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Let’s Meet Tiffany Hilgenberg, Baby & Toddler Sleep Coach in Des Moines, Iowa


Hello, my name is Tiffany Hilgenberg and I am a proud member of the Slumber Squad here at Tiny Transitions. I am located in Waukee, Iowa, which is an extremely fast-growing family-oriented suburb of the Des Moines Iowa metro area. Originally I am from Le Mars, Iowa which is up in the northwest corner of Iowa, and known as the ice cream capital of the world in case that sounds at all familiar to you.

I am so proud to have been able to bring private sleep coaching services and programs to many families throughout the Des Moines, Iowa Metro but also statewide, and I look forward to helping you bring those healthy sleep habits into your home as well. I have a background in childcare, Child Development and worked as a Pediatric Dental assistant for several years as well.

I thought this background would be a prime source for setting me up for success as a first-time mom two years ago, but I was more than wrong. I had hit rock bottom, was depressed, sleep deprivation, you name it, I had it and I just want to thank the God above for setting me up with tiny transitions using their program and aligned to the stars for me now to be extremely compassionate and knowledgeable to be able to help many families locally and statewide.

With any sleep struggles from toddlerhood, newborn, school age, you name it big or small, we are able to help provide you with education and resources and tweaks and private coaching to help bring healthy sleep habits into your home and I look forward to meeting you and working with your family.

Before I go I want to share one little quick parenting hack that you may try. If you do not have a rubber spatula, go ahead and get yourself one. Plop it in that container of diaper cream on your child’s nightstand and use it with diaper changes. You will thank me later when you’re not scrubbing diaper cream out of your nails and when you’re able to apply a much thicker layer much quicker to your baby’s bottom. So, I hope that is a great hack and again I look forward to bringing healthy sleep habits into your home and whatever area that looks like from toddlerhood newborn or school age.

Book a complimentary discovery call with me here, and lets better understand how I can help you reach your goals to sleep.