Making Over Motherhood
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It's Time.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

Join Us for a 12-Month Intensive to get clarity, guidance, and 1-on-1 support to give your path of motherhood a makeover.

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The struggles, fear, anxiety, sleep deprivation, overwhelm and misalignment of balance is not the result of something you did. It’s because you never learned how.

And it is time for that to change.

So how do you finally get the HELL OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY

and lead yourself and your family to thrive?

You stop today with overwhelm, the mom-shaming on social media and the lack of confidence you have in yourself as a mother and you start learning the skills to master yourself as a parent, a partner and a person.

The ability to take charge in this new emerging world will require you to step into your next-level self and take radical action to succeed.


-Investing hours scouring Google and Facebook, reading hundreds of blogs, mom group posts with mixed messages, or have felt the mom-shaming for choices you are making in raising your family and attempting to balance yourself, yet still are feeling exhausted and stuck spinning your wheels.

-Journaling, using affirmations, making vision boards and reading every personal development and parenting book on the market, which is time-consuming but hasn’t move the needle very far.  

-Rocking to sleep, bouncing, shushing, laying, bed-sharing, room-sharing, consequences, empty threats, tears, pushback, fighting and walking on eggshells all day and buying all the online courses (that you never finish anyway). Yet knowing better hasn’t resulted in doing better with your child’s sleep or your own. #wtf

-Your hormones are off balance, eating habits have gone out the window and the closest thing to exercise you have gotten in 9 months is running up and down the stairs to grab the laundry. 

-This spring, you were promoted to full-time teacher and it looks like that isn’t changing anytime in the near future. 

Here’s the Really Good News!

It’s not your fault that you didn’t know a better way AND the better way just showed up. 


-Have a child who can fall asleep independently at bedtime every night, with the need for you to spend hours getting them down. Teach them to sleep through the night and wake refreshed each day, to ensure they are rested, refreshed and developing at their best. 

-Fix your own sleep, since that exhaustion only further exasperates your emotions, overwhelm and fog each day. Plus, your immune system is weakened as a result, and heading into flu season in the middle of a pandemic is not ideal. 

-Build a day filled with confidence, consistency and balance that you have been seeking since far too long. 

-Have a fitness routine that fits into your day, your personal wellness goals and in alignment with your day and responsibilities. 

-Meal plan and prep like a boss, providing nourishing meals, snacks and balanced nutrition to your children and yourself. 

-Have a family plan with your spouse or partner, to ensure communication lines are open and clear expectations are set for everyone to build a strong family unit.

-And do it with LESS STRUGGLE, and a lot more JOY, SPEED, and EASE?

Then it is time to invest in your own growth with the same commitment you have in caring for your family.

As a full-time working mom, NOT getting a full night sleep with a 3.5 yo and 7 mo can place you at odds with your sanity, and add a whole new element of stress on an already stressful situation. My husband and I knew we needed help once we found ourselves with two kids waking up several times at night, to no avail. Enter Courtney, our knightess in shining armor, to save our life. I consider her the closest thing to a human magic wand, with her sensible explanations of not only what was happening, but WHY. Courtney’s open approach to our entire situation was incredibly reassuring that we are not in this alone, and so many parents struggle with the same issues. She was always available to take my questions, and listen without judgement. At no point did I ever feel like the goal we were setting out to do was to ‘fix’ our kids/ourselves, but rather better understand what was going on, and what we, as parents, needed to change to create better habits for them. It is without reservation that I recommend Tiny Transitions to anyone struggling.”


Rested & Confident Mother, Philadelphia, PA


The Sleep Coach on Call® Program

A 12-month coaching program to transform your motherhood

journey into one of balance and abundance. 


Making Over Motherhood

1-1 Private Coaching

Work with Courtney on your goals through the entire 12-month program.

Making Over Motherhood

Family Planning

We work as a family unit, to create structure, balance and communication between all.

Making Over Motherhood

Personal Development

We work through your own mindset blocks and barriers, to build you into the mother you want to be.

Making Over Motherhood

Potty Training Support

We work together to plan for and transition your growing child through the potty training process.

Making Over Motherhood

Pediatric Sleep Coaching

A complete program and hands on support to ensure you build and keep a rested child.

