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Welcome to the ONLY Pediatric Sleep Consultant Business Coaching Program designed to make you the “go-to” baby sleep coach in your area.



  • You are passionate about sleep and has seen first-hand how life-changing a child who sleeps well can be and wants to share that with the world.
  • You are looking to build a career that is lucrative and offer you the freedom and flexility to be with your children and work when it’s convenient for you. 
  • You are desiring a lifestyle and career where you want to make a difference and help to positively impact so many parents who struggle with sleep. 


Get ready, because we are going to help you create the life you desire for yourself and your family through sleep coaching.



Lauren Nosal

“Working with Tiny Transitions under Courtney Zentz was the best decision I made for my sleep consulting business. The training was comprehensive, easy to follow and allowed flexibility with my schedule as a busy mom. Most importantly it gave me the confidence to start helping families right away. In my first month, I easily and confidently supported 2 moms, one with a 5 month old and the other with their 2 year old. The training thoroughly prepared me to take on clients with children of all ages.” – Lauren

Are You Passionate about Sleep and Its Importance?

Do you dream of a career helping other parents like you to raise children who are rested, happy and healthy?

Do you want the flexibility to be with your family and have a lucrative career helping parents?

Are you tired of the hustle of your corporate gig and the 60 minutes a day you see your family? {trust me, I was there}

Are you interested in financial freedom and independence?

As you look to build your business, you will work directly with Courtney Zentz, the Founder and CEO of Tiny Transitions, to provide you with a complete and comprehensive sleep education, mentoring and in-depth business coaching program, in a high-touch and highly customized way. 

If it sounds like a fit, you can set up a time to learn more about this life-changing opportunity to teach gentle but effective sleep coaching techniques to tired parents around the world.

Build a business you are passionate about.

Expand your current business into supporting pediatric sleep challenges.

Make a lucrative income as a Baby Sleep Consultant.

Be Your Own Boss & Work on Your Time. 

Sleep Consultant Advanced Business Coaching Program Overview

Part 1: The Live 3-Day Virtual Workshop

This 3-day live workshop, {which is also recorded}, run by Founder Courtney Zentz, to launch you into the world of becoming a child sleep coach, while helping you to quickly accelerate and build a strong foundation of knowledge around pediatric sleep.

The Foundations of Sleep & Building a Sleep Consulting Business

  • The Role of a Sleep Professional
  • Building a Business of Sleep
  • The Science of Pediatric Sleep
  • Sleep Research and Statistics
  • Setting a Sleep Foundation
  • Managing Boundaries & Emotions
  • Building a 5 ⭐️ Referral Program
  • Methods of Sleep Training
  • Supporting Newborns
  • Working with Infants & Toddlers
  • Working with School-Age Children
  • Breastfeeding & Sleep Success
  • Designing their ‘Ideal’ Day
  • Back to Work Sleep Transitions
  • Sleep Coaching Programs
  • Designing Your Offerings
  • Sleep Consultant Differentiation
  • A Facebook Group that Converts
  • Master on Camera Presence
  • Building a Book of Business
  • Getting Published & Partnerships

Part 2: Self-Paced Interactive Online Program

With over 100 hours of self-paced videos, taught directly by founder Courtney Zentz, alongside postpartum, pediatric and wellness experts, this is the most comprehensive sleep consultant certification program on the market today. You will have a complete pediatric sleep education and be able to offer services to children of all ages, or niche down into a specialized field of child sleep coaching. You will learn lactation support, postpartum hair loss, postpartum anxiety and depression, infant massage, sensory processing, working with children who have special needs and so much more. 

A Comprehensive Pediatric Sleep Education 

  • Newborn Sleep Needs

  • Selecting the Right Swaddle

  • Balancing Intake & Sleep 

  • The Newborn Witching Hour

  • Crafting a Newborn Program

  • Support for New Parents

  • Fed is Best

  • Sleep Sacks, Swaddles & Blankets

  • Balancing Intake & Sleep 

  • The Newborn Witching Hour

  • Postpartum Anxiety

  • Postpartum Hair Loss

  • Postpartum Exercise
  • Pacifiers & Sleep Training

  • Short Naps

  • Breastfeeding / Pumping Overview

  • Reflux & Colic

  • Moving Milk Away from Overnight

  • Dream Feedings

  • Children with Special Needs

  • Nap Transitions

  • Early Morning Wakings

  • Short Naps

  • Habit vs. Hunger

  • Co-Sleeping or Bed-Sharing

  • Transitions to Solids
  • Daycare & Caregiver Management

  • Daylight Savings Time

  • Night Terrors

  • False Starts at Bedtime

  • Sleep Sacks, Swaddles & Blankets

  • Teething

  • Crib to Bed Transition

  • When Do I Drop the Nap

  • When a Client Isn’t Seeing Results

  • Separation & Divorce

  • Trusting Your Gut

  • Setting Up the Closing for Success

  • Sugar & Sleep

Part 3: Live Coaching and Mentorship with Courtney Zentz

You have set a solid foundation, you have learned and feel confident about sleep, now you need to understand what it takes to grow and scale a company, from the ground up. During this 12 Month program, you will design, build, launch and scale your own business as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, coaching babies and toddlers to better sleep.

