How Do I Dress My Child for Sleep?

Nov 22, 2019

Baby, it’s cold outside….with the winter coming, it’s important to ensure your child is dressed for comfort when they sleep. If you are curious about what your newborn should wear to sleep, we have you covered! With so many swaddles, sleepsuits, sacks, footie pajamas and blankets on the market today, it’s hard to know just how to ensure baby won’t be over-heated or too cold on these long winter nights.

The suggested bedroom temperature for a child should be between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep. A child’s body temperature decreases to initiate sleep—and the proposed temperatures above can actually help facilitate this. If your room is cool, rather than warm, it will be much easier to shut your eyes for the night. If the room is too hot, too cold or an inconsistent, temperature, it can lead your baby to have restless sleep.

Some of my favorite sleepsuits, blankets, and swaddles are here:

Swaddle Me: The cozy fit helps your baby rest more comfortably by preventing the startle reflex that can wake your infant.

Love to Dream: This swaddle is so nice and easy. It keeps baby snug and their arms in the “over the head” position.

Muslin Blankets: Breathable, versatile and soft as a mother’s touch. When using a swaddle, you simply knot on the bottom to ensure a safe sleep environment.

Merlin Magic Sleepsuit: The Sleepsuit helps transition babies from the swaddle by providing them with a cozy, secure feeling – and helps them to manage the startle reflex that is still present the first few months of life.

HALO Wearable Blanket: This is a terrific option for babies under the age of one, who can not have anything loose in their crib. This helps ensure that they are cozy and safe for sleep.

Think of the nursery as a cave—it should be quiet, cool, and dark for the best chance at getting enough rest. No night lights, no mobiles, nothing. Just a consistent temperature and ensure their crib or bed is away from a direct vent blowing on them.

If you are still struggling and think it’s time to reach out for some help, you are in the right place & for the new parents out there, check out my Navigating Newborns Guide, which answers all of your questions for the first 12 weeks!

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