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Can I just take a minute to jump for joy? I am so happy and excited to share this referral program with you. Over the past 8 years, I have worked with my Slumber Squad to provide the top support in the sleep consulting space, and build healthy sleepers in your home. I am so blessed that so many of you share about your experience with us, and I want to make sure we continue to say thank you in new and fun ways. We have created a company I am so proud of, and am excited to watch our continued growth, in part by your amazing referrals.

I am excited to personally invite you to become an on-going affiliate for the Private Sleep Coaching programs we provide to so many clients every year, and it’s quite simple actually. 

“This was the best decision we have ever made as parents.”

The Sleep Trainer™ Program

The industry’s #1 Mobile App for sleep coaching from birth through 4 years of age, providing gentle programs, customized for your parenting style that will be your sleep guide as your little one grows, so you build & keep a great sleeper for life. Let us be your Sleep Coach on Call™.

Newborn Sleep Trainer™

When a newborn comes home, there is no instruction manual. This gentle sleep coaching program will help you build healthy sleep habits for your newborn, so they can naturally consolidate naps, sleep through the night when they are ready, avoid sleep regressions, and settle without a single tear for sleep. Designed for babies from birth through 3 months old, we are building a solid foundation.

Infant Sleep Trainer™

Through their first months, babies are growing physically, cognitively and emotionally. Sometimes we create habits that we need to break, sleep regressions happen, and your child doesn’t gain the ability to settle with your help to fall asleep. With a program for infants ages 3-17 months, we take the guess work out of sleep training and support your child on their journey to independent sleep.

Toddler Sleep Trainer™

As your child grows into a curious toddler, so does their heightened sense of independence. Their active mind and body, coupled with a desire to make their own choices and be in control can quickly derail your rockstar sleeper. Through this program, designed for child 18 months to 4 years of age, we coach you through behavior modification and sleep coaching, to restore balance and rest.

Finally an empowered sleep training & coaching experience.

Recommended by pediatricians, lactation counselors, neo-natal nurses, psychologists,  doulas, chiropractors, physical therapists, and mamas worldwide.

The SleepTrainer™ App, your sleep coach on call™, is redefining sleep training and changing the way children sleep for life.

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What you get inside the Sleep Coach on Call™ Program

Our Proprietary Sleep Training Method

Having supported thousands of families around the world with sleep coaching services, there is finally a way to teach your child to sleep with balance and grace, not antiquated “cry-it-out” coaching.

100+ Training Videos

Gain access to videos, where we break down each step of the sleep training process by age, developmental leap, and goals for your family,  straight from the world’s leading pediatric sleep experts.

Access Across All Devices

Start sleep training with us anywhere: from your iPhone, Android, computer, tablet, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or Kindle Fire.

Apple Watch App

Just a glance away, the SleepTrainer™ app for Apple Watch guides you to your goals as you navigate mom life.

A Digital Sleep Tracker

We make it easy to spot trends and patterns as they emerge in your child’s sleep using our digital sleep tracker. It’s also easy to share with us if you need coaching and support, so we can easily pinpoint the trouble areas. 

Private Facebook Community

Enjoy the power of our tight-knit community where you can get your questions answered and gain support from fellow mamas who are on their sleep journey with you.

Certified Sleep Consultants

You have access to the entire Slumber Squad team of in-house certified sleep consultants, to support you because we know sleep training can be difficult. 

Open Office Hours & Live Q&A's

Get answers to your toughest sleep coaching questions from our team of Certified Sleep Consultants, so you can implement changes with confidence.

A Written Sleep Program

We break it down in an easy-to-implement written coaching program, broken down by age, covering naps, bedtime, overnight, and early morning wakings. This is your complete implementation guide to sleep. 

1-on-1 Coaching Options

If you hit an unexpected snag on your journey to sleep, don’t worry, we have you covered. You can book an optional 30-minute private coaching session straight away with a certified sleep consultant on the Slumber Squad, to get you back on track to sleeping.

Lactation & Potty Training Support

From our in-house team of lactation counselors and potty training specialists, we protect your nursing relationship and support your child’s eagerness to use the potty with balance and grace.

Parenting Masterclasses

Join us each month as we invite the best and brightest experts, to support your postpartum journey, including fitness, wellness, mindfulness, nutrition, introducing solids, massage, post-partum anxiety/depression, weaning from the breast, and so much more! 

Tiny Transitions is an absolute miracle worker! In just a few short days, our daughter learned the new routine and it has been smooth sailing ever since. She is now sleeping 12 hours at night and my husband and I have our life back! We would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. You are simply amazing – thank you will never be enough!

Kennedy, Philadelphia, PA

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The leading pediatric sleep consultants right in the palm of your hand. 

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