Expecting Parents Course – A Preparation Program with a Baby on the Way


Join us for this special 1-month group coaching program with Erin Forish, for expecting parents, to ensure you and your baby thrive. Here at Tiny Transitions, we understand being a new parent can feel overwhelming.  We want all parents to feel supported and educated on what a realistic transition to parenting is, how you can support your baby’s sleep from day one without having to ever sleep train, and because they are rested, ensure they are eating and thriving those first new weeks.


Join us as we help you navigate your newborn. This 1 month expecting parents’ coaching program prepares you for what to expect when the baby arrives. Through this unique 1-month coaching program with Certified Sleep Consultant Erin Forish, you will learn all of the most crucial foundations to set up your child to grow and thrive. Erin will teach you how to instantly have a baby who eats and sleeps well, so you can prevent the overwhelming exhaustion that many new parents fear. Erin will educate you on breast and bottle feeding fundamentals, building a solid sleep foundation, what things you must have in that nursery, and how to help support your baby’s unique needs as a newborn.

This program provides expertise from one of the country’s top Pediatric Coaching firms, using their proprietary and best-in-class Sleep Steps® program.