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Meet Jodi Gaunt

Pediatric  Sleep Consultant from Scottsdale, Arizona   

Jodi Gaunt, Sleep Consultant Arizona

Hi, I'm Jodi Gaunt

Pediatric Sleep Specialist


As an occupational therapist with over 13 years of experience in all stages of human development I know sleep is crucial to quality of life. I have a background working with clients from infancy to 100+ years old in both medical and educational settings. My passion is to work directly with families in order to build therapeutic rapport and create individual interventions for the idiosyncrasies of each family dynamic.

Combining my expertise in pediatric development, and creativity that comes with the territory as an occupational therapist, I would be honored to work with your family to create and maintain quality sleep interventions for more meaningful and rejuvenated days! 


I am originally from Pennsylvania and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in March 2021. I am “East Meets West” and I understand how this simple phrase should correlate with the rhythm of our days. In other words, we should awake refreshed with the morning sun rising in the East and we should turn in for the night with the sun gently setting in the West. I am thoroughly enjoying time in the West as I explore hiking and yoga in this new setting and greatly appreciate falling asleep at night only to awake refreshed and ready to begin a new day with the rising sun each morning.

Jodi & Don

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