Hiring the Best Baby Sleep Consultant – 8 Questions to Ask

Jul 5, 2023

Sleep plays a crucial role in the growth and development of babies. As a parent, ensuring your little one gets the quality sleep they need is essential for their well-being. However, many parents find themselves struggling with sleep-related challenges.

This is where a baby sleep consultant can provide invaluable guidance and support. But with so many consultants, how do you choose the best one for your baby?

In this blog, I will discuss eight essential questions to ask when hiring a baby sleep consultant, enabling you to make an informed decision based on the most important questions that new parents don’t realize they should even ask. Remember, the Baby Sleep Coaching industry isn’t regulated at all. So that means today, your dog walker is tomorrow, your baby sleep consultant. So, let’s start with that question first, shall we?

What was your sleep training and certification program?

The sleep coach certification process ensures that a sleep consultant has undergone specialized education and training to handle various sleep-related issues in infants and young children. However, it’s essential to understand that every ‘program’ is different. Some make you “certified” after just one course in 6 hours, others are really just an entrepreneur’s way to sell high-ticket coaching programs, leading you down a path of false promises to make 100K in 90 days – which, while technically possible, is highly unlikely.

Sleep consultants who have obtained certification often commit to continuing education to stay updated with the latest research, techniques, and advancements in pediatric sleep. This ongoing education ensures they can provide the most relevant and effective guidance to families seeking their expertise.

When considering a sleep consultant, inquire about their specific training program and the depth of their coursework to ensure they have received a comprehensive education in pediatric sleep.

In addition to certification, it is beneficial to explore a sleep consultant’s educational background and any additional qualifications they may possess. Degrees or certifications in child development, psychology, or nursing can further enhance a sleep consultant’s knowledge and expertise in working with infants and young children.

By asking about a sleep consultant’s training, certification, and additional qualifications, you can gain confidence in their ability to provide evidence-based guidance and support in helping your baby establish healthy sleep habits.

What is your approach to sleep training?

Different consultants may follow varying sleep training methods and philosophies. Understanding the consultant’s approach and ensuring it aligns with your parenting style is essential. Some consultants may advocate for gentle methods that gradually teach babies to self-soothe, while others may use more structured approaches.

Different sleep baby sleep consultants, depending on who they are ‘certified’ under, might only use ONE approach, even if it’s not the right one for your baby, so be clear that the method is responsive to your child’s unique personality, age, and your parenting goals. Discussing their methods will help you gauge their compatibility with your preferences.

Can you provide client references and success stories?

Requesting client references and success stories let you gain insights into the consultant’s track record. Speak to previous clients to learn about their experiences and whether they were satisfied with the consultant’s services. Success stories can provide you with a sense of the consultant’s effectiveness and their ability to address different sleep challenges.

When I first entered the field as a Sleep Sense consultant, I realized that many of the Sleep Consultants had the exact same reviews. How is that possible? They were using reviews about the sleep training philosophy, not actual work with that client; yikes.

How do you tailor sleep solutions to each baby?

Every baby is unique, and their sleep needs vary. A skilled sleep consultant understands this and tailors sleep solutions accordingly. Inquire about their assessment process to understand how they evaluate individual babies’ sleep patterns and needs. A sleep consultant who customizes sleep plans based on your baby’s temperament, age, and specific requirements is more likely to provide effective solutions.

What is your availability and support system?

Sleep training is a process that requires ongoing support and guidance. Ensure that the consultant is available for consultations and follow-ups during the sleep training journey at a frequency you are happy with. Discuss the modes of communication they offer and their responsiveness to inquiries and concerns. Having a supportive consultant by your side can make the sleep training experience smoother and more successful.

At Tiny Transitions Sleep Consulting, we have varying levels tiered to your parenting style and the amount of on-call access you want with a sleep coach. From having us in-home for the overnight to phone calls, email, and text support, there is a program that we can align with your desires.

How do you handle sleep regressions and sleep setbacks?

Sleep progress doesn’t always happen linearly, and it’s common for babies to experience regressions or setbacks. If might be time to seek sleep regression help if your baby has started to struggle with naps, bedtime or overnight. Signs of a sleep regression can be evident because of something like teething or a vacation. Other times, it can be because of a growth spurt, where middle-of-the-night wakings might return because the baby is hungry, or perhaps grandma creating a new rocking to sleep habit while you were on your weekend away at a friend’s wedding. Whatever the reason, you need to handle the sleep regression promptly so it doesn’t cause a setback in the sleep training you have done.

Inquire about the consultant’s strategies for handling such situations. A good consultant will have techniques and recommendations to help you navigate challenging times, providing reassurance and guidance to get back on track. We have ongoing “sleep coach on call” retainer packages, on-demand scheduled check-in calls, and a comprehensive graduate library to keep your baby on track. Many sleep consultants just share a PDF and well wishes.

How do you address specific sleep concerns or conditions?

If your baby has specific sleep concerns or conditions, it’s important to work with a consultant with expertise in dealing with them. Discuss your baby’s situation with the consultant and evaluate their knowledge and experience in addressing similar concerns, whether it’s reflux, colic, or any other underlying issue. Collaboration with healthcare professionals may also be necessary in some instances, which we can help you identify and refer out to for more clinical support for a snoring child, for example, which might be a concern where an ENT is needed.

Our team of Sleep Consultants has extensive backgrounds in education, lactation, OT/PT, Autism, ADHD, special needs and more, to ensure quality sleep consulting from experienced professionals.

What are your fees and cancellation policy?

Remember that discussing the financial aspects with a sleep consultant is standard and professional practice. It lets both parties understand expectations clearly and ensures a mutually beneficial arrangement. By clarifying the fee structure, additional charges, payment terms, cancellation policy, and refund policy, you can make an informed decision and avoid any potential misunderstandings or financial surprises.

Choosing the best infant sleep trainer is a decision that can significantly impact your baby’s sleep journey. By asking these eight crucial questions, you can evaluate potential consultants and make an informed choice.

Finding a consultant with the proper training, approach, and experience will provide you with the support and expertise necessary to help your baby establish healthy sleep habits. Sleep is vital for your little one’s growth and development, and with the right consultant, you can pave the way for restful nights and happy days.

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