Making Over Motherhood

Nutrition Planning

Design and structure a nutrition program and is in alignment with your wellness goals.

Making Over Motherhood

Fitness Support

Exercise programs for in-home or at the gym, for you and the kids, to support wellness and strength.

Making Over Motherhood

Nap / Sleep Transitions

Through all of the leaps & weeks of wonder, I will be there to support the many adjustments your children make.

Making Over Motherhood

Adult Sleep Coaching

First we sort out the kids, then we work through your own sleep struggles and blocks.

Making Over Motherhood

Meal Planning

We create together everything you need to build and provide healthy and nutritious meals to your family.

Making Over Motherhood

Relationship Guidance

Keeping the spark alive in fun and creative ways, as a couple and a family unit.

Making Over Motherhood

Feeding Support

Whether nursing, bottle feeding, pumping, exploring solids or trying to foods, we work through it together.


Life is about more than just ‘getting by’ – It’s about doing what matters and being the person – at each moment of choice – you want to be for your children, partner and most importantly, YOURSELF.

In this 12 month training program, you will learn proven, evidence – based skills and strategies to TRANSFORM every single area of your life and become the mother you know you were born to be.

Most programs give limited and restricted access to a coach, if you are lucky enough to ever speak with them directly. You get the login and a DIY program that you get lost in or that lacks substance aligned to your own person struggles with confidence in parenting.

Not here. You are aligned with me every day. 


-A preliminary sleep strategy session, to review your goals and biggest hurdles when it comes to sleep and to set expectation on your journey to sleep. 

-A complete and comprehensive video based coaching program, where Founder, Courtney Zentz walks you through exactly why your little one is struggling to sleep well and the exact process to align their sleep with your goals.

-A written sleep plan, designed for your child’s age and challenges, to have for easy reference throughout your sleep training and coaching. 

-Weekly Live training & hot seat calls with Courtney, The Slumber Squad and her connections of special guests, experts and parenting support peers, to ensure you are setup for success.  

-A complete video library of over 30 videos, that tackle common obstacles, challenges and realities of life that so many parents face, including illness, travel, time change, anxiety, transitions and more. 

-Managing work life balance planning, in a world of quarantine and uncertainty, and doing it with ease and grace. 

-A private Facebook group, just for Making Over Motherhood members, where we all share and collaborate together as you grow and transform. 


worth of private coaching, but if you join me by Tuesday, August 25 at midnight, you can have it all for just $4,000 (a 15% discount)


12 equal payments of $399

“I had a fantastic experience with Courtney. She took so much stress away with a consistent pattern to make my life with two kids easier. I cannot recommend her enough. I’m glad I pulled the trigger on hiring a consultant who really knew how to help me. Thank you Courtney!”


Rested Mother, Boston, Massachusetts


Now is the time to make a decision. 

You can wait for things to get better on their own and the virus to calm down
and hope that it doesn’t take another 12 months for your sanity
to catch up.

You can make a decision to finally take back your power so that struggle, hustle, overwhelm, anxiety, sleepless night and burnout are a thing of the past and you emerge with this new world thriving, abundant and well prepared to live parenting as much as you love your kids. 

If you were in the same spot 12 months from now, would you be happy with that?  If the answer is an overwhelming, 

“Hell No”

then click the button and let’s start the transformation of Making Over Motherhood™.

Ready to Join the Making Over Motherhood Program?

Should you need any other questions answered so that you can make

a confident HELL YES decision about this program, please DM Courtney Zentz,

set up a time here, or email me at


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Making Over Motherhood

Courtney Zentz works with thousands of families around the world and has earned numerous certifications in sleep, lactation (CLC), adult sleep, nutrition and as a postpartum doula. Her approach beings with a solid foundation of sleep in the home and then builds on that thoughtfully and in alignment with her clients unique set of goals, looking at motherhood in a whole new way. She contributes regularly to Thrive Global, Tuck, Romper, Fatherly, and many more parenting resources, to share her expertise and knowledge as a parenting coach! In addition, she hosts a weekly Podcast, The Kids Sleep Show, to better serve tired parents with practical advice and guests with the goal to give your family the gift of sleep and be confident in parenting.  

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