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The Slumber Squad

Meet Melanie Sawyers

Pediatric  Sleep Consultant from Nashville, TN / Bowling Green, KY

Melanie Sawyers

Hi, I'm Melanie Sawyers

Pediatric Sleep Specialist


Hey, y’all! My name is Melanie and I am so happy to be a part of the amazing Slumber Squad! I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in Child Studies and a minor in Family Studies in 2018, and I went on to become a Director of Child Care. It wasn’t until I became a mom myself that I realized my passion for sleep consulting. After eight months of my baby boy consistently waking multiple times through the night and working a full-time job myself, I knew there had to be something I could do to fix my situation. Sure enough, after working with a Sleep Consultant, he was sleeping through the night within a week! I was instantly intrigued by the science of sleep and the opportunity to change babies’ and parents’ lives. I’ve known in my heart since I was a little girl that one day, I would get the chance to help families in some way, and I am so thankful for this journey! I am beyond excited to help you and show you that sleeping through the night shouldn’t have to be something you only dream about!


It is amazing what can be accomplished with the right sleep. Helping families to build a baby who can settle independently at bedtime, sleep through the night, and most importantly, wake-up happy and refreshed (along with momma) is such a passion of mine. 

I want to provide the tools, knowledge, and support to help your little one to move from a sleepy-mess to having sleep success. My gentle sleep training approach, customized programs to meet your family where they are, and experience will get you to your sleep goals now. 

Being a Sleep Consultant is near and dear to me, as I too have seen the impact that sleep deprivation can have and while I locally service the Nashville, TN / Bowling Green, KY metro area in-home, I work with clients virtually around the world! 

Book a call with me today and discover the steps that will transform sleepless nights into peaceful ones. 

Melanie and Bennett

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Sleep Success Testimonials

Melanie was able to help us figure out a suitable sleeping as well as feeding schedule for my son! He was struggling to sleep through the right without waking for a bottle, and after a few days, it was like he’d been doing it all along! She was always available for questions (as well as emotional support haha) and was very prompt and professional. I highly suggest her for your sleep needs!


5 Months Old, Nashville, TN

I had started sleep training my son but was having a really difficult time weaning night feedings. He was waking up 2-3 times throughout the night. I also needed help in figuring out naps and wake windows. Then I reached out to Melanie. She was very quick to get back to me and had me fill out a very detailed questionnaire. She got back to me with a sleep schedule and great tips in less than 24 hours! Once I implemented her advice I had a baby sleeping through the night in 3 nights! I would highly recommend working with Melanie. She’s very knowledgeable, responsive, and just a joy to talk to. Thank you so much, Melanie! This sleep schedule has truly helped me and also has given me a well-rested and happier baby!


5 Months Old, Bowling Green, KY

“We have been using the schedule Melanie made for us for 2.5 days and it has been perfect! He has been so easy to put down for the night. When he does wake up for feedings, he immediately goes back to sleep! Thank you for everything!” – Allyson


7 Months Old, Chicago, IL

“Melanie was able to help us figure out a suitable sleeping as well as feeding schedule for my son! He was struggling to sleep through the right without waking for a bottle, and after just a couple of days, it was like he’d been doing it all along!”


10 Months Old, Colorado Springs, CO

Certified Sleep Consultant

If sleep has evaded your family for too long,  it’s time for us to chat. 

We’ll create the individualized plan you need to turn your sleepless nights around.