How To Easily Understand Newborn Cues And Set Healthy Sleep Habits From Birth


New Baby on the Way?

Expecting Parents

Teaching Foundations for the first 12 weeks

Through this unique 1-month live interactive course with Certified Sleep Consultant Erin Forish, you will learn all of the most crucial foundations to set up your child to grow and thrive.

  • Help Your Newborn to Sleep Well Naturally
  • Get You More Sleep
  • Prepare You to Transition into Motherhood
  • Give You the Confidence You Will Need As A New Parent
  • Avoid the Big Mistakes That Cause You To Need To Sleep Train in the Future
  • The Real SECRETS for How to Get a Baby to Sleep Well Naturally
  • Effortlessly Have A Happy, Rested, & Thriving Newborn
  • Quickly Understand Your Newborns Unique Needs
  • Escape The Pain Of Having To Spend Weeks Or Months Fighting Poor Sleep 

Want More? Read on!

Right Now, You Are Pregnant & Excited…you should be!

You read the books.

You joined the mommy groups.

You have all the “stuff”

but then what happens when the baby arrives….

And it’s 2 am and they are crying.

They just ate.

They just burped.

Their diaper is clean.

What is wrong?

We prepare you for these moments & many others…

Reduce Anxiety & Parent with Confidence

Understand the foundations that every new parent will need to avoid the overwhelm and exhaustion of a new baby.

Have a maternity leave filled with confidence, joy, and love while avoiding the more common causes of anxiety that many new mothers feel.

Relax, connect and enjoy your newborn baby who is rested, eating well, and thriving during their “4th trimester.”

Providing You Confidence to Handle These Common Newborn Challenges:

01An overtired baby who is up all night and sleeps all day.

02Wondering if you are using the right swaddle or why baby is fighting it.

03 Know your baby is getting enough milk to thrive.

04 Poor sleep associations that create the need for future sleep training.

05Inconsistent naps, long & late bedtimes, rough overnights, and early morning wakings.

Effortlessly Have A Happy, Rested, And Thriving Newborn with Sleep and Postpartum Insight from the Nation’s Top Sleep Consulting Agency

Expecting Parents
Erin Forish, Sleep Consultant

Hi! I’m Erin Forish

As a mother of 3 under 5, I get it because I have been there…

Having three kids in three and half years has kept us very busy and at times, exhausted. That exhaustion impacted our lives in ways we had never experienced before having kids. The days of no sleep and being able to fully function at home and at work were over…we needed help.

I understand what it’s like to be a tired and anxious new parent, not being able to think clearly, wishing so badly that you could understand what was happening on your own, but being so tired that you can’t see your way out of it. I’m here and I can help you get your little ones to be strong independent sleepers before you end up like I did! 

Does this resonate ? Then, read on. I would love to share how I can help.

Expecting Parents


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Navigating a Newborn

An Expectant Parents Roadmap

The only course you will need to cruise through the first 12 weeks with confidence, feeling educated, empowered and supported on your transition into motherhood. We kick off this hands-on program July 11th, 2022 for any expecting parents.

The Expectant Parents Course

Guaranteed to make Your Transition to Motherhood Easier

Expecting Parents

Here at Tiny Transitions, we understand being a new parent can feel overwhelming.  We want all parents to feel supported and educated on what a realistic transition to parenting is, how you can support your baby’s sleep from day one without having to ever sleep train, and because they are rested, ensure they are eating and thriving those first new weeks.

Expecting Parents

Now Enrolling…

Join Erin Forish as we kick off day 1 of this amazing 30-day course, as she takes you through a training session on setting the right foundations, from day 1, to help support each baby’s unique needs and support your journey to motherhood.

Learn about building a strong sleep foundation from birth and how you can set baby up to sleep well without ever needing to sleep train.

Discover exactly what MUST HAVE things you need from day 1 to meet babies needs.

Understand how to balance it all with confidence, feeling prepared and supported.

Weekly Live Trainings

Every Monday, Erin will be live, teaching you a new topic in detail, so that you feel educated, empowered, and supported, followed by a Q&A at the end. Don’t worry, all the calls are recorded. 

Maximizing intake and sleep with a newborn. Education on breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping, and more.

Creating a consistent nap routine, giving yourself the flexibility to be home or out with the baby, and still have a great sleeper!

Nursery setup, the right swaddle, common obstacles, plus ALL the things you don’t know to buy….until you need them.

Expecting Parents
Expecting Parents

Coaching & Support

Each week, Erin will be LIVE, answering all of your questions again from the earlier training and things that have come up since then. Plus, you an post your questions and receive coaching support and guidance in this provite community!

Having a baby takes a village and we are happy to be yours.

