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Meet Stephanie Raduazzo

Pediatric  Sleep Consultant from Long Island, New York

Stephanie Raduazzo

Hi, I'm Stephanie Raduazzo

Pediatric Sleep Specialist


I am a Certified Sleep Consultant with Tiny Transitions and I live on Long Island, NY with my husband and our two kids. I have my degree in Elementary Education and have always worked in child care. Since having my daughter two years ago, I decided I wanted to stay at home and care for her. It was during that time that I saw what chronic sleep deprivation can do to a person. My daughter would not sleep and I had no idea what to do. I found myself searching the internet for ways to get a baby to sleep. I was lost. It was 3am, and I was alone.

I decided from those sleepless nights that I wanted to provide something better for new mothers. I wanted to support their journey and align with a career that balances my experience with my passion – helping children to sleep well. 


It is amazing what can be accomplished with the right sleep. During all of my research on baby sleep, I developed a passion for supporting new mothers who have children that struggle to sleep well. Sleepless nights are not a badge of honor. I want to support and provide education to help tired parents know that sleep can be their superpower too.

Today, I am passionate about providing gentle, proven, evidence-based programs that are tailored to your individual family and situation.  Sleep-filled nights are achievable and I would be honored to help you get there. 

Being a Sleep Consultant is near and dear to me, as I too have seen the impact that sleep deprivation can have and while I locally service the New York metro area in-home, I work with clients virtually around the world! 

Book a call with me today and discover the steps that will transform sleepless nights into peaceful ones. 

Stephanie Raduazzo

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