The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program

Scale Your Sleep Consulting Business to the Next Level

With step by step guidance from a sleep consultant who has done exactly what you want to do. 

You’re a wizard when it comes to sleep

It’s your passion, it’s your wheelhouse and it feels like THE thing you were meant to do with your life.

And hello – that is so beautiful.  Everyone should be so lucky.

But no one told you how hard the business of building a business was going to be.  

No one taught you HOW to take that knowledge about sleep and turn it into an actual, limitless income. 

The amount of moving pieces is almost paralyzing to think about:

  • Outreach
  • System Overwhelm
  • Social Media
  • Videos
  • Writing Emails
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Social Selling
  • Funnels
  • Course building
  • Getting clients

It’s a laundry list of actions and tactics that leave you with SO many questions.  And rightly so.

Plus, hiring an expert for all of these alone would be more than your annual income.

If you’re like a lot of sleep consultants, you’re giving so much of yourself to this business because you’re committed to its success.

  • Showing up on social
  • Building a website that is DRIVING BUSINESS
  • Blogging and sharing your voice
  • Making Videos to reach more people
  • Trying to do outreach + build connections

You’re putting yourself out there, but none of it is working  as well as you’d hoped, and it’s time for something to change.

Because the bottom line is this:

You need more clients… consistently.

The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program
The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Courtney…

I’m over here nodding my head because I was overwhelmed.

I was paralyzed too, and my head was spinning with a million questions  in the beginning of my business.

  • Where do I start to find clients?
  • How do I even build a course?
  • How can I make social media EASY and not painful?
  • What can I do to get more opt-ins?
  • What’s a funnel?
  • Should I be calling Physicians? How do I do that?
  • What the heck is SEO and how do I make it work for me?

I could go on, but at this point, you’re probably nodding too.

Building a sleep consulting business isn’t easy and it’s not without work.  I spent years figuring out all of the details from sales, content, data scraping, outreach, websites, to team building and course building. 

Today, 8 years later, I have a team of 10+, a new app coming to the market soon, and we’ve helped over 50,000 families with sleep.

Today I smile every time I think about the fact that the business I dreamt of is a reality. 

And that’s what I want for you. 

The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program
The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program

Sleep Coach Success Lab™

I have taken my 8 years of Sleep Consulting experience and created

a step-by-step process to design your Sleep Consulting business so that it is not only life-changing for your clients – but it brings you both the time and financial freedom that will change YOUR life.

Introducing the Sleep Coach Success Lab®

The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program

The only program on the market that combines extensive sleep knowledge with action-based business strategy – regardless of your business background.

Everything you need to know, every step you need to take, and everything you DON’T need to do to grow your Sleep Consulting Business.

At the end of the Success Lab, you’ll know exactly how to

     Position, price, and package your offers to maximize your revenue

    Attract your ideal customer so that you never have to wonder where they’ll come from – ever again

    Build strategic relationships with local providers + pediatricians – so that you’re getting referrals on repeat

    Master social media and content so that your ideal client falls in love with you – without burning yourself out in the process

    Launch your own podcast to expand your reach across the globe

    Design an email marketing process that both nurtures your prospects and re-engages your customers for years to come – so that you are not only generating new business but also repeat business


    “Above & beyond the best money spent on coaching. 

    Because you are a sleep consultant, it makes the world of a difference versus a generic business coach who just tries to understand the business and then implement. You’ve been in the business long enough to know specifically what a sleep consultant needs to do and not only what to do but you teach us how to do it, where most coaches don’t. BEST. MONEY. SPENT in my 4 years of having running my business!”

    Kala Guichard

    Kala Guichard
    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program

    Included in the Sleep Coach Success Lab

    12 Months of Coaching Directly with Courtney

    Complete Library of Training, Resources, and Step by Step tutorials

    Live Bi-Weekly training

    Weekly Open Coaching Calls Live with Courtney

    2 x Private 1-on-1 Strategy Calls Each Month with Courtney

    Monthly Guest Speakers

    Monthly Networking Events

    A Private Community

    Complimentary Access for Your Direct Team Members

    Exclusive Rights to Repurpose Copyrighted Content + Materials

    *1:1 What’s App Coaching options with Courtney

    *Annual Sleep Consultant Conference Access

    *VIP Half & Full Day options

    “Courtney is the Coach You NEED.

