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Tiny Transitions Sleep Coaching Intake Questionnaire

I’d like to ask you to take a few minutes to answer some questions about your little ones’ sleep habits, which will allow me to learn more about their current struggles and specifically what I can do to support you on your journey to sleep.

*Please respond to the questionnaire that aligns with your child’s age at the time we begin our private coaching work. 

Newborn & Infant Questionnaire

For clients with children from birth through 17 months old

Where Does Your Child Sleep?
Does Your Child Use Any of the Following?
Does your child rely on any of the following to fall asleep?
Total Screen-Time in the Day?
Is your child under the care of a nanny or daycare?

Toddler & Child Questionnaire

For clients with children + 18 Months Old

Where does your toddler / school-age child sleep?
Is your child in preschool / daycare / elementary school
Total screen-time in the day?
Does your child still nap?
Do any of the following apply to your toddler or school-age child?