a sense of security for new parents.

Nanit® Monitor

Watch your baby from anywhere with the Nanit App.

Blackout Shades

Create darkness any time of day or any season.

Sleepout Home Curtains

Blackout Curtains

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtains for any bedroom.

Swaddles & Sleep Suits

Love to Dream Arms Up Swaddle

Love to Dream

A favorite for babies who had their arms up in the womb.


Double the swaddle, double the sleep with Swaddlou.

Swaddle Me Easy newborn sleep swaddle

Magic Sleepsuit

Great for calming the startle & safe sleep on the back.

Magic Sleep Suit Swaddle

Magic Sleepsuit

Great for calming the startle & safe sleep on the back.

Zipadee swaddle transition for back or belly

Zipadee Sack

For back or belly sleeping while protecting their startle. 

Swaddle Transitions & Blankets

Magic Dreamsack

A wearable transitions out of the Sleepsuit® and into a blanket.

HALO Blanket

Sleepsack Wearable Blanket in a range of sizes.

Sleeping Baby

The “Flying Squirrel” pajama and wearable blanket for toddlers.

Dreamland Baby

A toddler-designed weighted blanket designed for children ages 2+.

Toddler Nap Mat

These JumpOff Jo nap mats are great for daycare or vacation. 

Gadgets as they Grow

Hatch Rest

A sound machine, night light, and time-to-rise light.


A screen-free meditation device for children 2+ years old.

Travel White Noise

Bring the white noise with you on a walk to when away.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Create a sleep sanctuary with this essential oil diffuser.

Projectables® Light

A dimmable night light, balancing bedtime and twinkles.

Travel Essentials

Slumber Pod

A portable private sleep nook for sleeping out.

Blackout Shade

Great for popping up at any travel location with a quick suction.

Graco Pack-n-Play

A packable, portable safe-sleep and play yard for babies.

Shrunks® Bumpers

Portable bumpers for toddlers when traveling & sleeping.

OK to Wake

The same rules apply traveling as at home when it’s OK to Wake!

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