    I have hired many coaches in my years and learned lots but Courtney is the real deal, she is willing to dig deep and find a solution to your problem to help you keep moving forward. Courtney has a lot of experience and knowledge from past experiences that gives her an advantage compared to other coaches. Oh, and did I mention that she is the best?! She really makes sure your investment is going to improve your business and she really cares about the overall success. Thanks Courtney!

    Brooke Hohenadel

    Let’s Look at What We Will Cover 


    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program


    Get Your Back-End Systems in Order

    We are chatting about all things CRM, newsletters, integrations and more.  You’ll learn exactly how to structure your technology stack to support you on your journey, and answer questions like….

    • Is my website optimized for conversions?
    • Do I have the right Client Management Portal in place?
    • How do I optimize my lead & customer workflow automation?
    • Does my newsletter software allow for segmentation?
    • Do I have the right {or any} nurture sequence in place?
    • Can I systematize things to save me time?

    The wrong technology stack can significantly disrupt your productivity and impact your bottom line. We will deep dive into your unique systems and align them with your goals to ensure you have the right back-end in place and optimized.


    Creating an Opt-In That Crushes It

    Sharing my own arsenal of 12+ proven opt-ins, specific to new parents and the pain points they encounter in those first years.  We’re including ebooks, freebies that tired parents will love, charts, guides and so much more. You can rebrand all of these for your own use AND I’ll teach you what to do with all of them.

    • Which target am I segmenting with this opt-in?
    • Do I have the right freebies, broken out by age & stage?
    • How do I write and implement a nurture sequence?
    • What does my ascension pyramid look like? 
    • How much is TOO much to give away?

    I will coach you on this as we kick -off, because it will radically transform your approach to new potential clients and help you build a strong prospect and referral base. 


    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program


    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program


    Building Your Local Referral Provider Network

    Learn how to connect to your local network and design a web of partners who are more than happy to refer you.  We’ll give you outreach letters, brochures, rack cards and so much more to make building your partner network easy.

    • How do I approach a doctor or provider?
    • Who are the best practitioners to reach out to?
    • How I build my local list? {Don’t worry – we do that for you as a party of the program!}
    • Customize one of our templates & get started right away
    • Review the setup and tracking of referrals in the system
    • Design appealing programs to keep and attract partners

    Between 65% & 85% of all new business comes from referrals. With a proper strategy in place, you can keep your pipeline full. 


    Building a Profitable Facebook Group that Converts

    Dive into the Live Launch method and build a community that converts on auto-pilot with live weekly coaching, hotseats, collateral, training and more.  The power of a Facebook group is real, and extremely profitable.

    • What type of Facebook group should I setup? 
    • Should I ask questions when people join?
    • How do I fill the Facebook Group? 
    • How often do I have to go live?
    • How do you track the new members? 

    This is always my favorite module to teach and in it, I will answer all of the above questions and more, showing you exactly how to map out the on-boarding, communication and execution of a Facebook Community that can be extremely profitable when done properly. 


    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program


    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program


    Pricing, Packaging & Positioning Your Offer Stack to Scale

    In this module, we’ll teach you how to build your offer stack in a way that you are positioned and packaged to naturally close more sales – and be irresistible to your audience.

    • What freebies do I give away?
    • How do I segment them by age?
    • What should my low-ticket, high volume offer be?
    • Am I charging enough? 
    • Do I have the right boundaries in place for my business?
    • Do people buy on price or value? 
    • How do I use sales psychology to structure offerings. 
    • How do I tier to scale? 

    The proper pricing, positioning and packaging of your offers could be the key to smashing those business goals, and I will ensure you are set up with the right offer for each type of buyer. 


    Building a Team of Sleep Consultants & Hiring an Intern 

    You’ll learn how to know when it’s time to hire, the pitfalls to avoided and how to maximize your revenue with a team motivated to earn. We’ll teach you everything from contracts to lead routing to compensation and so much more. 

    • How do I know I am ready to hire?
    • When is the right time to grow my team?
    • What should I look for when hiring
    • Do I need to train them too even if they are certified? 
    • Are they employees or subcontractors? 
    • Do they need their own insurance?
    • How do I write a job description?
    • What will the intern do?

