5 Products We Love as Sleep Consultants, That Can Help Your Newborn or Infant Safely Sleep Through the Night

Oct 11, 2022

Are you a new or expecting mom who wants to set their baby up for great naps, and a calm bedtime and help them to sleep through the night as soon as they are able – then you are in the right place.

In today’s blog, I am sharing 6 of our favorite products and why we love them so much for sale sleep and to create a calm and comfortable space for your newborn or baby to sleep.

Yogasleep Sound Machine and Ohma All-in-One Baby Monitor

Where was this product 8 years ago when Max was a newborn because this product we are in LOVE with here at Tiny Transitions? As a sleep consultant, I am a huge fan of low white noise, and this one has 20 sounds PLUS the Dohm fan sound, so it’s a nice variety of calm soothing music you can have on quietly from birth through {well, we are 8 years in with two kids and still use a sound machine every night, so there is longevity in these things!} I also love the fact it’s a camera, with night vision, so after Tiny Transitions gets them sleeping through the night, you can check on them, in disbelief they are safely and deeply sleeping in their crib.

It comes with other bells and whistles that grow with them, like optional night lights for the toddler years and notifications about temperature, humidity, and that microphone when they start to call you for “one more hug!”If you need a monitor, stop Googleing and just buy this one. {No affiliate, we just love it.}

Sleepout Blackout Curtain 

Black is best. Kids sleep in darkness, it keeps their hormones in check, helps their circadian rhythm stay in alignment, and keeps them in bed until the sun rises, and in bed before the sun sets in those bright summer months. So, as you prepare the newborn nursery, add these to your list {& snag a set for yourself!}

Sleepout is new on the sleep scene and their timing is impeccable. I had the privilege of interviewing Mark and Hannah on The Kids Sleep Show Podcast and I love them and we love this product {And the new baby stuff they are releasing soon as well!}

Through especially the first 2 years, babies should sleep in total darkness these curtains are amazing to create pitch-black rooms and are easy to travel with and “pop up” at the beach or the lake. {So you can toss your old black trash bags and duct tape} and just use these!

Swaddlou – The Original Double Swaddle for Newborns

Calling all new parents – buy this now, especially if your baby spent 9 months in your belly with those arms curled up close to their heart. Speaking of heart, we fell in love with this product the day we got a sample from the Founder, Courtney Peters, who was a past client of Tiny Transitions. She had so much sleep after sleep coaching, she went on to have twins and with them, then Swaddlou was born. Read her story here.

Aside from being an amazing human, she also designed an amazing product. Newborn swaddles can be tough. Some have MASSIVE velcro, which is very VERY loud to open, especially if you are just trying to check a diaper on a sleeping baby – and this little product is a safe swaddle, with no velcro, just a few perfectly positioned snaps. Also, it’s not weighted  – which the APP says is a big no-no now. It is soft, cool fabric and double swaddle design also ensure your newborn stays snug as a bug in a rub, those arms are not busting out of this!

Between 8 & 12 weeks is when as sleep coaches we recommend you no longer swaddle your baby because there is a risk of rolling and you don’t want them to do that with their arms in. So, when you hit that point, you still have the risk of that startle reflex waking them, it is time to transition to our next favorite swaddle transition product, the Merlin.

Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit & Dream Sack

The Magic Sleepsuit is just that, magic for so many sleep coaching clients we see here. It couples perfectly with babies between 3 & 6 months who need protection from the startle, are still sleeping on their back, and who desire access to their hands or fingers for sucking. Despite the Michelin man look, children stay cool and comfortable in this amazing and soft product!

We use the Magic Sleepsuit with so many clients to complement the sleep coaching and when they are ready to transition from it, they can move right into the Dream Sack, usually around 6-9 months, and stay there for years to come, comfortably and safely. If you need a gift for someone on your list, this should be it.

The Best Crib Sheet Ever = Pottery Barn Chenille Crib Sheets

My best friend Lindsay shared these Pottery Barn Crib Sheets with me when I had my son, back in 2014, and to this day, they are still a favorite for any / all sleep coaching clients. I love them because they are SO soft, and for babies who love nuzzling something, they safely fill that void while still aligning to safe sleep guidelines of nothing in the crib but baby, something we 100% follow here at Tiny Transitions Sleep Consulting. If I could have these on our king bed without getting divorced, I would – for now, I have to settle for flannel as the seasons change here in Philadelphia.

Another bonus for these babies is they travel, so when you are in a Pack-n-Play at grandma’s, a daycare crib, a hotel-rented crib, or sleeping away at the beach on vacation, these come easily with you and provide a sense of consistency for your little one.

So, When Will My Baby Sleep Through the Night?

While I wish I could say they will once you buy these 5 things, sleep can be more complex. So, if you are in need of some amazing free sleep training, education, support, or resources, start here. We give away a ton of amazing stuff.

Better yet, book a free sleep coaching call with a member of our team and discuss your own challenges and how we can help.