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Slumber Made Simple℠ Crash Course

Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel and get sleep working for your family? I have created a very short crash course that explains the concept behind Slumber Made Simple™. I share how to get started implementing the Slumber Made Simple™ Philosophy and how to recapture rest for everyone.

The result? You will be able to make an immediate shift in the way you view how your child sleeps. These changes will make bedtime smoother, help your child sleep through the night, and finally allow you to take some well-deserved unplugged time for self-care.

Slumber Made Simple

When your sleep solution is designed using the Slumber Made Simple™ Process:

There is a natural flow, ease, and grace because you are working WITH the natural personality of your sweet bundle of joy.

Sleep success is obtained at an accelerated rate and as a result of the coaching your little one on the skill of how to be a terrific sleeper, something every child can learn.
A happy and rested family creates an enjoyable environment for everyone. Rest is the best medicine, next to the laughter of course.

You eliminate “cry-it-out” tactics that are not necessary because we focus on understanding the root issues, making adjustments and tailoring the program to your family, the reality of your day-to-day and balance in your life.

You sleep. Your child sleeps. You get your life back.

Slumber Made Simple℠

There are a lot of sleep consultants, sleep books, sleep experts, and sleep solutions that claim to help your children sleep well. Some do exactly as promised. The solutions work in the short -term, but as children grow, developmental milestones are attained, it can create a repetitive cycle of bedtime battles, trouble settling, and sleepless nights, throughout their formative years.

That model doesn’t work for me. And it doesn’t work for my clients. So, I created a revolutionary new sleep program, building an independent sleeper for life, and allowing you to create the life you desire most for your family.

The Slumber Made Simple™ Philosophy is a framework for uniquely designing, supporting and transforming your children’s sleep habits in a matter of days.

Slumber Made Simple™ is unlike anything that is being taught in the pediatric sleep market today and is dramatically increasing the success and sleep in families just like yours.