    Growing a team is going to be one of the easiest ways to expand and scale. Through years of experience into what works and what didn’t, I cut through the noise and save you a lot of wasted time and energy as you look to expand. 


    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program


    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program


    Social Selling & Converting More Sales Calls

    Social selling can feel a bit slimy, but we’re teaching you how to slide into the DM’s with value, expertise and convert more clients in the process.

    • How do I approach the DM’s?

    • Is there a way to avoid the junk DM folder?

    • How much do I share vs. moving them over to a call?

    • Do you have sample scripts you can share for the direct message approach? 

    • How do I create value without giving it all away? 
    • What if people are only freebie-seekers?

    Social media isn’t going away. You need to get comfortable with conversations across social channels, and design a comfortable but effective approach to selling in this fashion. I will teach you how to drive clients, new referrals and more revenue with the right message. 


    Maximize Your Content for SEO

    I’ll teach you how to use the right content strategy, keyword research, tools and content writing structure so that your SEO is doing the work for you and bringing new clients into your business with organic reach.

    • How long should my blog post be?
    • Do I have the right keyword strategy in place? 
    • How often should I blog?
    • Where do I understand what topics to write about?
    • Should I use a blog that I bought or was offered to me?
    • What’s the different between a video and written blog?
    • Should I hire an SEO expert?

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the foreground for how you rank, where you rank and what traffic gets sent your way. With Paid Ads revenue dying off THIS section is one of the most important to help you stay relevant.  


    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program


    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program


    Pitch Perfect – Get Published

    Dive into this detailed training on how to get yourself into publications, the format for pitching, and the step by step of navigating the world of getting exposure through publications.

    • How do I get published on national media outlets?
    • Is there a cost to getting PR or can I do it myself?
    • How do I structure my pitch to get picked up?
    • What is the process to pitch my local news station?
    • Why do I care about being published? 
    • Does being published help my SEO?

    In this module, we will dive into how to find unique ways to approach outlets and find stories that you can speak to as an expert in the space. Ready to see your name hit Google News? Past Sleep Coach Success Lab went from never being in the news to being published on MindBodyGreen, Forbes, Today and more using this approach! 



    Build an Amazing Referral Program

    Tap into the power of a referral network by harnessing the love of your previous clients, practitioners, friends, and family to keep your funnel packed.

    • How do I get people to want to refer me if they weren’t a client?
    • What is the best way to ask closing clients for a referral?
    • Do I compensate referrals?
    • Should I start an affiliate program?
    • How do I reach bloggers to refer ME to their community?

    Referrals as the key to between 65% and 82% of new revenue in your small business. You want to wow potential practitioners, service your active clients to they refer you and set up a stream of new referrals business partners through the power of the right connection and strategic alliances. 


    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program


    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program


    Building a Course, a Podcast & Vlog Creation, Editing & Execution

    In this module you’ll learn the start to finish process of designing your course and scaling it while YOU sleep.  This is your complete guide to course building. Next,learn the step by step of creating a podcast, the technical needs, recording, intros, outtakes, calls to actions, sponsors and the A to Z of building a podcast that scales with ease. 

    Finally, learn how to start leveraging video. Video is more important now than ever before.  You’ll get a comprehensive walk through recording and editing, as well as how to repurpose one piece of content across multiple platforms – all so you can grow your following and maximize your reach.

    • What type of course / eBook / Group Coaching should I do?
    • How do I setup the automation and payment process?
    • Do I need fancy equipment to do this? {No} 
    • How to I setup the Podcast to double as a funnel of amazing SEO driven content on my website. 

    This module will have you streamlining your marketing materials across multiple channels and streams to rapidly expand your reach. 

    MODULE 12

    What if you never had to build another newsletter BUT had an evergreen email sequence to cover 52 weeks of the year!

    Plus a Bonus of Social Media Content Planning & Scheduling for the Year

    We kick off with a 52 week evergreen nurture sequence. Then, we dive in, to master social media in this guide to content.  Build a solid social media plan complete with content and hashtag research. We’ll include tutorials on Canva, over 200 hashtags, 50+ Reels Topics customized for Sleep Consultants and more. 

    • How do I plan the right content for a year?
    • Where do I start with # research?
    • Reels vs. Post engagement
    • What’s the right time to post?
    • Do I need a Social Media Manager? 