Live Q&As every week, allowing you to speak 1:! with Erin about anything on your mind.

You will be in a dedicated community with other expecting parents, so you can have a tribe once the baby arrives.

Can’t join live, that’s ok, ask your question at any time. There is no other program quite like this one.

Newborn Support Bundle

We have you covered. A digital sleep tracker, nursing support, bottles, pumping, sleep support, transitioning back to work, travel, you haven’t seen anything like this library ANYWHERE, and it’s all yours as a part of this course.

A digital sleep tracker, to assess sleep patterns and ensure you are setting up your baby with the right and balanced day and overnight.

Our complete resource library supports all of the transitions, changes, developmental leaps, and regressions during those first 12 weeks.

Our newborn sleep foundations book, to help gently shape your child into a terrific sleeper from birth, without sleep training.

Expecting Parents

The Reviews

our clients love us

With over 120 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Google reviews, we have to be on to something. We want our parents to feel empowered, and with our coaching, you will. Don’t take our word for it, here are some kind words from a few recent clients who navigated and ultimately needed our coaching. Programs like the expecting parent’s course eliminate the guesswork, so you don’t struggle like them.

Sarah C.

Sarah C.


As a first-time mom I never in a million years would think that I would stress over my daughter’s sleep. For nine months I struggled with naps and overnights. I read everything I could find online about sleep and I kept telling myself that eventually she would sleep, eventually she would figure it out, eventually I wouldn’t be waking up every hour tending to her every need. We broke every rule out there. We were rocking and holding her to sleep, nursing to sleep and co-sleeping. She would wake up every two hours and wanted to be nursed and held. It just was not sustainable and it was beginning to not only take a toll on me but I knew it was taking a toll on my daughter. She was waking up tired with dark red circles under her eyes. We both were not the best versions of ourselves because we were tired and exhausted. I finally reached out to Tiny Transitions and booked a call with Erin. Erin listened intently to our current situation and never judged me for “breaking all the rules”. As a mother of three she knew exactly where I was coming from and her encouragement and guidance was exactly what my family needed. We are one week through the process and I can say that our little one is sleeping in her crib all night with very few wake ups. She is waking up happy and more playful and we are all getting sleep. If you are in a similar situation book a call with Erin. You will have all the steps and guidance you need and she will be there with you every step of the way. Ironically I used to laugh at people that hired sleep consultants…I was so wrong. It is a game changer!!

Sachin P.

Sachin P.


We were facing trouble with our baby’s sleeping pattern. Our daughter did not get quality sleep. Not only her sleep schedule was erratic , she would wake up multiple times overnight. This would make us feel tired during day because of lack of sufficient rest. We found tiny transitions. Erin was fantastic and always very patient with us. Erin walked us through all what we needed to do. With her guidance, we did see initial positive change in first few days itself. Babies take their own time to adjust to new schedule and the techniques shared by Erin came in handy and helpful to help us stay the course. Baby is getting quality sleep and we are now getting enough rest for ourselves. We strongly recommend Tiny Transitions and Erin, if you are looking for help with your baby’s sleep issues.
Aileen S.

Aileen S.


My almost 3 yr old has struggled with sleep and separation anxiety since day 1. When he was two and a half he stopped taking naps all together and I thought that was it for us. I was just going to have to deal with a chronically tired and straight up miserable kid forever. One morning, a few weeks ago, I just couldn’t take it anymore. We had to make a change. But I felt like we were at such a loss. We have and do all the things the internet tells you to do but nothing was working. I needed more support. So, I called Erin and she was AMAZING. She listened to all of my struggles and took into consideration all of our unique challenges. We came up with an initial plan. She was gentle, supportive, yet firm in her approach in such a way that gave me the confidence I needed. We ended that conversation with a clear plan and me feeling like, Ok! I’ve totally got this! It’s now been about two weeks and my kid is happily taking a “rest” every day! AND has put himself down for a nap a few times without me being in the room! This has been HUGE for our family. I couldn’t have done this without the support from Erin! She has been there for me throughout the entire process cheering me on and offering that one-on-one support that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I highly recommend Erin! She is that person you need in your corner to help keep your head up, encourage you to keep going, and will be high-fiving you along the whole way!

Be A More Confident & Less Anxious Parent

12 Hours by 12 Weeks Anyone?

Expecting Parents

A New Baby Means

Overnight sleep deprivation, exhaustion and overwhelm.

A MASSIVE drop in hormones, leading to sometimes severe postpartum anxiety & depression for months.

Understanding their new & unique needs, as each baby is different.

Ensuring they are growing and thriving, hitting all of their milestones because they {& you} are rested and refreshed.

Be Better Prepared

so you don’t have to deal with

01The constant guessing, trial and error and inaccurate advice from ill-informed mom’s groups.

