Do Nighttime Baths Help Your Baby Sleep?

Why Baths Help Prep For Sleep

Beyond the soothing warm water, baths bring blood to the surface of your skin, a mechanism called vasodilation. So getting out of the bath is what really sets you up for good sleep: your blood vessels are still open, and your core body temperature drops slightly after being in toasty water.

Why A Bedtime Routine Is Crucial

Babies can start to recognize patterns and routines around eight weeks old. They will begin to recognize the series of events that leads to sleep. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it needs consistency.

When To Incorporate Baths Into Your Nightly Routine

The World Health Organization recommends waiting 24 hours before bathing your newborn. After that, it’s still only sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls off. Most newborns don’t love bath time anyways.

Other Bedtime Routine Tips

When your little one should be preparing for sleep, dim the indoor lights in their bedroom and shut the curtains (preferably blackout curtains). This visual cue will help trigger melatonin production to keep them on an appropriate sleep schedule.

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