Newborn Sleep Guide


“The only guide you need to read for new or expecting parents.” There is so much information out there about newborn sleep, and the last thing you want to do is sift through book after book trying to make sense of it all. In our biggest and most comprehensive guide yet, you’ll find detailed information, easy strategies, and sleep tips, and tricks previously only shared with Tiny Transitions, clients. The information you learn will set you up for sleep success long after the newborn stage is over by helping you establish healthy sleep habits right from the start. You’ll learn:

  • Foundations of newborn sleep
  • Safe sleep practices
  • Sleep stages vs. sleep cycles
  • Creating a sleep sanctuary
  • Choosing the right swaddle, sleepsuit, or sleep sacks
  • Avoiding overtired
  • Structuring the day with sample schedules
  • Maximizing overnight sleep
  • Avoiding day vs. night confusion
  • A baby dressing guide
  • Creating the right bedtime routine
  • Reflux & Colic
  • How to manage sleep regressions

Don’t wait for another minute browsing mom groups or flipping through books. DOWNLOAD NOW and set yourself and newborn up for amazing sleep today!

This guide will lay the foundation for healthy sleep habits and gently ease your child towards independent sleep skills when developmentally appropriate. Receive 15% off all private consulting packages should you ever need additional support or assistance with the purchase of this guide.