02A lack of confidence that first time the breast pump goes on, you have a clogged duct or your supply is off.

03Their first fever, barking cough, diaper rash, thrush, ear infection and you are questioning yourself….

04The first time they head out for the day, vacation or on an overnight to grandma’s house.

05 The shit-storm that happens to you, as you just birthed a baby, it takes time to bounce back.

Expecting Parents

Navigating a Newborn

An Expectant Parents Roadmap

The only course you will need to cruise through the first 12 weeks with confidence, feeling educated, empowered and supported on your transition into motherhood. We kick off this hands-on program July 11th, 2022 for any expecting parents.

You Are Going to Be So Supported

and meet other new parents along the way {A.K.A. Your Tribe}

Expecting Parents

I’m Erin & I’m Your Course Leader

Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach

A little about me…I’m a formerly sleep-deprived mama of three, married to my husband Rich. Our three beautiful, loud, and sometimes sassy children are Farrah, Richie, and Vail. Having three kids in three and half years has kept us very busy and at times, exhausted. That exhaustion impacted our lives in ways we had never experienced before having kids. The days of no sleep and being able to fully function at home and at work were over…we needed help.

Working with a Pediatric Sleep Coach was life-changing for us. So much so that I decided to pursue it as a career myself. I understand what it’s like to be a tired parent, not being able to think clearly, wishing so badly that you could fix the sleep issues on your own, but being so tired that you can’t see your way out of it. I’m here and I can help you get your little ones to be strong independent sleepers! 

Being a parent is hard enough…sleep deprivation makes it harder. I’m excited to meet you and be a part of your journey!

We are a good fit if:

You believe you

Deserve The Smoothest Transition Into New Motherhood

Are Driven By Real Results & Having a Happy Baby

Want To Enjoy Your Maternity Leave & Lessen Anxiety

You Want More Sleep for You & Baby

You Desire Not Losing 1:1 Time with your Partner

Expecting Parents

ready to get started?

Join us as we educate, support and coach you on what to REALLY expect when your newborn arrives and feel prepared and empowered in the process.

Kicking Off July 18th, 2022


The Expecting Parents Course Details

July 11thA LIVE 90-minute sleep foundations training on July 18 to kick things off + Q&A

One Month of Teaching in our Newborn Education Program with Certified Sleep Consultant Erin Forish.

A written sleep shaping plan – 12 hours by 12 weeks anyone?

4 live training sessions that cover ALL YOU NEED for the first 12 weeks to avoid common struggles.

Weekly live hot seat coaching every Thursday to get all your questions answered

A Private 30-minute sleep consultation with Erin once the baby arrives!

A digital sleep tracker to track sleep patterns through all of the first year!

AND these Amazing Bonuses

Over $2,400 in Bonus Materials

Absolutely free for joining today!

If you enroll today, we are GIVING AWAY FREE over $2,400 in resources and private coaching, to set you up for the whole FIRST YEAR of the baby! Build a healthy, balanced, and thriving child from birth, with confidence and ease, AND get all of our guides, support and coaching to ensure you KEEP the sleep for years to come.

Stomach Size Chart

Stomach Size Chart

The Anti-Colic Diet

The Anti-Colic Diet

Lactation Best Practices

Lactation Best Practices

Baby Dressing Guide

Baby Dressing Guide

2+ Years of Schedules

2+ Years of Schedules

All Thing Naps Guide

All Thing Naps Guide

Sleep Regression Busters

Sleep Regression Busters

Early Wakings Program

Early Wakings  Program

Travel Like a Boss Bundle

Travel Like a Boss Bundle

The Frequently Asked Questions

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Is This Sleep Training a Newborn?

No, this isn’t sleep training a newborn, this course is meant to prepare new parents for the various crucial things that they should understand when welcoming a new baby, to make the transition home from the hospital as easy as possible for everyone.

What If Baby Will Be In My Room?

The APP recommends that new babies are in the same room {not the same bed} for the first 6 months, so yep – come join us!

Breast & Bottle Fed Appropriate

Fed is best and we have experience coaching and educating parents regardless of their feeding aspirations. We will also help you to troubleshoot issues to watch out for in both cases.

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We JUST had baby, Can we Join?

While this course is designed to educate expecting parents on how to navigate the first 12 weeks, if you are new on this journey, you are welcome to enroll, as you will find valuable education, support, and coaching in those first weeks.

Do We Tackle Naps?

Newborn sleep is un-regulated, BUT you can still build a balanced day and we 100% go into this during the program.

What Should I expect at the end of this?

You will leave this course with a solid foundation of sleep, intake, and the science behind building your child into a great sleeper, without ever needing to cry it out.