6 Baby Sleep Downloads Mom’s will APP-reciate

Sep 26, 2020

Before the rise of technology, our own moms and other moms in our community were our go-to for all things baby related. Though relationships are still a crucial part of raising a child (it will always take a village), technology has given us a gift to make motherhood a little easier. But what new mama has the time to go through numerous apps to help her on a daily basis!

I haven’t been through every app on the market, but I will share the 6 Apps that made my first year as a mom a little less chaotic. They will help you know your baby and their sleep habits, nap schedule, and sleep regressions/leaps, as you look to support their growth in this big new world.

SPROUT BABY- “the only baby app you will ever need” and since it monitors your baby’s sleeping, eating, diaper changes, activities, milestones, doctors’ visits, immunizations, medication intake, and even memories, I quite agree. Not only does it monitor, but it charts and graphs all the information is such a way that you can easily see patterns and have the assurance your baby is on track for their age and development. You can add in more than one child, sync other devices, and export information into pdf form. The navigation is easy and you can edit information already entered. With daily tips for your baby’s age, the only thing this app doesn’t do is parent your child. This app is a required purchase but well worth it and with no ads that bombard your screen. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

RELAX MELODIES: SLEEP SOUNDS- You don’t have to be a sleep consultant to know that white noise is a great resource to get kiddos to sleep and keep them asleep when external noises arise. The great thing about relax melodies is the customization of sounds that you can put into mixes. And it’s not just for kids; it includes 160+ meditations and bedtime stories that adults can use if they also struggle. I know there are many sound machines out in the market but I settled on using an old unused iPhone and the relax melodies app for a number of reasons: 1. Portability 2. Customization 3. If the power cuts out, my sound machine (aka iPhone) with a full battery will still play. Business Insider calls it” The most positively reviewed app in the history of the Apple Store” and I absolutely can see why! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

LOCAL GROCERY PICK UP/INSTACART/ WALMART GROCERY– Let’s be honest a newborn is exhausting, and in the midst of a health pandemic grocery shopping is not an ideal situation. In steps these wonderful tools, and from the comfort of your own home you can choose all the items from your grocery list, pay and have them delivered (for an extra cost) or pick them up (Instacart does not do pickup). Some of these apps even take note of items you usually purchase and make a favorites list, making finding those same items simple.  If you prefer to support local chains, check their availability for pick up orders. Instacart includes retailers like Aldi, Sams Club, CVS Pharmacy and Kroger. The convenience of this service has been a great help not only with time but staying on a budget and less tears at the checkout when that chocolate bar looks so tempting to little eyes. LIST OF ONLINE GROCERS & THEIR APP LINKS!

BABYSPARKS- Especially in the first few months I had few ideas of activities to do with my infant daughter, but more than that I wanted activities that would truly drive her development. After a little bit of searching, I found BabySparks: “A developmental expert in your pocket”. “Providing your child with a broad range of meaningful experiences helps reinforce fundamental brain connections”. To do this BabySparks gives you daily activities that are age appropriate and specific to your child’s development. With helpful step-by-step videos you can provide your baby with hours of entertainment backed by the science of learning! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

VIDEO & OR BREATHING MONITORS- Nothing is scarier to a new mama then SIDS. I know I found myself wanting to watch my baby all night long to make sure they were breathing (An example of PPA (Postpartum Anxiety) I was experiencing that I thankfully got help for). Though you know its sometimes irrational there is just an innate desire to keep your baby safe. A video and or breathing monitor can give that little extra sense of peace, because your phone or monitoring device is doing the work for you. They are also useful in knowing exactly when your baby woke up for the day/naps/overnight (if they don’t call out for you) so you are better able to work with their awake windows with complete assurance. Some video monitors have the option of letting you see your baby even when you are not home, a microphone to speak to your child, recording, etc.

There are many products out there, with different features and at different price points (Owlet, Nanit, MonBaby, Angel Care, Miku, and many more). As you search for video/breathing monitors make sure that the bluetooth range can cover the space between you and your baby and that it serves the purpose of giving both you and your baby the rest you deserve. 

THE WONDER WEEKS- Right from the best-selling book came the App with a “personalized weekly calendar of your baby’s mental development that will keep you informed about the leaps and bounds and the fussy phases of your baby”. A mama just simply wants to know when she has a fussy baby, that she is doing all she can. When you have insight into those fussy periods you have less stress about it being something other than a developmental leap. A word of caution from personal experience (due to my PPA), don’t take the calendar and make it your bible for your child’s temperament. Use this as a tool not a fortune telling device, the little rain cloud does not mean you will have a bad day so make the most of the information and remember your little one is not a robot and the app can’t plan for everything.  CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Mom Life is hard with and without these apps, but these tools became daily resources for me to help my daughter through her first year of life. I hope they may do the same for you!

My name is Liz Chapman, a Pediatric Sleep Specialist, and a member of the Tiny Transitions Slumber Squad. As a certified sleep consultant through the Institute of Pediatric Sleep Parenting, I take your child and their challenges to heart and work with families around the world to build healthy sleep habits through gentle programs, customized to each family’s goals, parenting styles, and ideals. Every baby is unique, work with someone who you can trust with your most prized possession. I offer complimentary calls – to educate you more on sleep consulting and how together, we can get your baby to sleep through the night.