Group Sleep Consulting

Rest is Best

As your child grows, the typical sleep challenges they face and how to solve for them will also change. Newborns are starting to become familiar with this big new world, infants are learning to walk and toddlers are learning they too have an opinion and like their voice to be heard. They are testing boundaries, having more freedom if they are in a big kid bed, dropping naps, and possibly dealing with common fears such as being afraid of the dark or anxiety at bedtime.

Our new group offerings are the best of what our sleep consulting services offer, coupled with a price-point that is more appropriate for some family budgets. You will learn alongside parents of similar-aged children, the skills necessary to get them sleeping through the night and take long, restful naps during the day.

The results of our group program are amazing. At the end of our time together, you can expect your child to fall asleep independently at bedtime, sleep through the night and wake, ready to be at their very best. Well-rested children are more actively engaged at school, eat better and are the best version of themselves, which as a parent is what you wish for them.

As a Certified Lactation Counselor® and Postpartum doula, and Certified Infant Mental Health educator, I bring a unique skill-set, education, background, and experience to your family. Here is everything you need to know about working with with Tiny Transitions in a group setting to solve your sleep issues for good.

Group of well-rested kids who slept well
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Expert Support

6 weeks of support from Tiny Transitions, to ensure you reach sleep success.

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Video Libaray

Access to videos for common sleep challenges that can pop up!

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Digital Sleep Tracker

Track your progress & spot problem areas related to sleep.

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A Written Sleep Plan

A written sleep plan based on your child's age & challenges.

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A Private Group

You will be given access to a private Facebook group.

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A Sleep Evaluation

So that we can better understand your challenges.

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Weekly Live Calls

Giving you the chance to get all of your questions answered.

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Daily Check-Ins

You ask, we check & answer your questions several times a day.

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Weekly Action Plans

Each week we tackle specific challenges with sleep.

``I wasn't sure about sleep training my son but after not getting any sleep for 4 months and about to return to work, I knew I had to try something. Thank goodness my husband and I chose Tiny Transitions. Rosie was amazing and guided me every step of the way. Rosie is awesome to work with and understood all of our concerns and if I never needed anything, she was there with her guidance. Sleep training was one of the best decisions we made for our family and Rosie was the best resource to have to help us all get much needed sleep!``
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Ready to Get Started?

We love helping babies, infants and toddlers sleep through the night and we are good at it. Reach out and let's set up a discovery call to learn more about your little one.