    The world of social media, organic reach and the ever-changing platforms that are ‘trending’ can be overwhelming. Don’t get stuck in a rut, with no clear plan. Through my approach, I will show you my EXACT one to many approach for planning, content and social media management that will save you HOURS a week. 


    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program

    Awesome course! I wish I would have had this information when I first started out as a sleep consultant

    but it is so incredibly valuable to me at this point in my career managing a team. The systems I was using before (17Hats) worked fine when it was just me and was somewhat manual with a small team. But as I continued to grow it just became unsustainable and the amount of time I would spend doing tedious manual tasks was not at all an effective use of my time. Courtney’s class has helped me automate my systems and learn even more about how to market my company.

    Kaley Medina

    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program

    Sleep Coach Success Lab Program Options

    Get Started in the Lab®

    Membership Level

    Mastermind Level

    Unstoppable Level

    “Working with Courtney has been the ‘kick up the butt’ I so desperately needed to start to take my business to the next level.

    The sheer volume of resources shared and Courtney’s expertise in the world of business automation and marketing makes this a course that you’ll regret not doing”.

    Louise Duncan

    Louise Duncan


    Have a question?


    These are just a few questions about the Sleep Coach Success Lab that I have answered, to help you feel confident in your decision to make a change today. 

    How much time will I need to commit to this to see the results?

    That depends on your pace, work hours, and how quickly you want to increase your revenue and expand your business. Like anything in life, you get out what you put into it.

    What if I can't join the live sessions because of my timezone?

    All training, education, and coaching calls are recorded and posted to the community so that you can watch them when it suits you best and still achieve the results you desire from the program. There will be hot seats and open calls each month that will support a global community, please reach out if you are concerned.

    Why do I need the Sleep Coach Success Lab?

    Most business coaching programs focus on ONE thing. Closing sales, your pricing, building a course. In this 1-of-a-kind program, we focus on it all {for the price of just one of those other programs….} This program is designed to ensure you skyrocket to success launching what feels right to you to continue to scale. 

    Most business coaches are missing 2 critical elements for Sleep Coaches:  1. They don’t have experience as a sleep coach and therefore don’t have that insider view of the business 2. Most business coaches teach one piece of business, while this program is a well-rounded, comprehensive program designed for sleep coaches, BY a sleep coach.  Who better to guide you than the person who has walked in your exact shoes?

    When are the live coaching calls?

    There are live calls each week during the program and they vary between daytime and evening hours EST, to support our global participants in the program. All of the live coaching calls are recorded and made available to you in the portal. 

    Are the live calls on Zoom?

    Yes, all live coaching calls are on Zoom and are also recorded. 

    Do I really get to ask you questions on the live call? Or is it done via a chat bot?

    It’s me, live on the calls – each and every time. There are many opportunities to get coaching on the live calls or anytime in the Private Facebook community. 

    Do we have 1:1 coaching time with you?

    Yes! This program includes 2 x private coaching calls with me each month {12 in total}, that you schedule each month – so we can ensure you are reaching those goals that you have set for yourself.

    How do I ask questions if I can't make the live call?

    No problem, just submit your questions ahead of time, I’ll answer them live and you can watch the replay. All coaching sessions are recorded and uploaded to the community the next day. You also have access to me via the Private FB group as well. 

    Do you offer refunds if I don't get the desired results or if I don’t like the program?

    I encourage you to read this sales page carefully, as we do not offer refunds for any reason.  The reality here is that running a business and building a scalable business takes time, it takes commitment and I can’t force you to do the work.

    Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes, you can choose to pay in full or through a payment plan over the duration of the program. 

    Still not sure if this is for you?

    Still not sure if this is for you?  Click Here schedule a call with Courtney to chat about how this program could benefit your business and long-term goals as a sleep consultant.

    The Sleep Coach Success Lab® Program

    Here’s the Thing

    This is not going to be for you if you’re not willing to work. No matter what other business coaches might say, nothing happens overnight – it takes work, time, commitment and a desire to TRY. 

    BUT, if you’re still here, then my guess would be that you’re not the type of person who gives up easily, and the success of your business is so important to you that you’re willing to put in the time.

    That’s what it takes.

    Wherever you are in the process of building your sleep coaching business, the good news is that in 12 months, your business could be unrecognizable, in a good way.