Can’t Sleep? 7 Signs You Need A Pediatric Sleep Coach

1. Your Sleep Deprivation Is Negatively Impacting Your Life

If your baby’s sleep pattern negatively affects your family’s routine, relationships, or mental well-being, it’s time to seek professional help. Your outlook and family will flourish with the right help.

2. If You Don’t Have A Handle On Your Baby’s Sleep

If you have an increasingly fussy baby that will not sleep, are at a loss at what else to try, or are simply at your wit’s end, a sleep coach can save your sanity, keep you from spending hours reading less-than-effective sleep help books, and help your baby get their much-needed rest.

3. You Want Assistance Gently Changing Your Baby’s Sleep Habits

If you are cosleeping and want to move away from that or to wean your overnight feeds, it can be nearly impossible to do this in a gentle manner by yourself. A sleep consultant will help you keep at it, avoid sleep crutches or backsliding, and guide the sleep plan at a comfortable pace for your chosen parenting style.

4. Sleep Training On Your Own Didn’t Take

Typically a sleep coach is not the first approach to fixing a sleep issue. If you’ve attempted Ferber or cry-it-out sleep training with no success, or you’ve hit a speed bump because of regression, or your little one got sick, a sleep consultant can reassure you, help troubleshoot, and get you all back on track.

5. You Need Pediatric Sleep Regression Solutions

Suppose you did successfully sleep train, or your little one is one of the few that’s always slept through the night, and now you’ve hit a regression where sleep for everyone goes out the window. Sleep specialists will have recommendations not only for nighttime but for things to implement during the day to help you get through this and future sleep regressions.

6. You’re A Single Parent

Plenty of parents with partners and family support still struggle with their baby’s sleep, so it’s even more challenging if you’re doing it alone. If your partner travels for work, is away on a military assignment, or it’s always been just you and your mini-me, a sleep coach can fill that gap to ensure you get the critical rest to be present for your baby during the day.

7. You Have Special Circumstances

Medical Issues: If your child has a medical issue that affects their ability to feed, breathe, or digest properly, this is bound to  impact their sleep. Alternative Work Routines: Perhaps you travel a lot for your job, so your baby frequently sleeps in different locations. Continued...

Co-Parenting: If you and your partner are separated and sharing custody, changes in your little one’s environment can lead to bad sleep habits. Multiples: Having more than one baby at a time can increase your sleep problems exponentially.

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