You finally got your cute and chunky little one to sleep through the night, then, just a few weeks later, all of a sudden, your 18-month-old freaks out when you leave the room. Ugh, separation anxiety? Afraid of the dark? Now… you find yourself sitting with your new toddler until they fall asleep and eventually co-sleeping with them overnight because you don’t know what else to do- if you don’t, they lose their mind. Join me today on this episode as I break this sleep regression down and discuss the major shift that happens at this age.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is the 18-month sleep regression 
  • What is an 18-month-old sleep schedule
  • What are the 18-month sleep regression signs
  • Why is my 18-month-old crying uncontrollably at night
  • How do I handle 18-month sleep regression

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Podcast Episode Transcripts: