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Meet Sharlene Ferrin

Pediatric  Sleep Consultant from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   

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Hi, I'm Sharlene Ferrin

Pediatric Sleep Specialist

Hi, I am Sharlene Ferrin and I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but still proudly call myself a Bostonian. I became a Physician Assistant in 1984 because I wanted to work in the Women’s Health Care field and loved doing it. I only stopped working in it to keep my husband’s company when he retired, but I really missed that connection with parents and the education part of my work. 

As a  Physician Assistant specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology, I saw and heard on a daily basis the exhaustion and frustration of new parents dealing with the struggles of getting their children to sleep.  When I had my daughter at age 38 and needed to go back to work, the importance of sleep became paramount for me. At 6 weeks she began to wake and only nursed for a few seconds for comfort. That is when I knew she no longer needed a nighttime feeding. So, I told her she needed to sleep through the night. After just a few nights struggle (one night where I threatened to kill her father if he took her out of her crib!) she learned to self soothe and became a great sleeper! She is now an adult who is still a great sleeper and still loves a good nap!


As more information comes out about the importance of sleep, how it impacts all our lives and abilities to work and learn, I have become more and more interested in the field. As I have always been committed to working with parents, becoming a sleep consultant has become an exciting and natural transition for me. We all need a good night sleep as parents and our children need a good night sleep too! I am excited about educating and helping parents teach their children to become good sleepers.

Being a Sleep Consultant is near and dear to me, as I too have seen the impact that sleep deprivation can have and while I locally service the Philadelphia, PA metro area in-home, I work with clients virtually around the world! 

Feel free to contact me so we can discuss your needs and develop a personalized sleep plan to help your family sleep better and enjoy each day.

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If sleep has evaded your family for too long,  it’s time for us to chat. 

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