How Do I Dress My Baby When It’s 70 Degrees?

Feb 25, 2023

Getting your baby to sleep soundly is one of the biggest challenges all parents face. With the right clothing, however, you can ensure that your little one is comfortable and safe regardless of the room’s temperature. Whether you are dealing with a 70-degree room or live in a climate that varies, we have you covered. Here are some tips for dressing your baby for sleep. You’ll find the perfect outfit for bedtime, from lightweight fabrics to footed sleepers and sleep sacks.

Let’s start with what things you need to consider when dressing a baby for sleep:

Use Lightweight, Breathable Fabrics

Use lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or bamboo to ensure your baby stays comfortable throughout the night. Avoid heavier fabrics like wool and fleece, which may cause them to overheat.

Choose Clothing that is Snug but not Too Tight

This can help prevent blankets and other items from bunching up around them and becoming a potential risk for suffocation.

Avoid Loose Strings or Cords

Avoid using loose strings or cords on any garments you dress your baby in as they can also pose a choking hazard.

Use Several Thin Layers for Colder Weather

If you’re dressing your baby for colder weather, make sure to put several thin layers on instead of one thick layer. This will help regulate their body temperature better and keep them warm without causing them to overheat.

Consider Sleep Sacks or Swaddling Blankets

You may want to consider using sleep sacks or swaddling blankets for younger babies who can’t move around much yet. These items are designed to provide extra warmth without the risk of your baby getting tangled up in a blanket.

Don’t Forget to Keep Their Feet Warm

While feet may often feel cool to the touch, it’s best to use soft, non-slip socks or booties if they are not wearing pajamas with the feet attached. {Remember that we always check a baby’s temperature by feeling their back or chest, not by their feet or hands.}

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