Comprehensive Business Design, Implementation and Launch Support

  • Company Naming & Ownership
  • Protecting Your Assets & Name
  • Website Hosting & Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Client Management System
  • Liability Insurance
  • Client Contracts & Form
  • Affiliate & Referral Systems
  • Building Your Free Opt-In
  • Designing a Funnel that Converts
  • Levering the Power of Surveys
  • Build Profitable Facebook Group
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Selling and Sales
  • Mastering Content Creation
  • Become the Local Expert
  • Launching a Podcast®
  • Writing a Book 
  • Building a Masterclass
  • Launching a Course
  • Scaling Your Team
  • Pitching to News & Media
  • Facebook Ads
  • Canva & Social Design  
Liz Chapman

“I have not only been certified through the Pediatric Sleep Coach School but also through another sleep consultant institution. I can honestly say the Pediatric Sleep Coach School gave me more support, constant education, and better material to properly support tired parents! The quality and direct access to Courtney makes a real difference!” – Liz

The Pediatric Sleep Coach School

is the World’s Most Comprehensive Sleep Consultant Certification

Through the Pediatric Sleep Coach School Certification, we will not only build you a solid pediatric sleep education, we show you how, step-by-step to build a profitable business – with all the training you need – all available in one place – to build the business you desire. 

Finally Build Your Dream and Live the Life You Desire

Coach | Interested? Let’s chat | Tiny Transitions Sleep Solutions



As an author, speaker and coach, I am on a mission to change the way the world views sleep and provide accessible resources for all families to build healthy sleep habits in their homes.

Sleep is the foundation for which the house is built and through my companies, Tiny Transitions, and the Pediatric Sleep Coach School. I partner with companies, families, and postpartum organizations from around the world to teach healthy, sleep habits to infants, children, and adults. 

Named as a Top 200 Sleep Professional in the United States, and a frequent contributor to world-class news and media outlets as their ‘go-to’ sleep expert, I aim to bring the joy and rest back into parenting.

Lauren Nosal

“Becoming a sleep consultant changed my life. This job has given me the flexibility to be with my children more, an opportunity to do what I am so passionate about and make a great living. I wouldn’t trade this career for anything!” – Rosie

Be more happy and present at home.

Enjoy the flexibility in setting your own schedule.

Build a side hustle, or say goodbye to the corporate world like I did and never look back while earning more and stressing less.

Get fulfillment in a career where you are helping people during the most vulnerable time in their lives.

Complete onboarding, education, training, mentoring, and ongoing coaching as you build your dream business.

This is not a DIY course with a bunch of videos and 1 call a month. This is detailed, supportive, personalized, and private education, support and strategy, tailored to you.

I teach you pediatric sleep. 

I teach you business. 

All of it. 

In this program, I provide you with all the tools, templates, materials, and content that I spend years designing, perfecting, and testing in the market, to move leaps and bounds in my company. It’s all here and ready for you.

Build a Business that Gets You Featured On

Thrive Global

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Science And Regulation Around Being A Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach?

Pediatric Sleep Coaching is a consulting practice that is in an unregulated space. That is why it’s crucial your sleep certification program is comprehensive and with a reputable company. We only use the science-backed research, education and guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Institute of Health and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to build the foundation of all of the training materials.

Are There Enough Baby Sleep Consultant Jobs For All The Baby Sleep Coaches?

There are over 2.2 billion children in the world, and 1 in 4 of them don’t sleep well. The beauty of this career is that people will always have babies and want a gentle but effective way to sleep coach them. Lot’s of tired parents out there!

What Is A Typical Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant Salary?

That depends on your client load and program offerings. Most reputable sleep consultants charge between $695 up to $2000 for 3 weeks of basic coaching, depending on support and optional in-home overnight services.

How Long Does It Take To Recoup My Investment?

If you were to book 4 clients a month, you would recoup your initial investment and still make a profit in just 6 months!

I Am Passionate About Baby Sleep But Not Good At Business, Is This Training For Me?

Yes! That’s exactly why I designed this program to be unlike any other out there. Other programs will teach you some sleep through dated and pre-recorded modules and you never see or engage with the founders live, accept in small, 15 minute windows and with zero business insight. In this program, we go past the sleep knowledge and I dive head-first into growing and scaling the business you desire, whether it’s a side-hustle or a full-time career for you.

What Is Included In The Sleep Certification Program?

You will not only get live coaching and 1-1 support from Courtney Zentz, you will have access to all of the materials, templates, documents and videos shared in the program to build and scale your Sleep Consulting Business quickly.

If I Can’t Join A Session Live, Will It Be Recorded?

Yep! All sessions and training are recorded and posted to the portal so that you can watch when it’s convenient for you if you are unable to join live.

When Is The Next Live Training?

Our next training session kicks off on Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 and runs through December 15th, 2021.

How Long Is The Sleep Certification Program?

The programs is for 6 months from the kickoff of the live training and once you have completed the program certification, you will then join other Pediatric Sleep Coach School graduates in your own private community, where you will be able to continue your support, conversations and best-practice sharing as your business grows.